711) Garfield and Friends: cure word was said by wade in one eposide.

712)  Garfield and Friends: Orson's brothers all had white eyes (or) one had yellow eyes (or) all had yellow eyes

713) Garfield and Friends Theme: rap version for the last season was not remembered by many

714) Garfield and Friends: Theme now says "I'm scared" after he says "I hope you bring lots of spaghetti"

715) Garfield And Friends: Time slot: People remembered Garfield and Friends being a hour long in the 7th season and not being 2 separate episodes. Now it is said The first season aired in a half-hour format. Starting with the second season, it switched to an hour-length format, showing two episodes each week. There is nothing said of the show airing a Hour long as one episode.

716) Gatorade: Thirst Quencher (or) Quench your thirst

717) Gay was openly across America now in the 1920's

718) Giants now exist

719) Garry Shandling  (or) Gary

720) Gene Kelly's Singing in the rain: Singin' (or) Singing

721) Gene Wilder alive again (or) Never died

722) Georgia State capital: Augusta (or) Atlanta

723) Georgia Guide stone: Had a free masons symbol on it (or) did not have a Free Masons symbol on it

724) Georgia O'keefe (or) O'keeefe

725) The George Lopez Show (or) George Lopez

726) George Washington Carver never invented peanut butter. It was stolen from the Aztecs by Canada

727) Germany mystery coin: Coin from Germany found with a date of 2039. The coin show Germany country where Mexico is now. A) From another Parallel universe where it is now 2039 in the year and Germany had move after Mexico had been gone.  B) Time traveler lost a coin in the processes of time travel and the events of this time travel had changed the out come of reality where Germany is now where Mexico was.

728) Getto Boyz (or) Geto boys

729) Gettysburg (or) Gettysberg (or) Ghettysberg

730) Ghandi (or) Ghandhi

731) Gharial new crocodillian species with snot that looks like a pot structure

732) Ghirardelli (or) Ghiradelli

733) Ghostbusters (or) TAPS

734) Ghost sharks now (though people hold no memory to this).

735) Giant pale house Earth Worm showing up again after being Extinct since 1980s (or) this never happen at all

736) Gilbert Godfrey (or) Gottfried

737) Gilligan's Island: Actors eye colors have changed to green

738) Gilligan's Island color: Black and white season 1 & 2 and color in season 3 (or) Black and white in season 1 and color in season 2 & 3

739) Gilligan's island hut color: roof was tan/ Beige (or) green

740) Gilligan's Island: Gilligan's hat White (or) grayish?

741) Gilligan's Island: Mr Howell's hat was a captain hat (white) (or) straw hat

742) Gilligan's Island: Professors shirt color: Blue (or) white

743) Gilligan Island: Roy Hinkley, (the Professor) death accured in 2014 (or) a later time after 2014

744) Gilligan's Island: Skipper's hat Black (or) a navy blue hat (or) white hat? (also and is reference to) Skipper off the show (acting as skipper) Always had on a Blue navy hat (or) Black Navy hat (or) White navy hat (note: he made reference to being dressing as Skipper off the show)

745) Gilligan's Island theme song changed at the boat part towards the end of the theme where one was showing a boat where the other zoomed in and out on the boat.

746) Gilligan's island theme song: Island or isle (said not spelled)

747) Gilligan's Island theme song: Proffesor and Mary ann part showed the boat at a distance (or) right up close with the picture of the last 2 cast aways.

748) Gilligan's Island theme: Proffesor and Mary ann part showed the picture of Proffesor at the top and Mary Ann at the bottom (or) Mary Ann at the top and Proffesor at the bottom.

749) Gilligans Island: Tina Louise (Ginger) refuse to come back to the 3 spinoff T.V. movies because: She said her looks were not the same and she felt she was to old and it would show (or) could not make a agreement with the producers.

750) Giraffes: Dark Giraffes now exist

751) Giraffes: Have purple tongues (or) do not have purple tongues

752) The global seed vault was in: Alaska (or) Svalbard

753) Gold can now be found in the hair of new born babys

754) Goliath frogs now exist as giant frogs

755) Gone with the Wind: Where ever shall i go/ What ever shall I do (or) Where shall I go/ What shall I do

756) Good Fellas has strange things in the back ground

757) Goodfathers open credits white (or) Red

758) Gone with the wind: Scarlett (or) My dear, I don't give a Damn

759) Goofy: Black Jacket (or) Green Jacket

760) Google (or) google

761) Google logo: E is now slanted at top

762) Google Voice (or even Text voice) is having a harder time understanding you, and typing in stuff you never said. This could be a effect from our new reality.

763) Gordon Ramsey (or) Ramsay

764) Gordons sandwich (or) Gortons sandwich

765) Grand Central Station (or) Grand Central (or) Grand Central terminal 

766) The Graduate: Mrs. Robinson, are you trying to seduce me? (or) Mrs. Robinson, You're trying to seduce me, Aren't you?

767) Grand Pyramid Moved & changed

768) Grapes: Now grapes exist at 2 1/2 inches long.

769) Grasshoppersz: now exist in a rainbow color

770) Grave yards: Buried bell string was now use in the early days in case someone got buried alive they could pull the string to ring the bell

771) Gray (or) Grey

772) Great wall of china: Visible from space (or) Not visible from space
773)  Greenday (or) Green Day

774) Green Eggs and Ham: would you like them in a house, would you like them with a mouse (or) would you eat them in a house would you you eat them with a mouse

775) Greenland is a small island (or) a bigger country

776) Greenland a distance from Cananda at the top (or) Real close to Canada on the side

777) Grease Lightning: this car is automatic, it's systematic, its hydromatic (or)  it's systematic, its hydromatic , its Ultramatic

778) Great Britain Bigger area (or) smaller

779) Great Britain located above Canada where Greenland is now (or) some where else

780) Greece Movie car white (or) Red

781) Gremlins spike (or) stripe

782) The Grinch who stole Christmas (or) The Grinch stole Christmas (or) How the Grinch Stole Christmas

783) Groundhogs Day (movie)  Punxsutawney (or) Punxatawney

784) Guillotine: Last used in 1877 (or) 1977

785) Gulf of Carpentaria more spiky

786) Gumby: 4 character (or) a 5th character named Minga.

787) Gumby: Dog looks different

788) Gumby color is lighter

789) Gumby's eyes are different

790) Gumby's face looks different

791) Gweneth  (or) Gwyneth Paltrow

792) Haagen-Daas (or) Haagen-Dazs

793) Haas AVocados (or) Hass AVocados

794) Hal Hobrook alive (or) died prior to 2010

795) Haley Joel Osmond (or) Osment

796) Halloween (movie) Laurie went to the elevator to escape from Michael. What color was the elevator?

797) Halloween: (movie) Michael Myers mask is now a different color

798) Halloween: Halloween trees (similar to Christmas trees) now exist

799) Hampster (or) Hamster

800) Hanies (or) Hanes

801) Hang gliding invited in the end of the 6th century?

802) Hank William Jr. almost die falling off a mountain at what age? 1975 at the age of 26 (or) 1978 at the age of 29 (not people remembered his dad died at the age of 29 and it was weird his son almost died at the same age)

803) Hank William Sr cause of death: Alcohol/ pill overdose that cause heart to failed (or) doctor refused to give him pills he needed and he was sick

804) Hank William Sr Died in the hotel (or) in the car on the way to a hospital after leaving the hotel (or) in the car on the way to a concert

805) Hank Williams Sr "Hey good looking" lyrics change. This Mandela effect has been changing back and forth to the point that Hank Williams himself as well as other people have been confused with how the song Started. Most people who have the memory of it just saying "hey good looking" well now it says different stuff.

Does it start out " hey good looking" (or) " hey hey good looking" (or) "say hey good looking". ( not to be confused in the middle of the song where he actually does say: say hey good looking. This also has another Mandela effect.

"I will ______  my date book over the fence." Was it: Throw (or) Jump (note: only a few videos have changed the word 'throw ' to 'jump'.)

806) Hank Williams SR: I can't help it lyrics: There was another by your side (or) There was another man by yourside

807) Hanna: "A" in logos look like a upside down "V"

807) Hanna Barbera: Hanna (or) Hannah (also)  Barbera (or) Barbara

809) Hans Zimmerman or Zimmer

810) Hanukkah is 6 days (or) 7 Days (or) 8 days

811) Happy Days: Chuck was written off the show with no return (or) written off the show but brought back later

812) Happy days Fons jacket: in picture (off camera) he was seen (with Happy Days cast) wearing a white jacket, but always were a black leather jacket anytime playing the Fons.

813)  Happy days Theme: Goodbuy grey ___ hello blue. Sky (or) skies

814) Harpy Eagle never existed before

815) Harry Dean Stanton died in 2012 (or) 2017

816) Harry Potter Books and Movies are all remembered to have been either released sooner (prior to the current day), or for some of the movies, Released on later dates (different than the current time) (not to be confused with the movie troll, who had a person named Harry potter, and look like him and done magic....weird)

817) Harry potter Books remembered to be released in the 1980's as short kid books (such as comics or magazines, and not as books today) (Note: it was remembered to be done by a different Author and Belief that J.K. Rowling copy from him. Not to be confused with her copying Goblet Of Fire from Willy The Wizard.)

818) Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets (movie): Aragog (Hagrid's spider) said to Harry," I never saw any part of the castle, except for the ___ Hagrid had me in." Box (or) books

819) Harry Potter and the curse child was written as a screen play. The book was written by J.K. Rowling (or) Jack Thorne & J.K. Rowling

820) Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part 2 (movie): Harry meets Dumbledore's brother and tells him they need to get to Hogwarts to destroy the last horcruex. Why would he say that. He knew there was 7. Noone knew Harry Potter was one and given that the snake was not spoken of until Goblit Of Fire, we must assume the snake was a new horcruex. Only the Diary of Tom Riddle, Marvolo Gaunt ring, Locket of Slytherin were destroyed by this point and they had the Hufflepuff’s cup. This would mean 3 horcruexs still existed because even Voldemort did not know he created one threw Harry.  If 7 were created before the death of Harry, 3 would still exist by this point of speaking with Dumbledore's brother.

821) Harry Potter and the goblet of fire (book): Dragon broke off chains (or) did not break off the chain (not to be confused with the movie)

822) Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire (book): Line missing similar to: Harry's eyes glisten with the ghost of his pass"

823) Harry Potter: Gryffindor (or) Griffindor

824) Harry Potter: He who must not be named (or) He who shall not be named

825 Harry Potter horcruex: 7 (or) 8

826) Harry Potter Horcruex:Was all of them found? 7 were created before the death of James and Lily Potter. Harry potter was a accidental horcruex no one knew about. The snake was not spoken of until Goblit Of Fire, so we must assume the snake was not a horcruex either. The  Diary of Tom Riddle, Marvolo Gaunt ring, Locket of Slytherin, Hufflepuff’s cup and the The diadem of Ravenclaw were 5 out of the 7 destroyed. Remember they said there would be one from each house? Where is the Gryffindor one?

827) Harry Potter and the Order of the Phonix (book) Cornelius Fudge arrives and Dumbledore gave his  fake confesses about starting Dumbledore's Army. Fudge, thrilled to be able to catch Dumbledore, moves to take him in. Dumbledore says, "Oh...I'm not going to come quietly."FFudge said something like, "Surely you don't think you are going to take on me and my Aurors, do you?" (missing line) Dumbledore's eyes twinkled and he said, "Not just that, Cornelius,....I'm going to win."

828) Harry Potter and the Order of the Phonix (book) Cornelius Fudge shows up at the Ministry at the end and sees Voldemort is real, there is a moment where Fudge still tries to have Dumbledore arrested. (most do not remembered them trying to arrest him) I think Dumbledore says something to the effect of "I can fight your Aurors again, and I can win again! Or, you can accept that Harry and I have been telling you the truth!" (this line was not remembered)

829) Harry Potter and the order of the Phonix (movie): Harry's says hello and quips, "Beat up another 10 year old," to which Dudley replies, "This one deserved it." the scene showed the actual bullying (or) did notshow the actual bullying

830) Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban (movie): After Harry blew up his aunt, Harry left the house. In the background it shown his aunt still floating away and screaming. Beside the early part where Harry's Uncle was trying to being his aunt back down, Did it ever show his aunt floating again? Yes (or) No

831) Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban (Movie) Harry enter the Leaky Cauldron as the Minster started talking. he used the words "Your little sister" yet Harry has no brothers or sisters.

832) Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone (movie): Different or more professors are added at the table during the sorting hat part.

833) Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone (movie) Harry and Hermonie huged at the end of the movie (or) did not hug

834) Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone (movie) Voldemort was trying to get the stone from Harry, many people remembered at some point that Harry Potter's parents were shown in the movie, or in ghost form. (note: Voldemort did tell Harry he could bring his parents back)

835) Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban (movie)  Harry told the night bus conductor that his name was Neville long-bottom and then when the minister greets him as Harry the conductor was like I thought his name was Neville. (or) did not happen

836) Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone (movie): Hedwig is all white (or) Hedwig is white with black dots

837) Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (movie) Lee Jordon Was given the commentary of the Quidditch match. Did he include insults towards the Slytherin team and praised the Gryffindor team (or) only comments were towards the Gryffindor team

838) Harry potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Movie: On there search for the stone they came across some traps. After the Chess game it was remembered (in the movie) that they had went into a room with potions.  The Potion scene is now cut out of the movie. (Note: this is not being confused with the book version. Most people with this memory did not read the books. This also was remembered in the theater, so it's not a deleted scene. It would show up on DVD even on a cut version)

839) Hawaii 5-0 (or) Hawaii Five-0

840) Hawaii became a state in 1960 or sooner (now a year away from Alaska. note: both remembered a few months apart and in early 1950s) 613) Heart is closer to the center (or) to the left

841) Hazleton, PA (or) Hazelton, PA

842) Heart: The human heart is now completely drain of blood

843) Heath cliff theme song lyric changed: Heath cliff, Heath cliff, no one should... _______ their neighborhood. Terrify or terrorize

844) Helen Thomas: did he died prior to 2013?

845) Helman's Manonnaise (or) Hellmann's Mayonnaise

846) Hen: One found with Heart shape dots on her body

847) Henry Ford what did he die of?

848) Henry the 8th portrait:  chicken leg (or) no chicken leg

849) Henry Winkler (the Fonz) died 2014 (or) 2017 (or) alive

850) Herbal Essence (or) Herbal Essences

851) Herbie the love bug:  had a VW logo (or) Never had the VW logo

852) Hi ___ silver away. Ho (or) Yo

853) Hiking emoji now missing

854) Highest point on earth: Mount Everest (or) Mount Chimborazo

855) Hilary or Hillary Clinton

856) Hilary Clinton divorced Bill Clinton before her election (or) She never divoriced him

857) Hilary Clinton turn gay after she divoriced Bill (or) Never turn gay, Never divoriced Bill

858) Hilary (or) Hillary Duff

859) Hill shine Farm (or) Farms

860) Hindenburg disaster killed all (or) some survived

861) Hindenburg is the worst air craft disaster (or) USS Akron is the worst

862) HIPPA (or) HIPAA

863) Hitchcock the bird: Color (or) black and white

864) Hitler addicted to meth (or) Not addicted to meth

865) Hitler: Adolf (or) Adolph

866) Hitler's death: suicide by poison/pill (or) suicide by gun (or) Sunk in a Sumerian after the war (or) died in 1972 (note his 1972 death was proven but only marked as a conspiracy theory and not in books.)

867) Hitler's eye color: Was it brown (or) Blue. 

868) Hitler's greeting: Heil Hitler (or) Hail Hitler

869) Hitler's mustache: Was a smaller mustache (or) is the toothbrush mustache (which is a bit longer).

870) Hitler's Salute: Extended from the chest straight out with arm (or) Extended from the neck straight out with the arm

871) Hollywood (or) HollywoodLand

872) Hollywood writing strike. Did it happen in 2007 (or) 2008

873) Home Alone: The 5th movie was not remembered by many.

874) Home Alone: a lovely cheese pizza ___. Is it: all to myself (or)  just for me

875) Home Alone: quick get a plate (or) Kev kev get a plate

876) Home Depot (or) The Home Depot

877) Home Improvement Seasons 2 & 3 theme song: You can now here Jill's voice at the end of the eheme talking about something before being cut off. 

878) Honduras looks different, possible it was moved or different shaped

879) Honey I Blew Up The _______? Kid (or) baby

Note: The first one was "kids", the 2nd movie was "baby", the 3rd movie was "our selfs") Would not make since for two movies to both say kids.

880) Honey I shrunk the kids: Russ  The early bird catches the worm (or) The warm catches the fish

881) Horns now growing in the back of the head. These are now permanent and can be born with your next child. The cause... To much screen time on cell phone.

882) Hot Knob (right)/ Cold Knob (left) (or) Cold Knob (right)/ Hot Knob (left)

883) Houdini's Death: Buried alive on a stunt to escape out of a casket (or) Drowned in water (or) punched in the stomach

884) Houdini: Served as a spy (or) never served as a spy

885) House of Mouse: Winnie the pooh was seen with the rest of the Other Disney characters and herd talking (or) back ground, and never talked.

886) Houston family (Whitney's) conflicted memories about her children after Whitney's death but before Bobby's death.

897) How To Kill a Mockingbird (or) To Kill a Mockingbird

888) Howard cossell (or) cosell

889)  Humanoid was discovered in a old cave, yet the humanoid was new. Time traveler?

890) Hunchback of Notre dame: Does Esmeralda die?

891) Hurricane Dennis not remembered. Did it happen?

892) Hurrican Fredrick (or) Fedric

893) Hurricane Katrina happened in what year? Was it 2005 (or) 2006 (or) other?

606) Faber Castell (or) Faber Castel

607) Facebook jail gives you 21 days (or) 30 days

608) Facebook notifications have been randomly changing, missing up, or other parts of Facebook changing

609) Fairy (or) Fairie (or) Faery (or) Faerie

610) Family Circus (or) The Family Circus

611) Family Guy: Lois earrings: were they blue?

612) Family Matters (or) Family Manners

613) Family Matters: Jaleel White (aka Steve Urke)  committed suicide (or) never committed suicide. It was just a internet hoax.

614) Family Matters: Reginald VelJohnson  (aka Carl Winslow) died in mid 2000 (or) alive

615) Family Matters: Steve Urkel: "Did I do That?" sounds different.

616) Family Matters: Steve Urkel: Said "You got any cheese" (or) "you got any food" (or) never said either one or anything close

(note: people report not hearing his say (or it being done less) do you have any cheese. Some say food now.)

617) Family Video logo change: The "F" and the "A" combine together. The "Y" stretched longer under the letters.

618) Fantastic Beasts and where to find them: Released prior to 2016 (or) released in 2016

619) Fantasy Island _______ da plane da plane. Did he ever say the word boss?

620) Fast time highs: Jeff Spicoli- Aright hamilton (or) way to go Hamilton

621) Fats Domino died way before 2017: 2009-2011 (or) 2017

622) Fax: First fax was in 1846 (or) 1964

623) Fear the walking dead (or) Fear of the walking dead

624) Febreze (or) Febreeze 

625) February (or) Febuary

626) Fed-Ex (or) FedEx

627) FedEx "X" is closer to the E now creating a arrow between the two letters. A spoon is also notice with the D and E which was not notice before since there was a - in between. The letters seem to combine with in each other.

628) Fidel Castro's die (or) never die (also) Fidel Castro's 2nd death befor 2016 (or) 2016

629) Field of dreams: if you build it ___  Will come.  They (or) He

630) Finess (or) Finesse 

631) Fish face: with two mouths was found.

632) Fish: Have feet (or) do not have feet (few now found with feet)

633) Fish now exist with a human face.

634) Fish pipes now exist

635) Flamingo: all pink (or) some pink some black

636) Flava Flav (or) Flavor Flav

637) Flesh tone Crayola Crayons discontinued earlier than Rembered.

638) Flinstones (or) Flintstones

639) Flintstones: Barneys eyes all black (or) no color (note in the first season there no longer all black)

640) Flintstones Never used gas for cars, and always used there feet to start the cars (or) sometimes used there feet and did use gas

641) Flintstones: Television specials & Educational films seem to have a longer list than what most remembered.

642) Flintstones: "Wilma I'm home" no longer said.

643) Florida had a baseball team called the Miami Marlins (or) never did (or) they did for a short time and now it is gone

644) Floridas has islands now (or) had islands and nothing changed

645) Florida shape: Did Florida's bottom swing to the right (or) left  (or) straight down

646) Florida: South Florida was found on a older map but not remembered to be a state.

647) Florida: West Florida was found on a older map but not remembered

648) The Fly (movie) in color (or) black & white

649) Foldgers (or) Folgers

650) footloose "Kick off ____ Sunday shoes. Your (or) The

651) FORD logo changed near or on the "F" and the Ford logo change on the "O" it now looks like a "U"

652) Ford: The Company fired Henry Ford (or) dis not fire Henry Ford

653) Fords theater: People knew that President Lincoln was going to go (or) No one knew for sure if President Lincoln was going to go. (Note: the fliers never said Lincoln would be there, because no one knew for sure. In this reality, it's said that Booth knew and planed the assassination.)

654) Forgottonia: Was a state on a older map but not remembered as a state

655) Forrest Gump (or) Forest Gump

656) Forrest Gump feather at the end of the movie was: All white (or) part white and part grey

657) Forrest Gump: I may not be a smart man but I know what love is (or) I am not a smart man but I know what love is

658) Forrest Gump: (Kid scene) forrest finds out he's a dad and asked "Is he smart or is he like me" (or) "Is he smart or...

659) Forrest Gump: a lady sitting next to Forrest Gump was holding a baby (or) sitting next to a kid.

660) Forrest Gump: life is like a box of chocolates (or) life was like a box of chocolates

661) Forrest Gump: Mom is dying scene: "Life's a box of chocolates". in this one it was remembered forrest saying "IS" but his mother said "was" in which neither version is now said by the mother.

662) Forrest Gump: My name is Forrest, Forrest Gump. (or) My name is Forrest, People call me Forrest Gump

663) Forrest Gump: Sorry I ruined your Black Panther Party (or) sorry I got in a fight at your Black Panther Party

664) Forrest j. Ackerman died prior to 2008

665) Fort Knox: Tennessee (or) Kentucky

666) Fox and the hound ending: The hound takes a bullet for the fox and was remembered by some that he died, where others remember his taking the bullet and did not die. However, as much as it was agree that people remember the hound taking a bullet and standing in front of the hound, in this universe, he just stands in front of the hound.

667) Fox and the Hound: title on the black diamond VHS cover: "O" is now tilted and the "U" and "N" have collided together.

668) Fox And The Hound: (winter part) Wood pecker say: I'm freezing my b-b-b- ba (or) I'm freezing my b-b-b- beak off

669) Fox News and CNN are now own by the same person

670) FOX News "O" looks different (since 1996 that has been their logo)

671) Fortune Cookies originated in China (or) Fortune Cookies did not originate in China

672) Franco Columbo (or) Franco Columbu

673) Frankenstein: He's alive (or) It's Alive

674) Frankie Howard (or) Howerd

675) Franklin State was a state and voted down (1800's) (or) Still was a state later in time and removed by the Mandela Effect (or) never herd of this

676) Freaked (1993 movie) is not remembered to exist

677) Freddie Prince: memories of him being related to Freddie jr. And Sarah Michelle Geller

678) French Flag Horizontal (or) Vertical

679) Friday: Kitchen scene is now with different words. Every time I come in the kitchen, you in the kitchen. In the goddamn refrigerator. Eatin' up all the food. All the chitlins... All the pigs' feet... All the collard greens... All the hog maws. I wanna eat them chitlins... I like pigs' feet. (or) Every time I come in the kitchen, you in the kitchen. In the goddamn refrigerator. Eatin' up all the food. All the chitlins... All the pigs' feet..You ate my dinner. My mashed potatoes. And the good old gravy I like, the biscuits I like to sop that gravy. You ate all that up. You drink up the milk, don't care what kind of milk it is. You don't care, 2 percent, 3 percent, buttermilk...".

680) Friday the 13th: Ch Ch Ch (or) Ma Ma Ma

681) F.R.I.E.N.D.S. theme "I'll be there for you/ When the rain starts to ___ / I'll be there for you/ Like I've been there before. Fall (or) Pour 682) F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Theme song has 5 claps (or) 4?

683) Frito Lays (chips): Now created lemonade

684) frogs: Can now freeze them self in the winter and thaw them self's out in spring.... without breathing

685) Frogs: Mutant frogs with transparent skin (which we can see all inside body parts) now exist. (you can see organs, skeleton, heart and more)

686) Frogs: Will stay in the water until it is boil (or) Thew will not stay in water until boil

687) Frosty the snowman hat: The hat now has a flower on it (or) always had a flower on it

688) Frosty the snowman scarf: did he have a scarf? (or) no scarf. Residue shows he did have one. What color was it? Orange (or) black

689) Frosty The snowman song: Down to the village with a broom stick in his hands, running here/ running there/ all around the square, Saying catch me if you _____. Dare (or) Can

690) Fruit Loop (or) Froot Loops 

691) Fruit of the Loom logo has change

692) Fruit Pastels (or) Pastilles

693) Full House: 8 seasons (or) 8 seasons and 2 un aired episodes for season 9

694) Full house: 1987-1995 (or) 1989-1997

695) Full house: Becky is getting ready to have the baby's at the hospital. She looks over at Jessy and says "oh yeah your gonna have my ____" baby (or) babies

696) Full House theme: color on the words "FULL HOUSE" and the names of the people were written in____? Yellow all 8 seasons (or) White Season 1-7 and Yellow for season 8 

697) Full house: Did they swear on the show? Now they same Damn a lot and talk sexual.

698) Full house: Different view. Many people liking the show hate it now with no reason why.

699) Full house: Dj never said "Oh my God" due to religious beliefs and instead said :Oh mylanta or oh my Atlanta (or) She did say oh my God as well as the other cast members.

700) Full House theme: House in what spot? Many remember the Tanner's house being one of the famous three San Francisco houses you see in the intro . Many distinctly remember them focusing on the middle one at the end of the intro . And then the show would start . But now at the end of the intro it just cuts away and goes to a random Victorian house .

701) Full house: Jessy's Bunnys: Season 1 Jessy took the bunnys off his wall but keep one framed after Stephanie was sad about the removal of the bunnys (or) Jessy did not take the bunnys down until Season 4 Episode 2 in which he keep a bunny frammed with no real reason why and it was Michale that spoke of missing them

702) Full House logo: letters cut off on letter

703) Full house: Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen (or) Mary Kate Ashley Olsen (also) Mary Kate (or) Mary-Kate

704) Full house remake: (not talking about the Full House Reboot Fuller House) A remake was done in 2000 in Russia (or) no remake done at all, Just the reboot

705) Full House: Season 1 episode 1: Danny was walking his mom towards the door, and he had thanked her for staying there for how long? 3 months (or) 6 months

706) Full House: Season 1 episode 1: Vanessa came to visit Jessie, As it was thought that DJ was missing, Jessy takes Vanessa arm and everyone ran upstairs. Did Vanessa go up stairs and wait in the hall (or) never seen after the front room

707) Full House season 2 episode 1 Jessy returns home after a motorcycle accident where both his arms are now in a cast.  Stephanie was feeling bad having accidentally cut his hair runs up to him and.... gives him a hug which had hurt his arm (or) tugged on his arm which than hurt Jessy

708) Full House theme song changed: What ever happened to predictability? The milk man, the paper boy, the evening TV? How did I get  (Living here (or) delivered here?) Somebody tell me please
(This old (or) Old) world's confusing me (With (or) when (or) [no line]) clouds as mean as you've ever seen, ain't a bird who knows your tune, then a little voice inside you whispers "Kid, don't sell your dreams so soon!" 

709) Full House: Uncle Joey (or) Just Joey

710) Funyons (or) Funyuns (or) Funions

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