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266) Cacoon (or) Cocoon

267) Cadbury (or) Cadbury's

268) California Dream By Mamas and the Papas: when I got down on my knees and I  began to pray (or) pretend to pray

269) The California Raisins: Had sun glasses (or) did not have sun glasses

270) California state: Is smaller than it was. California's top now lines up with Nevada but most remember Nevada only came up half way. which would leave a extra state above Nevada

271) California state: South California is remember to of been a state at one time.

272) California state: Once had new California as a state

273) California state: was it's own country in 1846 (or) was not

274) Camels: are now found in Australia

275) Canada is smaller (or) larger (or) no change

276) Canada land known as Svalbard was not remembered to exist

277) The candidate (or) the champion

278) Candy man: Say his name 3 times (or) 5 Times

279) Canton, Illinois: Canton little Giants logo "C" is different and Canton little Giants person logo was looking straight (or) looks up to the side

280) Canton, Illinois: Capital Music (or) Capital Record

281) Canton, Illinois: Greenwood cemetery now has a confederate statue that was not there before

282) Canton, Illinois Greenwood cemetery now has a cemetery memorial that was not there before

283) Canton Illinois: Greenwood cemetery was just one cemetery by itself (or) 3 different cemetery's side by side. Green wood Cemetery being the main, St. Peter's Cemetery to the left (same land) and St. Marys Cemetery straight back to the right

284) Canton Illinois: JFL Football team logo change: CANTON (on left) Name of player above but to the right of CANTON and under in small letters read: jfl (or) CANTON JFL (no name listed of player)JFL is capital

285) Canton, Illinois J&k antiques and collectables (or) K&L antiques and collectables

286) Canton, Illinois: Protexall Building on South 2nd: Protexall (or) Protex

287) Canton, Illinois: St. Marys Cemetery: St. Marys (or) St' Marys

288) Canton, Illinois: Train Located near the intersection of East Elm Street and Fourth Avenue was placed in it's area in 1997 (or) 1998? Both sides had the year 1998 on it. Now one side says 1998 and the other says 1997.

289) Canton Illinois: Wesley Methodist church: Has always been Called Wesley Methodist yet it has words written on the stones: First M.E. church (not even the correct Abbreviation for Methodist, nor have we ever had a first Methodist church.

290) Cap'n Crunch (or) Captain Crunch

291) Capricorn is a goat (or) goat-fish

292) Captain Bligh: was kinder than most other sea captains of his day (or) was crueler than most other sea captains of his day

293) Cappucino (or) Cappuccino

294) Capybara largest know rodents never existed before

295) Carmen Sandiego (Where the world is) Red or Yellow trench coat

296) Carrie Underwood (or) Karrie Underwood

297) Cars: Electric cars now date back to the 1830's (before cars were invinted?)

298) Cars: First car to go 100 kph was a electric car (or) not a electric car

299) Cars: Invinted in the early 1800's (1800-1850) (or) in the late 1800's (1850-1900) (or) Early 1900's (1900-1950)

300) Cars: Older cars now have buttons for reverse, neutral, drive, 1st and 2nd gear.

301) Cars (movie): Doc Hodson car color: Dark blue (or) black

302) Cars: self driving car was invited in 1968 (or) 1988

303) Cartoon all stars to the rescue (or) Cartoon all stars (anti drug cartoon with many different Cartoon Charters such as: Pooh bear, Garfield, Alf, Smurfs, Buges Bunny, Ect.)

304) Casablanca: “Play it again, Sam,” Never was said. The closest thing we have in the movie is the line “Play it once, Sam. For old times’ sake.”

305) Castaway (2000 movie by Tom Hanks) Cast away (or) Castaway

306) Castaway 1986 movie was not remembered to ever been done

307) Caterpillar (or) catapillar

308) Cats & Dogs (or) Cats VS Dogs

309) Cats: catfox now exist (or) always existed

310) Cats: Grumpy cats died before 2019 (or) in 2019

311) Cats: Poodle cats now exist

312) Cats: Have whiskers on leg (or) do not have whiskers on leg

313) Cat soup (or) Catsup

314) Cat Stevens: Cat Stevens sang "The Cat's in the Cradle" (or) Cat Stevens didn't sing "The Cat's in the Cradle"

315) Catch me outside girl on Dr. Phil: Year on Dr. Phil was: late 2016 (or) sometime in 2000's (or) between 2000-2016 (or) a few  years back after 2016

316) Cave Kids (Flintstones spin off) Not remembered by many as one of there many spin offs. (not to be confused with Flintstone kids)

317) CBS news scare: 1979 Fake Nuclear scare was not remembered to be on the news

318) Cemetary (or) Cemtery (or) Cemetery

319) CERN Logo has changed. Single (or) doubled synchronous

320) Certain Teed (or) CertainTeed (or) Certainteed and Certain Teed swiftstarter (or) swiftstart

321) Chad Brock song title: She said yes (or) Yes

322)  Challenger space shuttle was going to invite big Bird (or) never invinted nor plan to

323) Charles Manson died in mid 2000's (or) 2017

324) Charles Schulz (or) Schultz

325) Charles Spencer died? He is alive now

326) Chartreuse is not rose colored as people remembered 

327) Chase bank logo: White (or) Black (or) Grey

328) Cheetos "____ ____ easy being cheesy" It ain't (or) It's not

329) Cheetos: Now created lip bomb (champ stick) which was not remembered

330) Cheer (or) Cheers laundry Detergent

331) Cheese: Black cheese now exist (not mold)

332) Cheez it's (or) Cheez it'z (or) Cheez it

333) Cereal to help you poop now exist

334) Chem trail Reports to of gone back to 1960s even though they were not created until the 1990s.

335) Chesapeake: was a state (seen on a older map) but not remembered to be one by anyone.

336) Chevron logo: Red top/Blue bottom (or) Blue top/ Red bottom

337) Chic-fil-la (or) Chick-fil-la

338) Chicago Cubs: Chicago Cubs 2016 world series believe to only happen because we drifted into another Parallel Universe where we would not of had this event happen should we of been in another Parallel Universe or the one we came from. Because of the Parallel Universe theory with the Mandela Effect, One would keep a eye out to watch this change.

339) Chicago cubs lost the 1908 world series to the New York Giants and called for a rematch in which the won the rematch (or) the Chicago Cubs played the 1907 and 1908 game against the Detroit Tigers and won both games. It was similar and that is why they called it a rematch.

340) Child's play (first movie) Chucky's point of View (or) point of view from others

341) Child's play: chuckys weapon was just a knife (or) Kitchen knife (or) voodoo knife (or) big butcher knife (also) Was the knife bloody?

342) Child's Play: Good guy doll (or) good guys doll

343) Chilli (or) Chili

344) China bigger than the USA? (Or) USA Bigger than China

345) China landed on the Moon in January 2019 (or) Only the United States has landed man on the moon

346) Chip and Dale are twins (or) not twins

347) Chip and Dale rescue rangers theme: Ch-ch chip and dale (or) Ch-ch-ch Chip and dale

348) Chippewa: Was a state found on a older map but was not remembered by anyone.

349) Christopher Columbus: He feed dead body's to his people so they would not starve

350) Christopher Columbus: He was a Rapist and a Pedophile

351) Christopher Columbus Set foot in North America (or) Never set foot in North America

352) Christopher Columbus theory proved the world was round threw his theory's of boat travel (or) He never came up with a theory nor was the one to prove the earth was round

353) Chomp at the bit (or) Champ at the bit

354) Chose (or) Choose

355) Chosing (or) Choosing

356) Chris Everette (or) Everet (or) Evert

357) Christmas song: I will be home for Christmas you can ___ on me. Plan (or) Count

358) A Christmas story: Leg lamp color:   Yellow (or) Tan (or) Orange (or) Red (or) Checkered (or) Black

359) a Christmas story: Lamp color at the top: Tan (or) White (or) red

360) Christmas trees have been in different colors:  red, blue, light blue, purple, pink and for the patriotic ones: red, white and blue)

361) Christmas trees have been up sidedown for decades (or) never been upside down (this being the event where some people hang them upside down as decoration.)

362) Christmas Vacation: Beats up the Santa ornament multiple times before Santa  flew in the air and hit the ground again where he continued to hit it (or) kicked and hit the Santa Ornament a few times and left it alone after it flew up and hit the ground.

363) Christ The Redeemer statue in Rio De Janeioro: Now reported shorter, rob is longer, and now looking up (not down as remembered)

364) Christopher Reeve (or) Reeves 

365) Chuck E. Cheese (or) Chuck E. Cheese's  (also) Chucky Cheese (or) Chucky Cheese's

366) Churchill's speech: We will fight them on the beaches (or) we shall fight on the beachs

367) Cimarron was a state for a very short time when it was a no man's land. The Mandela Effect here is this is a state that was removed by the Mandela Effect or never was a state but now was in our history

368) Cinderella has Characters missing from the movie

369) Cinderella's ears was shown in a movie (or) was not shown in a movie

370) Cindy doll (or) Sindy Doll

371) Civil war (united States/ Confederate States): After the war, Black people were given the right to vote (or) Black people were given the right to vote in the 1960's.

372) Civil war (United states/ Confederate States) On April 9, Confederate General Robert E. Lee and his famed Army of Northern Virginia surrendered to Union General Ulysses S. Grant which ended the war, and the north won. (or) the north and the south both sign paper work to end the war and stop deaths. Neither country actually won or lost the war.

373) Civil War: (United States/ Confederate States) The south won the war, but the event has believed to change due to time travel.

374) Cleopatra was buried in a tomb located in Egypt (or) tomb never found

375) Cliffbar (or) clifbar

376) Clive James: Died in 2012 (or) 2019

377) Clueless: Cher, wore white knee high stockings with white shoes (or) black shoes

378) Coca-Cola  Dash - Between the words (or) above between the words?

379) Coca-Cola "C" at the bottom has a logo change

380) Coca-Cola clear not remembered. Similar to Pepsi Crystal

381) Coco Puffs (or) Cocoa Puffs

382) Coen Brothers (or) Cohen Brothers

383) Coke 2: A drink that was created by Coca-Cola but not remembered by anyone

384) Coke Zero (or) Coca Cola Zero

385) Colgate (or) Colegate

386) Colgate made food (or) just tooth Paste

387) Colombo's first name was Frank (or) never said

388) Color Chartre pink/red (or) yellow/green

389) Color of peoples hair changed

390) Color of peoples eyes have changed

391) Columbine Massacre 1996 (or) 1999

392) commited (or) committed

393) comperable (or) comparable

394) Confectionate Sugar (or) Confectioners Sugar

395) Confederate States of America has ___ States. 11 (or) 13

396) Connecticut: New Connecticut was a state but not remembered by anyone. It was found on a older map.

397) Conoco: logo changed. Upside down  triangle (or) no triangle just a circle

398) Cool hand Luke: "What we have here is a failure to communicate." (or) "What we've got here is failure to communicate."

399) C.O.P.S. TV series remembered to of been done in what year?1986 (or) 1987 (or) 1988 (or) 1989

400) Cornocopia (or) cornucopia

401) Cosco (or) Costco

402) Count Chocula Rabbit teeth (or) Vampire teeth

403) Countries on the map is slowly disappearing or moving around

404) Courtney (or) Coureney Cox

405) Cows: 3 horn on cows now exist

406) Cows: Cows can sit (or) can not sit

407) CNN logo: Remembered to be where no letters connected (or) All letters connected

408) CNN: Mattis to discuss North Korea with Asian leaders (3:16 p.m.) James Mattis has both "T"'s pushed together twice.

409) Cracker Jack (or) Cracker Jacks

410) Crazy frog exposed himself (or) never exposed himself

411) Creation of Adam painting: Fingers don't touch and apart (or) close together possibly touching

412) Crest of the United States: The stars were inside the shield (or) no stars inside the shield

413) Crisp Creme (or) Krispy Kreme

414) Crocodile Dundee: That's not A knife, This is a knife (or) That's not a knife, That's a knife

415) Crossing sign (showing someone crossing the street) Square (or) triangle   (also) white/ red letters (or) yellow/ Black

416) Cuba changed shape from cigar look

417) Cuba now closer to Florida and Cuba is reported to moved from it's location remembered.

418) Cup "o" noodles (or)  cup noodles

419) Curious George man with yellow hat wore a tie of what color? Yellow (or) Black (or) polka dot

420) Curious George was remembered to have a tail in which he does not today. They say we are confusing the thought because all monkeys have tails. However people can detail the memory of him swinging on his tail and picking up items with his tail.

421) Curt Henning (or)Hunnig

422) CVT transmission was invented by Leonardo Da Vinci (or) was not Invented by Leonardo Da Vinci

423) DaJa Vu is now having the believed to be holding the memory of something we did in another Parallel universe we could of been in.

424) DaJa Vu: always known under that name (or) also known under the name of DaJa Reve

425) Da Vinci ever paint Jesus?

426) Da Vinci: invited contact lenses (or) never invited them

427) Da Vinci Jesus painting has a crystal ball. Christians would not except such thing as it is looked a pond as magic.

428) Da Vinci "Last Supper" painting:  Chalice at the table (or) on the left side of the wall

429) Da Vinci "Last Supper" Painting: Glass cups on table (or) wooden cups on table

430) Daddy's hands Tune sounds different & slower

431) Daddy's hands sung by Dolly Dunn (or) Holly Dunn

432) Dakota: Lost Dakota was a state. It was found on older map but not remembered

433) Dalton Le Dale (or) Hertton Le Hole

434) Dan Akroyd or Dan Ackroyd or Dan Aykroyd

435) Dammit (or) Damnit

436) Dan Akroyd (or) Aykroyd

437) Dasi Arnez (or) Arnaz

438) Dates change from what day they land on (Example: Tuesday Sep. 20th 2019 to Friday Sep 20th 2019)

439) Dates of certain events jump from the 22nd to the 23rd. However this could be a Miss thought because most tragic events end up on the 22nd or the 23rd. Either way, how does to date get the events mostly?

440) David Carradine: died in 2009?

441) David Soul die before? He is alive today

442) David Wilcock (or) Wilcox

443) Daylight Saving (or) Savings time (may have changed back)

444) Daylight saving time (Oct 2019) People felt they set the clocks twice that month

445) Daylight Saving Time: March (or) April / October (or) November

446) Daylight Savings Time: Spring goes forward, fall goes behind (or) Spring goes behind, fall goes forward

447) Days of our lives: Like ____ through the hour glass ____ are the days of our lives.  Time (or) sand  So (or) These

448) DEA Stands for what: Drug Enforcement Agency (or) Drug Enforcement Administration

449) Dead: Now history tells us when people died in the early days, they took pictures and portraits of them.

450) Dead end sign: Square (or) Diamond (also) letters are Yellow/ Black (or) Red/ white

451) Death Valley (or) Death Valley days

452) Debute (or) Debut

453) Declaration of Independence was sign and founded on July 4, 1776 (or) founded July 2,1776 but not sign until August 2, 1776

454) Deer have small tails (or) large tails (or) no tails

455) Deer Hunter (or) The Deer Hunter

456) Definately (or) Definitely

457) Della Reese (Black Angle from Touched By An Angle) Die prior to 2017

458) Denis Norden: die in the early 2000's (or) 2018

459) Denmark & Sweedin both look different

460) Depend (or) Depends

461) Deseret was a state. Either it was removed by the Mandela effect or never existed but does now.

462) Destruction Derby (ps1 game) (or) Demolition Derby

463) Dettol – Dettox (cleaning products)

464) The Diary of Anne frank (or) The diary of a young girl

465) Dick Clark die twice? Lat death 2012

466) Dick Dastardly's famous song when chasing the pigeon: Catch the pigeon (or) Stop the pigeon

467) Dick Van Patten Die prior to 2015?

468)  Different Strokes (or) Diff'rent Strokes

469) Dilemna (or) Dilemma

470) Dinner for Schmucks (or) Dinner with the Schmucks

471) Dinosaurs leaving behind residue of still existing as we thought them all to be gone.

472) Dinosaurs: New ones are now being found that never existed before

473) Direct TV (or) DirecTV

474) Dirty Dancing: Nobody puts baby in ___ corner. The (or) A

475) Dirty Harry: “Do you feel lucky, punk?” (or) Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?”

476) Disquise (or) Disguise

477) Disney bought nickelodeon in 1990 (or) Later time

478) Disney land is reported to be looking different than what is was compaired to what people remember. (This may just be repairing the place but people see it different than that.)

479) Disney logo changed: The castle was wider and reached to the "W" (or) the castle was not as wide and reached to the "A"

480) Disney title on VHS and DVD: Disney (or) Disney's (Example: Disney Fox and the Hound (or) Disney's Fox and the Hound)

481) Disney World Amusement Park (or) Walt Disney's Amusement Park

482) Disney World – A separate theme park in the Orlando (Florida) area. Maybe intended as a beta test site for attraction concepts? It’s not an abandoned park or project, and it’s much smaller (in acreage) than the main WDW property.  Two main areas: (1) The theme park, and (2) one crescent-shaped building with shops and restaurants, plus one larger hotel on the other side of it. Generally, the theme park attractions are multi-level. (Note: Not confused with Universal Studios’ theme parks.)

483) Disney World – Some people recall entering the Magic Kingdom through the castle. A second, alternate memory: Everything else matched the current time stream, but the castle was much closer to the end of Main Street. (At Disney World, not Disneyland.)

484) Disney World – Some people recall taking a monorail from the Orlando airport directly to the Disney World property. The Orlando airport has a train, not a monorail, and it doesn’t take people to Disney World.

485) do ___ feel lucky?, well do you punk? You or I

486) Do Do Birds: Extinct because humans hunting (or) Rats, Pigs, and monkeys ate their eggs

487) Do Do Birds: Taste good to humans (or) never liked by Humans

488) Doc Martins (or) Martens

489) Dog: Dog Pandas now exist

490) Dog: One of it's kind pit bull now exist looking more like a leopard

491) Dog: dog was found with a tail grown on his head

492) Dog's years: Count by 7 (1=7, 2=14, 3=21) (or) Never was counted by seven.

493) Dollar Sign $ with one slash (or) 2 slashes

494) Dolphons (or) Dolphins

495) Dolphins: There are now pink Dolphins that exist

496) Dom Deluisem Death in 2009?

497) Dominos (or) Dominoes

498) Don't mess with Zohan (or) Don't mess with the Zohan (or) You don't mess with the Zohan

499) Don Rickles: die in 2017 (or) 2019

500) Donald Duck's eyes white (or) Blue

501) Donald Duck: Neck Kerchief (or) Red bow tie

502) Donna Summers (or) Summer

503) Doors: Come on baby light my fire: "If I were to say to you"(or)  "If I was to say to you"

504) Dora the explorer: Bennie  had a gold nose ring (or) never had a gold nose ring

505) Doris Day died again

506) Doughnut (or) Donut

507) Doug's Dog: Was he always blue?

508) Doug's eyebrow missing? He only has one now.

509) Doug's Girl friend white skin (or) black skin

510) Doug: Skeeter skin color was Blue (or) Green

511) Downing (or) Downy Laundry Detergent

512) DQ logo has changed where the "D" and the "Q" has been pushed together.

513) Draino (or) Drano

514) Dr. Martins (or) Martens

515) Dr. Seuss (or) Dr. Suess

516) Dr. Dolittle (or) Dr. Doolittle?

517) Dr. Jane Gooddall die before?

518) Dr pepper. (or) Dr. pepper

519) Dr Pepper. Blue berry flavor not remembered

520) Dr Pepper. made can beans (or) Did not make can beans

521) Dr. who (or) Doctor who

522) Dracula Did say (or) never said "I want to suck your blood"

523) Dream of blue dragon (or) The dream of blue dragon (or) To dream of blue dragon

524) Dreamworks: Boy sitting on the moon (or) Girl angel

525) Duck Tales (or) Ducktales

526) Duck Tales "Theme song Change". D-D Danger ______ behind you, There's a stranger out to find you.    Lurks (or) Looks (or) watch ("looks" comes in and out. "Watch" Was only in lyrics but now in the videos.)

527) Duggars (or) 19 kids and counting (also see under 19 kids and counting for another Mandela Effect)

528) Dukes Of Hazard (or) Hazzard

529) Dukes Of Hazzard: Boss Hogg, (or) Boss Hoggs

530) Dukes of Hazzard: General Lee car color:  It was painted orange and later painted red (or) Always orange

531) Dukes of Hazzard: General Lee Car year: Always 1969 Dodge Charger (or) 1969 Dodge Charger but later was used as a 1970 and 1971 Dodge Charger.

532) Dukes of Hazzard: General lee has two flags on the back of there car in the first episode (or) No flags on the back of their car.

533) Dukes of Hazzard: Hazard county (or) Hazzard county

534) Dumb and Dumber "B" is back words (or) always been that way

535) Dumb and Dumber to (or) Too (or) 2

536) Dumbo's hat: Red (or) Blue (or) Yellow

537) Dupont (or) Du Pont

538) Each other (or) Each Other

539) The Eagles (or) Eagles

540) Earth: closest planet? Mercury (or) Venus (or) Mars

541) Earth: Flat (or) Round (or) dome

542) Earth's location is different in our galaxy/ Solar System

543) Earth quakes at palm beach felt by some and never recognized by others.

544) Earth revolves around the sun (or) Earth does not revolve around the sun

545) Earth's Time: Earth takes 24 hours to revolution around the sun (or) 365 days (now it is said we only go threw a 24 hour rotation on our axis. not around the sun.

546) Earth worms: A 6 foot earth warm has been found

547) Easter Island: (Head statues) had no hats (or) Red hats

548) Easter Island: The heads have body's under ground (or) just the heads

549) Ebenezer Scrooge (or) Ebanezer Scrooge

550) Ebenezer Scrooge based off a real person (or) was not based off a real person
551) Ebola: first out break was in 1976 (or) mid 1990's

552) Ed Asner: died before (or) never died

553) Eddys (or) Edys ice cream

554) Edgar Allen Poe (or) Edgar Allan Poe

555) ED Mcmahon worked for: Published Clearing house (or) American Family Sweepstakes

556) Einsteins: "Insanity is doing the same thing over and excepting a different result" Was said by him (or) was not said by him

557) El Cedral, Mexico was land on Mexican area (or) A island

558) Electric was created by Benjamin Franklin (or) Tomas Edison (or) Ancient Greeks in 546 B.C.

559) Elephants have breast (or) otters

560) Eli Whitney: White race (or) black race

561) Ellios (or) Ellious Pizza

562) Elisa Lam: When her body was found, was the hatch on the water tank open (or) shut

563) Elvis Presley: Black Belt (or) not black belt

564) Elvis Presley: Death? Drug overdose (or) Heart attack

565) Elvis Presley: Face Change

566) Elvis Presley: Grave stone spelling of him middle name: Aron (or) Aaron

567) Elvis Presley: "Only You" He did sing it (or) he never sung it

568) Elvis Presley: spy (or) was not a spy

569) Eminem eyes: Brown (or) Blue

570) Eminem: Eminem is though to have died and has been replaced with a simulation or clone (leaves us to wonder... will the real Slim Shady please stand up

571) Elvis Presley: Thank you, Thank you very much (or) Thank you {short Pause) Thank you very much (or) thank you very much (Note people do not remember a pause before the first thank you and the 2nd. Also many reports shows he just says it once now.)491)

572) Eminem "Lose Yourself": Would you capture it or let it slip (or) let it go /  Oh their goes rabbit (or) Ope their goes rabbit / He knows his whole back to these ropes (or) he know the whole back to city ropes / He's do stacked that he knows(or) Hes so sad (or) He's so stagnant that he knows / this whole rap city (or) rhapsody / the souls escaping (or) his souls escaping / it only grows harder, only grows hotter (or) homies grow hotter / plus seeing a dishonor, teeter totter (or) caught up between being a father / Another jam or not (or) another day of monotony's

573) Eminem: Monster lyrics at the end of the choirs said "Well that's nothing" (or) Not fair (or) well, that's okay

574) Empire state building bombing never happen (or) happen and killed 14 people

575) Empire state Building: B-25 Mitchell bomber crashed into the building in 1945 (or) never happen

576) Energizer Bunny: is the battery on the side (or) on the back

577) Energizer Bunny: did it start off with Duracell before being the Energizer Bunny? This also could be a thought wrong, Because Duracell bunny right now looks similar to the Energizer Bunny but I don't think it was the Energizer Bunny. However Energizer Bunny and this parallel universe did you get sent to court by Duracell. however, people don't remember Duracell having a bunny in the 70s that looks similar to the Energizer Bunny.

578) Energy: People feel like they have had less energy

579) England east (or) North of France

580) The Ericsson Car phone of 1910: did it exist? yes (or) No

581) Ernest Borgnine died prior to 2012

582) E.T. Opening credits white (or) purple

583) ET: phone home (or) home phone

584) Etch-A-Sketch (or) Etch A Sketch

585) Eugene Shoemaker: Buried man on the moon named  who died as a comet had crashed into him and Jupiter (or0 never herd of this

586) Eurorcar (or) Europcar

587) Evil Knievel (or) Evil Knievel

588) The Exorcist: No feeding Tube (or) Used a feeding tube

589) Extinct 136,000 year old bird comes back from the dead. White Throated Rails

590) Extreme make over (or) Extreme home makeover

591) Eyes: Eye piercing has been popular over a decade yet people do not remembered this. This is piercing the inside eye


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