32) "A" in logos look like a upside down "V"

33) A few good men: You want the truth (2x) you cant handle the truth. (or) You want answers (2x) you can't handle the truth.

34) A Horse with No Name (song):  "In the desert you can't remember your name." (or)  "you can remember your name."

35) "A" logo changed on the United states post office. Looks like a upside down "V".

36) ABC song has changed with a pause before "O" and "X"

37) ABC network logo has minor changes

38) Abe Vigoda alive (or) dead (also) died prior to 2016 (or) in 2016

39) Absaroka was a state. the 49th state

40) Ace Hardware logo changed.

41) Activ  "A" Looks Like A "V" upside down

42) Adams Bridge: Was it above sea level (or) partially submerged?

43) The Addams Family (or) The Adams Family

44) Addams family: Cousin It (or) Itt

45) The Addams Family: John Astin died in 2016 (or) still alive

46) The Adams Family: Wednesday Dress looks different.  Was it always back (or) Black with white flowers

47) Addison Russell (or) Russel

48) Agatha Christine disappeared in 1926: Never found (or) Found 10 days later with no story?

49) Al Capone die in prison (or) died after he got out, and was at home

50) Al Capone's milk bottle expiration dates: The FDA was the first to put expiration dates on milk bottles (or) Al Capone was the first to put expiration dates on milk bottles

51) Aladdin (or) Alladin (or) Aladin

52) Aladdin: Was based of what country? China (or) egypt

53) Alan Alda (Hawk eye of M.A.S.H.) died in the 90's yet is alive today.

54) Alan Jackson: 5:00 somewhere by Alan Jackson has changed lyrics: ___ the phones for me, you can tell them I sailed away.  Hit (Or) If

55) Alaska became a state in 1959 or sooner

56) Alaska, fitting states inside: if we took are smaller states and fit them in Alaska we can fit.... 30 smaller states (or) 19 of are smaller states

57) Alaska shape changed.

58) Alaska Move? Some maps show it Equally off Canada where others show it facing more up. People belief the cost line is different.

59) Alaskan Airlines (or)  Alaska Airlines

60) Albert Finley die in 2019 (or) no memory of death

61) Alcatraz: Bird man had hundreds of birds (or) zero birds

62) Alec Trebek (or) Alex Trebek

63) Aleeve (or) Aleve

64) ALF: "A" and the "L" have been pushed together

65) ALF: Catchphrase: No Problemmo (or) just no problem

66) ALF: Max Wright glasses look different and Max Wrights wore glasses all the time (or) once in a while

67) Alice in wonderland: stockings white (or) checkered black & stripped

68) Alice in wonderland: Tweedledee  and Tweedledum: Propellers on there head (or) green flags

69) Alice in wonderland: Were all mad here (or) Most Everyone's mad here

70) Aliens: Stay away from her you bitch (or) get away from her you bitch

71) Alien Moon: "A" in logos look like a upside down "V"

72) All about eve: Fasten your seat belts. It's going to be a bumpy ride." (or) "Fasten your seat belts. It's going to be a bumpy night."

73) Alliance, Nebraska: a area of cars looks different, and the cars were not remembered to be grey nor from the company Carhenge. I have no clue what the name of this area is. I belief it was called Car Henge, not to be confused with the Carhendge car company.

74) Alligators can now climb ladders, climb fences and stand up against your door

75) All in the Family: Based on a British show called "Till death us do apart" (not to be confused with the American version by the same name or the British and American show : till death) (or) Not based off any T.V. show

76) All in the family: doll of Michael's son joey was released in the 1970's a doll with gender and making sure everyone knew the gender of the doll. No one remembered this doll being released, dolls don't have genders on them nor show private areas in that time. (2019 the first gender barbie doll was released)

77) All in the family theme song: (possible Mandela effect) It say, "And you knew where you were than" (or) "Who you were than". Personally "where" you were than makes more since in that time as far as where you stood on racial, religion or politics VS "who" which would mean as today being confused about gender, in which was not a issue than as it is now.

78) Alot (or) A lot

79) Alphabet has 26 letters (or) 27 (or) 32 (There is now claimed that & was a letter as well as 6 others. Beyond that there is now a list of letters that never made it into the Alphabet.)

80) Ambesol (or) anbesol

81) American dad theme song: Good morning USA, I got a feeling it's going be a ___ day. Beautiful (or) Wonderful

82) American flag: 13 stripes (or) 15 Stripes (History now tells us that between 1795-1818 that we had 15 stripes on the flag)

83) American Flag: It IS illegal to burn a American flag (or) it is NOT illegal to burn a American flag under the freedom of speech act

84) American Flag: It IS illegal to wear shirts, hats,etc. with the American flag on it due to copy right laws (or) it is NOT illegal to wear the American flag on shirts, hats, etc

85) American flag stars: 49 (or) 50 (or) 51 (or) 52 (or) 54 (or) 55 (or) 55+ (see United States: states for more info on state change and under our residue page)

86) American Flag: When a new flag is made (as 48 stars to 50) we are allowed to still fly the old flag until it is ruin. (or) we have to update to the newest flag

87) American Flag: who made the first flag? Betsy Ross (or) some one else.

88) American Flag: Under the stars was a white stripe (or) Red Stripe

89) America founded 26,000 years ago?

90) American Gothic painting: Old man and his Old wife looking forward (or) Old man looking forward and his daughter looking to the side?

91) American History X: Put your teeth on the curve... Bite the curve (or) Put your mouth on the curve (Or) bite the curve

92) An American Tale (or) Tail

93) And Justice for All: “I’m out of order? You’re out of order! This whole court’s out of order!” (or) “You’re out of order! You’re out of order! The whole trial is out of order! They’re out of order!”

94) Andorra looks different, possible it moved

95) Andrew Zimmerman or Zimmer

96) Andy griffin (or) Griffith   The Andy Griffin Show (or) Griffith

97) The Andy Griffith show: "Citizen's arrest" Gomer Pyle was given a ticket by Barney Fife, a deputy sheriff in Mayberry. The ticket was given for a u turn. How much was that ticket? $5 (or) $100 (note: Gomer Pyle gave Barney a citizen's arrest for making a u-turn and Barney's ticket was $5. A $100 would of been unheard of in that time for a small traffic offense.)

98) The Andy Griffith Show: ""Eranest joins the army" {Amber alert}" aired a episode of Barney talking about a "Amber Alert" in which was not created until 3 decades later in the 1990's. Even used in a different meaning, the word "Amber" was not thought of as a code for anything in that time period.

99) The Andy Griffith Show: ""Eranest joins the army" When Barneys speaks to the Sargent you can see a Yin Yang symbol on the Sargent uniform.

100) Andy Griffith show episode: a shop lifter was in weavers store. Andy discovered later it was a older women and said he knew that because he had bumped into her and she clinked. However, people remember actually seeing this happening in the episode.

101) The Andy Griffith Show: Opie threw the rock in the theme song (or) Opie was to weak to throw the rock so some one hid them self in the bushes and threw the rock (note: people remembered a doubled splash with Opie's rock throw which is not their now) When the rock was thrown, did It bounced once (or) twice on the water.

102) The Andy Griffith show: Theme use to say "Ron" Howard in which now says "Ronnie" Howard.

103) The Andy Griffith show use to get free police cars by leaving Ford CO. in the ending credits. Now According to Wikipedia they only get free cars because of the fact Ford sponsored the show. No credits are given. (Sifter: credits are given again)

104) Anderson Tea (or) Sanderson Tea

105) Angles have fallen (movie) not remembered by many

106) Angles: Have wings (or) do not have wings

107) Anheiser Busch (or) Anheaser Busch

108) Animaniacs theme song: Meet Pinky and the Brain who want to rule the universe (or) come Meet Pinky and the Brain who want to rule the universe

109) Animaniacs theme song: We're Animaniacs! We have pay-or-play contracts (or) We're Animaniacs!  We have pay for play contracts

110) Annointed (or) Anointed

111) Antipasta (or) Antipasto

112) Apollo 11 left behind a disc on the moon or left nothing behind.

113) Apollo 11-17. Was their just Apollo 11 that landed on the moon and Apollo 13 tried to land on the moon. Only two men have actually walked on the moon (or) Apollo 11-17 all landed on the moon, with 7 lands and 12 people whom steep foot on the moon. (update: This is a shiftier: Apollo 11-17 which previously claimed to landed men on the moon 7 time with 14 different men is now 6 times with 12 different men. Apollo 13 is back to not making a land.)

114) Apollo 13 (movie): Houston we have a problem (or) Houston we've had a problem

115) Apparently (or) Aparently

116) Appearence (or) Appearance

117) Apple: Ghost apples now exist

118) Apple bee's: Bar and grill (or) Grill and bar

119) Applica (or) Aplica application Portal

120) Appologize (or) Apologize

121) Arctica: people belief has not existed in a long time.

122) Area 51 admitted there place existed to the public in 2013 (or) sometime in the 80s/90s

123) Are you talking to me (2x) I don't see anyone else around here, so you must be talking to me (or) You talking to me (3x) Than who the hell else are you talking... you talking to me? well, I'm the only one here... who the fuck do you think your talking to? oh yea OK

124) Armstrong quote on moon: that's One small step for ___ one big leap for mankind man or a man

125) Around the world in 80 days (novel) used what transport? Hot air balloon (or) other

126) Arutanga Island not remembered

127) Aryan Nation (or) Aryan Nations

128) Asian Island closer to Australia (or) Further away

129) Asassination (or) Assassination

130) Asprin (or) Aspirin

131) A-team van: Black with red stripe (or) Black/grey with red stripe

132) A- Team A- Team: Howling Dog (or) Mad Dog Murdock

133) Atheist (or) Athiest

134) Atlantis: Continent (or) city on island

135) Austin Powers: Dr. Evil- did pinky to corner of the mouth (or) pinky to the  middle of the mouth

136) Austraila: 39 Buckley street now has new buildings

137) Australia closer to Indonesia (or) Further away from Indonesia

138) Author (or) Arthur

139) Axel Rose (or) Axi Rose

140) Baby formula Enfamil (or) Infamil

141) Baby Jane: Jane pushed Blanche down the stairs (or) never pushed Blanche down the stairs

142) Back Street boys (or) The Backstreet boys 

143) Back to the Future: Bloody rag, How bloody was it? Spots (or) covered?

144) Back to the future: Guitar change color and size?

145) Back to the future: Marty is late for class. How close was the Principle? Nose to nose (or) a bit distance? 

146) Back to the Future: Marty's letter to Doc warn him about being shot (or) warn about being shot by terrorist

147) Back to the Future: Parents walk in after Marty's time travel back in which he noticed their more wealthy. Did the parents where tennis clothes with a tennis racket (or) normal clothes

148) Back to the Future: Terrorist van looks different

149) Back to the Future: What was the name of Marty's dads book he wrote? It seems to be different now.

150) Back to the Future 3: Licenses plates have bar code on it now. Very different

151) Back to the future 3: Marty just ran from the Indians and parked his car in the cave. He notice a arrow was sticking out of his ______. Hits the tier (or) hit the fuel line

152) Bahamas islands located in a different spot now than what was remembered

153) Baja California not remembered to be called that ( this is the little strip of land under California not own by USA)

154) Balmer (or) Palmer chocolate

155) Bambi: Back spotted with circle spots (or) Square spots

156) Bambi: People recall different times Bambi's mom died

157) Bananna (or) banana

158) Banannas growing on trees upside down now

159) Bare Essentials (or) escentuals

160) Barbara (or) Barbra Streisand

161) Barbecue (or) Barbeque

162)  Barbie Girl song: I'm a barbie girl, in a Barbie world (or) in "the" Barbie world / You can brush my hair and take me anywhere (or) You can brush my hair undress me anywhere/ I'm a blond fancy girl in this fantasy world (or) I'm a blond bimbo girl in this fantasy world/ Take you here lets go there (or) kiss me here touch me there hanky panky/ We can walk we can talk do whatever you please (or) make me walk make me talk do whatever you please/ Hollywood stars be one of your dreams (or) I can act like a star I can beg on my knees/ Come jump in with your friends lets do it again (or) come jump in bimbo friend lets do it again/ Hit the town lets get down (or) hit the town fool around (note: All You tube videos have been replaced only leaving one of the original song. All online lyrics have also changed but 1. The new virsion is very sexual and was remembered never to be that way)

163) Barney Light Purple (or) dark purple

164) Bat Dogs now exist

165) Bat: Golden bats now exist

166) Batman 1930's T.V. Series now exist. Most do not know this ever came out

167) Batman 1960's T.V. Series: Bat mobile color, Red (or) black (or) other

168) Batman 1960's T.V. Series: Bat mobile Wheels have bat Symbol (or) did not have bat symbol

169) Batman 1989 Movie: Joker line with drums (or) no drums with he says "Gentlemen lets broaden our minds"

170) Batman 1989 Movie: Joker line " have you (or) You ever dance with the Devil, in the pale moon light

171)  Batman 1989 Movie: Joker Throws money and it has jokers face on $1 (or) or never see his face on a $1 (he had previously said in the movie he wanted his face on a $1)

172) Batman Dark night Movie: Joker say: "Nobody bats a eye"  (or) Nobody Panics

173) Batman: Jokers quote: I believe whatever doesn't kill you simply makes you ____. Stronger (or) Stranger (note: "I Believe" was not remembered in this line.)

174) Batman toy: A toy was found with a red Bat Mobile and it did not look much like a Bat Mobile.

175) Batman TV series: Walking up the wall, who led? Batman (or) Robin 129)

176) Batman VS Superman (movie) released 2017 (or) 2007

177) Batteries not included (movie) not remembered by most and those who do do not remembered any sequel

178) Beatles "hey Jude" Don't carry the world upon your shoulder (or) shoulders

179) Beavers: now have orange teeth (or) always had orange teeth

180) Beavis and Butthead (or) Beavis and Butt-Head

181) Beavis and Butthead: Frog Base ball the 1st episode (or) the 4th episode

182) Beavis and Butthead Do America: To Anderson says: Ain't you them kids that been waking of in my tool shed? Butthead reply "No those were other kids" (or) uh uh uh uh (his silly laugh no words)

183) Bees: all yellow (or) some yellow, some blue

184) Bee Gees - How deep is your love:  I really need to know (or) I really mean to learn

185) BeefEater restaurant: Logo was a cow (or) Beef Eater

186) Beetleborgs (or) Big bad bettleborgs

187) Beetlejuice (or) Betelgeuse

188)  Beetle juice PG (or) PG13 rating

188)  Berenstain Bears (or) Berenstein Bears (or) Berensteen Bears

190) Bermuda Island close to Florida (or) Further away from Florida

191) Bermuda Triangle: Very dangerous (or) No different to any other

192) Bermeja Island: where is it located? Gulf of Mexico (or) don't exist

193) Betsa Wispa (or) Wispa bites

194) Betty white: Did she die already? In this Universe she is alive.

195) Beverly Hillbillies: Clampet (or) Clampett

196) Beverly Hillbillies: Jed knew there was oil out there (or) did not know until he shot it (pilot episode shows now that he knew) 

197) Beverly Hillbillies Theme: Come and listen to ___ story. a (or) my

198) Beverly Hillbillies theme (ending): Had the words "Set a spell" (or) did not have the words "Se a spell"

199) Beverly Hillbillies Theme: Grandy sat in the chair she was tied down to that was on top of the car (or) in chair but later sat in the car

200) Beverly Hillbillies Theme: Jed shot a rabbit (while shooting for some food) and the rabbit was clearly seen running (or) no Rabbit at all

201) "BIG" Movie has alter ending.

202) Big (movie by Tom Hanks) The Scene with Zoltar "I wish I was big (or) I wish.... I wish.... I was I was big

203) Big & Rich: 8th of November: "Now he's 58 and his ponytails___."   Grey (or) great

204) Big Daddy: He is ordering a hot dog and 30 packets of Ketchup, and as you look around you see statues, even sitting on the bench. People do not remember the statues.

205) Bill Haley and he Comets" (or) "His comets"

206) Billy Graham (Baptist pastor)  die in 2018 (or) a sooner date? People recall a sooner date and having seen it on TV.

207) Billy Ray Cyrus: Ackey Breaky Heart: Don't break my heart (as in title of the song) or Don't tell my heart (as parts of the lyrics) (also)  Hit this fan (or) Kill this man (also) You can tell my arms to go back into )_______ the phone (or) the farm

208) Bin Laden:  blamed for the 9/11 Word Trade Center attacks, which itself is surrounded by conspiracy theories. The story today of how he died was that he was shot by an elite US Navy Seal squad in 2011. However, others remembered Laden having kidney failure. Other memories remembered that he died in 2001.

209) Birds reported to be singing at night now

210) Birds that are computer cameras spying on us, and exist today as a weapon the Government has used to spy on Americans was told to us by President Richard Nixon in the 1970's (or) Never said by President Richard Nixon

211) Black eye Peas song "Boom Boom pow" lyrics: I'm so 2008 your so 2000 late. (or) I'm so 3008 your so 2000 late.

212) Black Cow Manure (or) Black Kow Manure

213) The Blackout Ripper: The Blackout Ripper is well known (or) The Blackout Ripper is not well known. (Not to be confused with Jack the Ripper).

214) Black Soxs scandal happen in 1918 (or) 1919

215) Blade Runner: “like tears in the rain,” (or) “tears in rain,”

216) Blake Shelton: Holes In The Floor Of Heaven: first done by Steve Warner. This was later recorded by Blake Shelton. Wikipedia never mentions that Blake Shelton had anything to do with the song. YouTube no longer has any of Blake Shelton's videos on his version of the song, except for one video which has no music.

217) Blond Crazy: You dirty rat (or) you dirty- double crossing rat

218) Blood type that is rare in America. It was remembered to be O type. But AB is the most rarest And O Positive is the most common

219) Blue's Clues: Blues ( who is blue) gender was a boy (or) girl (note: blue is always associated with boy as pink is to girl.) This also asked what gender is Magenta (who is pink) Boy (or) Girl

220) Blues Clues: "Paw Print theme" You can do anything you want to do (or) You can do (little pause) anything you want to do

221) Blue Ribbon (or) Blue Riband

222) Blue Tooth (or) Blu Tooth

223) Blue winged grasshopper now exist

224) Boat billed Heron never herd of

225) Bob Barker die? Wikipedia says he is alive at the old age of 95, people thought to have remember his death. Maybe there confused by his retirement?

226) Bobbi Kristina's body was found by her friend (or) Boy friend (and) the body was found in her house (or) Hotel

227) Bob Dylan died April 24, 2008 (or) Still alive

228) Bob Holness:  Bob Holness played the sax on Baker Street (or) Bob Holness did not play the sax on Baker Street

229) Bob Marley:  Bob Marley sang "Don't Worry, Be Happy" (or)  Bob Marley didn't sing "Don't Worry, Be Happy"

230) Bob Segar (or) Bob Seger

231) Bohemian Rhapsody "Put a gun against his head, pulled ____ trigger now he's dead.   The (or) my

232)  The Bolton Dinosaur: There was a huge dinosaur skeleton in the Bolton museum in the 1960's (or) There was no huge dinosaur skeleton in the Bolton museum in the 1960's

233) Boss Baby (or) The Boss Baby

234) Boston great fire now exist. According to history, Boston had a major fire that knocked out most of the city just as the Chicago Fire did.

235) Boston Strangler: Texas did not pass a law honoring The Boston Strangler for services to population control (or) Texas did passed a law honoring The Boston Strangler for services to population control.

236) Brady Bunch: Marsha Brady (or) Marcia Brady

237) Brady Bunch theme: Alice was shown when all 9 squares were shown (or) only shown after the words "Brady Bunch" came across the screen

238) The Brady Bunch Theme song:  Verse 1: Here's a story (or) This is a story  Verse 2: Here's a story (or) This is a story (or) It's a story

239) Braggs or Bragg Apple cider Vinegar

240) Brian Dennehy: alive (as of 2020) (or) dead

241)  Brain on Drugs commercial: This is your brain/ This is drugs/ This is your brain on drugs (or) This is your brain/ this is your brain on drugs.

242)  Brain stem is now towards the center of the back

243) Braveheart: They may take our lives, but they will never take our freedom (or) They can take our lives, but they will never take our freedom

244) Breakfast is the most importation part of the day (or)never was importation either way

245) Break dancing: Invented in 1970's (or) 1930's

246) Breaking Bad: "Crawspace" Walt frantically Looks for his money he shouts at Skyler where is it and she tells him she gave it away. before laughing until the end of the episode he Replyed: Skylar you've killed us all" (or) "Skylar you've killed us!" (or) no line at all

247) Breaking Bad: Jessy says: Yea Science (or) Yea science Bitch {Note: may be confused with the fact he always say bitch}.

248) Breaking Bad: Season 2 episode 1: Tuoko killed his guy and the other guy gets rid of the body. Walt and Jessy get ready to leave, and Tuoko says What's your Hurry?" and Walt replied" I just think were done here" What was Tuoko's reply? "Oh Yeah (paused) {knocks Jessy down} "Were done" (or) "Oh Yeah "were down when I say were done" {knocks down Jessy} "Were done"

249) Breaking bad: Sky tells Walt that she cheated on him with Ted. How did she say it? I Fucked Ted (or) I fucked Ted. i fucked his brains out

250) Breaking Bad: Walt gets pulled over by the police officer and he’s listen to the song “A Horse with no Name” the police officer asking him to turn it down and he objects saying something along the lines of how it’s a great song, trying to get the cop to be okay with it due to the song being good (or) the cop explains he wants the music off with no other comments from Walt.

251) Brendan Frasier (or) Fraser

252) Brian Manion Dennehy died as remembered (or) alive as Wikipedia says?

253) The bridge over the river Kuai (movie) (or) The bridge on the river Kuai

254) Brigitte Bardot (or) Brigette Bardot (or) Bridget Bardot

255) British flag changed? The line was in the middle (or) below the middle

256) British national anthem: missing 'Scots' verse: Lord, grant that Marshal Wade, May by thy mighty aid,Victory bring. May he sedition hush, and like a torrent rush, Rebellious Scots to crush, God save the King.

257) British teeth: Among the unhealthiest in the world (or) Among the healthiest in the world

258) Brooke Hogan  die before?

259) Brother Island in New York City is not remembered of.

260)  Bruce Dern die before?

261) Bruce lee's death: Fell asleep and did not wake up (or) drugs (or) shot on set

262) Bruce Springsteen Bandanna: Bandanna in back pocket (or)  Red cap in back pocket

263) Budding (or) Buddig

264) bumblebee bats now exist

265) Bud Light (or) Bud lite

256) Buddha was fat (or) Buddha was not fat

267) Burger Queen: (Parody of Burger King) Burger Queen now exist even though no one has herd of it.

268) Bugs: some found that can camouflaged themselves to what looks like weed nuggets

269) Bulls hate the color red (or) Bulls don't see color

270) Burning Bras: How many bras were actually burnt? Thousands (or) Very Few

271) Buisness (or) Business

272) Brussel Sprouts (or) Brussels Sprouts

273) Burma (or) Myanmar

Current Mandela Effects: 2,407 Website last updated 03/10/2020 2:20 P.M

 01) 3 little pigs: I will huff and I will puff and I will blow your house:   Down (or) In

02)  7-up (or) 7Oup Hyphen (or) Circle as a Hyphen

03)  8 Simple rules (or) 8 Simple rules for dating my teenage daughter.

04) 9/11: The history now tells us that a hurricane was heading towards Manhattan on 9/11. Most remembered a sunny day.

05) (9/10/2001) is the day some remembered 9/11 to be on.

06)  9/11: A photo of "dusty Lady" No one remembered of is now out in history. She just recently died.

07) 9/11: George w. bush's book he read was upside down is now upside right, and has a different title. which do you remember? My pet goat (or) The pet goat (or) Reading Mastery 2

08) 9/11 memorial in New Jersey stands tall as walls on each side of the road: People do not remember this being there. Was it made in 2011 (or) never there.

09) 9/11: People have the memory of watching the first plane hit the tower and watching this on T.V. However, All the news teams responded after the first plane hit. The only footage was someone whom was filming a docomentry and just happen to catch the first plane. This footage was relesed weeks later and not on that day. Early the news channels would recover the day with the footage, in which was done as it was, so no one would confuse this with the fact they saw a replay of the footage. President George W. Bush even swore that he saw the first plane hit on T.V.

10) 9/11: Pentagon Claimed deaths where it was remembered no one died, Because no one was in that area they was remodeling. what do you remember 0 (or) 100+ deaths

11) 9/11: “Solomon Brothers” building (World Trade Center 7) Solomon (or) Salomon

12) 9/11: Tower 1 was belief to have been taller than Tower 2, where in this universe they are both the same size.

13) 9/11: Twin towers have a different design. People are confused by the stripped image.

14) 9/11: Hotel between Tower 1 and 2 (or) no hetel

15) 9/11: How many planes hijacked? 6 (or) 4. We Remember 6. Two hitting the targets of tower 1, and tower 2, They than claimed 1 hit the pentagon, and one crashed in a failed after a attempt to hit the white house. The other 2 was (at first) Reported to have been shot down, (but later) they never really said what happen. I remember the "shot down planes" Cover up and the conspiracy that followed. Now we live in a parallel universe where only 4 were hijacked.

16) 9/11: How many Buildings collapsed?  3: World trade center 1,2 and 7 (or) 7: World Trade Center 1, 2, 7 and St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, Marriott World Trade Center (Marriott Hotel 3 WTC), South Plaza (4 WTC), and U.S. Customs (6 WTC).

17)11/12/01 terrorist attack after 9/11 where a 587 crashed in Queens NY. People do not remember this being taught to us in history or remembered the event. Yet, at the same time, others do have the memory of the attack.

18) 12 days of Christmas: my true love Gave (or) Sent to me

19) 19 kids and counting (or) 20 Kids and counting (or) 21 kids and counting (also see Duggar)

20) 20 century fox Left side of the "T" is gone

21) 20 century fox: Lights use to move back and forth

22) 54 (or) Studio 54

23) 100 grand bar or 1000 grand bar

24) 101 Dalmatians: cruella De Vil wore a coat that was spotted with black and white dots (or) no dots on coat

25) 101 Dalmatians: Spelling of Cruella Deville (or) De Vil.

26) 666: Brand name of medication exist and has for a long time. Why is this the first we see of it?

27) 1752 Calendar found missing September 3-13 which was claimed to occur due to the switch of the calendar in which we had to lose two weeks. However most remembered that we had switch the calendar in the 1500's and there would be no reason to change the dates seeing as we have lost years with the calendar by than anyway.

28) 1984 (movie) Julia was NOT a agent for big brother (or) she WAS a agent for big brother

29) The 1885 Chicago Cholera Epidemic was devastating (or) 1885 Chicago Cholera Epidemic didn't happen .

30) 1918 flu out break in United States kills 50 million people (or) Never happen

31) 1943 Rosie poster of her flexing her mussels and smiling is know a poster with her showing a frown.

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