963) K-PAX (movie) – Starred Kevin Spacey or Nicholas Cage?

964) K-mart (or) Kmart

965) Kangaroo Rat Resurface after 30 years (or) Never existed

966) Kansas: West Kansas was a state on a older map but is not remembered

967) The Karate kid wore a head ban (or) never wore won

968) Kate Beckindale (or) Beckinsale

969) Kate (or) Cate Blanchett

970) Kate (or) Katy Perry

971) Kathie (or) Kathy Lee Gifford

972) Kellogg's logo with Roster is now gone on Corn Flakes and Special K. The ad with the Roster morphing into the "K" is gone as well.

973) Ketsup (or) Ketchup

974) KFC sales small fire logs smelling like chicken (or) never sold that (how can you make it smell like chicken?)

975) Kidneys are raised higher now (in a different spot)

976) Kill bill vol.1: license plates: party Wagon (or) pussy wagon

977) King Author: existed (or) did not exist

978) King of the hill: Bobby said: I don't know you that's my purse (or) That's my purse {takes a pause} I don't know you

979) King of the hill:  Luann is at the Hill house to feed Ladybird while Hank, Peggy & Bobby are out of town... She reads a note on the Hill's fridge which begins "Hi I'm Ladybird" and Luann says "Hi" back to the note and then continues to read the instructions (or) Hank Hill read the letter to the family, he's now at the house (which makes no since)

980) King of the hill: Mrs. Wakefield died in a episode (or) did not die

981) King of the Hill: Theme song:  Some theme songs now add bells raining and a scream of he haw. Others remembered this in the later season but its been noted they always had the same theme and many never saw this new theme before online. Why would they wait so long to air it?

982) King of Queens (or) Queen of Kings (or) The King of Queens (or) The Queen of Kings

983) King Kong:  "Twas€™ Beauty killed the beast." (or) "Oh, no, it wasn't the airplanes. It was Beauty killed the Beast.

984) Kingsman or kingsmen

985) King Tut's coffin removed from his tomb for the first time in history (or) has been removed before on a tour

986) King Tut's death mask: One/ two animals on his forehead (or) a Vulture and a snake

987) King Vitamin (or) King Vitaman

988) Kirk Douglas died before his 101 st birthday (or) did not die before his 101st birthday

989) KISS: Make up change on band members

990) KISS: Rock and Roll all _____. Night (or) Nite

991) Kitchen cook chips (or) Kitchen Cooked chips (From Farmington, IL)

992) Kit Kat (or) Kit Cat (also) Kit-Kat (or) Kit-Cat

993) Klu Klux Klan (or) Ku Klux Klan

994) Knock on any door: Live fast, die young- leave a good looking corpse (or) Live fast, die young- Have a good looking corpse

995) Koppaberg logo changed: "ARB" pushed together

996) Korea: It now looks different

997) Kroger (or) Krogers

998) Krystal (or) Krystal's (also) this place is not remembered by many.

999) Kurt Cobains_ famous poster of him wearing a pink jacket (or) no photo existed

1000) L.A. Statue of Lincoln is shirtless and graving himself (or) It was never shirtless and he was never graving himself

1001) Lady Justice Statue: Held up scales in both hands (or) held up scales in her right hand (or) held up scales in her right hand and the sword in her left hand

1002) Lady Justice Statue: sword facing up (or) sword facing down  (some people remember a sword though most say it was not their)

1003) Lamb Chop: This is a song that ____ ends.  never (or) Doesn't (also reported "my friends" was said in a higher pitch)

1004) Lasagna (or) Lasagne

1005) Lassie: Timmy feel into the well (or) Timmy never fall into a well

1006) Laughing Cow: did he have nose rings and earrings (or) cheese packets

1007) Lava: Know comes in the color of blue.

1008) Lay -z-boy (or) Lazboy

1009) The legend of the sleepy hallow (or) Hollow

1010) LeAnn Rhimes or Rimes

1011) Lee Harvey Oswald (accused of President Kennedy's assassination): Was in Mexico and was being watched by the FBI and the CIA as well as having photo's of him (or) The FBI and CIA did not watch him, and he just happen to show up at a place they were watching in Mexico on a day the camera quit working, making them unable to get a photo.

1012) Lee Harvey Oswald: Shot down by Officer Tippet after Oswald shot Kennedy, and Oswald shot back killing officer Tippet before running into a movie theater where he was later found by cops. (or) Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy, and ran to a movie theater and was caught by the cops. (no cop shot).

1013) Lee Harvey Oswald: Video of him talking to the press saying he was not guilty (or) Oswald never talked to the press.

1014) Lee Harvey Oswald: Video of him being shot covered by CNN in 1963 (CNN started in 1980) {note: could of been a video shown on CNN later but unlikely.}

1015) Lee Harvey Oswald: Video of him being shot: You do not see much of Oswald as Jack Ruby is up close and shoots Oswald (or) You can clearly see Oswald, and Jack Ruby was at a distance when he shot Oswald.

1016) lee Kum Kee: "U" and the "M" combine together.

1017) Lena Headly (or) Heady

1018) Leopard: Extinct Taiwanese Leopards spotted for the first time since 1983

1019) Leonard DiCaprio Oscar before 2016? Several people recall a past (pre-2016) Oscar ceremony where Leonardo DiCaprio won the Best Actor award. As they recall it, his acceptance speech was similar to his latest one, as well.

1020) Liason (or) Liaison

1021) Library of Alexandria Burn down a bit (or) Never burn

1022) Life cereal: Let's get Micky, he'll eat it: He eats anything (or) He won't eat it, He hates everything

1023) Lightning: Now flashes in colors (or) always flashed in colors

1024) Lincoln was a state on a old map yet most people only remembered we wanted it to become a state, and not the fact that it was a state.

1025) Lindbergh baby kidnapping: was baby and kidnapper never found (or) was the baby found dead and the kidnapper went to jail for the crime 

1026) Lion King: Eyes have changed color to yellow

1027) Lion King: Timon (ot) Timone

1028) Lion King: Pumba (or) Pumbaa

1029) lion King 1: Be Prepared: But we're talking kings and successions
Even you can't be caught ____. unawares (or) unaware

1030) Lion King 1: Circle of life: Sung by Elton (or) A women

1031) Lion king 1: Cub ending: One cub being held up (or) two cubs in the cave being born. (note: Even though Lion King 2 only focused on his daughter, Simba did have a son at the same age, which is introduced in The Lion Guard. Kion (Simba's son) is Shown in the Lion King books as well. People remembered the ending with two cubs laying in the cave with their mom).

1032) Lion King 1  Scars catches the mouse giving his "life's not fair" speech. What color was the mouse? Grey (or) Green

1033) Lion King 1: Scar was late for the birth of Simba. When Muffasa showed up, He and scar had a few words. Did Muffasa say "Do I need to remind you how you got that scar?" (or) as now, Did not say that line.

1034) Lion King 1: Scar was killing Mufasa he said," long ___  the king." Live (or) Lived

1035) Lion King 1: Simba chased his dad who was in the clouds telling him "Remember who you are" (or) Simba chased the voice but no clouds were present durning the chase

1036) Lion King 1/2: Lion king 1/2 is a squeal to Lion King 1 and a Prequel to Lion King 2. It is both movies but based on the version of Timon and Pumba. It was called Lion King 1/2 (or) 1.5 for some people, but now says Lion King 3 in the open credits. (not to be confused with the Lion King 3 movie people remembered that no longer exist)

1037) Lion King 2: "We are one" As you go through life you'll see
There is so much that we Don't understand/ And the only thing we know Is things don't always go The way we ___. Plan (or) planned

1038) Lion King 3 (not to be confused with Lion King 1/2 or the 2019 Lion King) Was there a lion King 3?

1039) Lionel Ritchie (or) Richie

1040) Liquify (or) Liquef

1041) Light Bright (or) Lite Bright

1042) The Littles: "E" is slanted

1043) Little Richard died in 2016?

1044) Little tykes (or) Tikes

1045) The Little Mermaid: Ariel's tail looks different. Was it always split in two at the end (or) never split at the end

1046) The Little Mermaid: Seagull: Black fingers (or) no black fingers

1047) The Little Mermaid: Seagull: grey underarms (or) no gray underarms

1048) liver size is bigger than people remembered

1049) Lives of a Bengal Lancer: We haves ways of making ____ talk" You (or) Men

1050) Lizard: Lizard alligator now exist

1051) London bridge Red (or) Blue

1052) London Bridge: Is Located in London (or) Arizona, USA

1053) London, Ontario: A burger place has the name: London Burger (or) Burgers

1054) Long island was once a state for the United states.

1055) Long Ranger: did he ever have a pair of pistol revolvers

1056) Longest river in the United States: Mississippi River (or) Missouri River

1057) Looney Tunes: Loony (or) Looney / Toons (or) Tunes

1058) Looney Tunes: Looney Tunes: Daffy Duck (or) Buges Bunny say "I hope you know, This means war"? (people noted that after Daffy no longer said it, The line is now used by Buges Bunny.)

1059) Looney Tunes: Tweedy bird's eyes: Yellow (or) Blue (or) White

1060) Looney Tunes: Tweedy Bird: I tat i taw a puddy cat. i did i did see a puddy cat (or) i did i did taw a puddy cat

1061) Looney Tunes: Wiley Coyote (or) Wile Coyote

1062) Looney Tunes: Wile Coyote's look: Red above the yellow eyes (or) no red above the eyes and no yellow eyes eyes. (note: some claimed this is his twin from a different species)

1063) Looney Tunes: Wile Coyote's twin: Wile Coyote (which is a Coyote) Has a twin name is Ralph (which is a wolf) How are they twins?

1064) Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring:  “Run, you fools!”(or) “Fly, you fools!”

1065) Los Angeles Angels had there name changed to Anaheim Angels in 1997 than to Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in 2005 (or) has been called the Los Angeles Angels durning 1997-2005 and on.

1066) Lost Dakota was a state. Either it was removed by the Mandela effect or never existed but now does

1067) Louie Anderson die, and even had his show cancelled. But now he is alive.

1068) Lousianna (or) Lousiana

1069) Love Icon: "L" Top left, "o" Top Right, "V" Under the "L", and "E" under the "O" now has the "O" slanted towards the right away from the "L" as people remembered it had slanted left towards the "L".

1070) The Love Bug movie (or) Herbie the Love Bug

1071) Lowe's: Lowes (or) Lowe's

1072) Lower intestine are now real messy

1073) lucky (or) Lucky's grocery store

1074) lucky Charms: The Leprechaun had a orange goatee (or) did not have a orange Goatee

1075) Lucky number slevin (or) Sleven

1076) Lungs are samller

1077) Lynee Cox: August 1987, Lynee Cox was the first person to swim from America to the Soviet Union. Swimming 3.7 km (2.3 miles) in 2 hours and 5 minutes. (or) never herd of this

857) I before E: This phrase no longer works with the I before E except after C. There is many words that have E before I with or without the C

858) I dream of Jeanie (or) Jeannie

859) I Love Lucy: no longer says Lucy you got some splainin to do. Do you remember saying that? 

860) I love rock and roll lyrics:  I saw ___ there. Standing (or) Dancing

861) Ice age: Sids eye color: blue (or) Green

862) Iceland is closer to Greenland (or) More distance from each other

863) Idaho's shape is smaller. Was it bigger at the bottom towards the right.

864) Iggy Pop died in 2016 (or) alive
865) Impractical Jokers: (as of 2019) Ran all 8 seasons on TruTV without being cancelled. (or) Ran 2 seasons on TruTV and was cancelled but bought out by comedy Central in season 3 and stilled aired on TruTV. (note: In search it says they were cancelled and even Wikipedia listed it, but its not on the Wikipedia page when you click on it) 

866) Inbetween (or) In between

867) Inception (movie) was (or) was not the first movie the distinctive foghorn sound was in (or) was not the first movie

868) Indiana Jones: Hat look taller

869) Independence Day founded and sign: All on July 4, 1776 (or) founded July 2, 1776 and sign in August 1776

870) Independence day (Movie)  "A" looks like a upside down "V"

871) Independence day (movie) has Characters missing from the movie

872) Independence Day (Movie)  Will Smith’s character shoots down one of the aliens and then punches it out while saying:  “Welcome to Earth!” (or) “Welcome to Earf,” but he very clearly and unambiguously says just “Earth.” (It is very often remembered that he says this with the pronunciation)

873) In Revenge of the Sith: so this is how democracy dies (or) so this is how liberty dies

874) Inspector Gadget, did he have a mustache?

875) Inspector Gadget: Dr. Claw  Ever show his face? He does now in a episode and on toys.

876) I phone (or) i phone (capital I or no Capital I)

877) IRobot: The robot winked back at will smith (or) never winked back

878) The Italian job: I've got an idea. (or) Hang on a minute lads, I've got a great idea.

879) interview with a Vampire (or) interview with the Vampire

880) intestines are more scrambled than what people remembered

881) Island of the cost of California always been there (or) never been there

882) It's a wonderful life: Christmas tree had a bell ringing (or) Church bell Ringing

883) It's a wonderful life: Everytime a bell rings a angle gets ____ wings. Its (or) His

884) Jacinto: was a state not remembered by anyone but found on older maps

885) Jack (or) Jacks link beef Jerky

886) Jack Daniels: was created by Jack Daniel (or) a slave the company own

887) Jack Palance prior death then what is noted

888) Jack the Ripper Killed 5 women (or) 7 women

889) Jack Ruby die in jail (or) die before his trail

890) Jack Sheldon die before?

891) Jackson 5 have 5 people (or) 6 people

892) James Bond: The missing Colombo episode. James bond never being told "I've been expecting you Mr. Bond while the villain strokes the white cat

893) James Bond: “The name’s Bond, James Bond,” (or) “My name is Bond, James Bond

894) James marester (or) Marster

895) Janis Joplin appearance changed

896) Japan changed shape

897) James Earl Jones (voiced Mufasa in Lion King 1) die before?

898) Jaws: Did they have a bite mark on the cover (looking as a shark bit into it)

899) Jaws: “We’re gonna need a bigger boat.” (or) "you're gonna need a bigger boat,”

900) Jayne meadows Allen die prior to 2015

901) JCPenny (or) JCPenney (or) JCpennys (or) JCPenneys (or) JCPenny's (or) JCPenney's (or) J.C. Penny (or) J.C. Penney (or) J.C. Pennys (or) J.C. Penneys (or) J.C. Penny's (or) J.C. Penney's

902) Jefferson is remembered to be one of the states of America. It has it's own flag today, seperate voting, and what needs to be a state.

903) Jeffery Dahmer killed by someone (or) Died in jail by a disease

904)  Jello Jingle is different

905) Jerry Lewis: people are confused about the year he died wondering if it was in 2013, 2014 or 2017

906) Jerry Seinfeld did a comedy stand up after 9/11 for the victims (or) never did that

907) Jessie Jackson was dead?

908) Jestons the movie (or) The Jestons Movie

909) Jestons meet the Flintstones (or) Flintstones meet the Jestons

910) Jet engines the position by the wing: was it the center of the Wing (or) far ahead of the Wing

911) J.G. Wetworth (or) Wentworth

912) JFK JR. died in 1995 (or) 1999 (or) don't remembered him dying

913) Jif (or) Jiff (or) Jiffy peanut butter

914) Jim and Tammy Baker (or) Bakker

915) Jim Bean (or) Jim Beam

916) Jim Carey (or) Carrey

917) Jim Davis (Creator of Garfield) Died before?

918) Jimmy Hendrix (or) Jimi Hendrix

919) Jingle Bells: Deck the hall (or) Deck the halls

920) Jen Hanson die of strep affection (or) cancer

921) Jim Nabors (A.K.A. Gomer Pyle, who played on the Andy Griffith show and Gomer Pyle USMC) died of aids in the 80s/ 90's (or) die prior to 2017 (or) die in 2017

922) Jimini Cricket (or) Jimmy Cricket

923) Jimmy Swaggart was remember to be dead but is currently alive

924) J.K. Rowling: Had a interview with Oprah in which Oprah asked about a 8th Harry Potter book (Not Cursed Child) and J.K. Rowling responded: Never say never, but probably not (or) She said no (or) Said she had ideas for a 8th, 9th and 10th story (note: people remember her saying No or probably not which it has changed to her saying it is not over and she had ideas for 8-10th book. which we never had)

925) Jo Ann (or) Jo Ann's fabrics

926) Joan Jett "I love rock and roll" saw him ___ there by the record machine.   Standing (or) dancing

927) Joe Cachran (or) Cocker

928) Joe Diffle (or) Joe Diffie

929) Joey Macintyre (or) Mclntyre)

930) John Astin DIED?

931) John Booth (accused of shooting President Lincoln in 1865) was remembered to of said different things after the assassination from reports of saying it in the balcony (or) on the floor after he jumped, And wither it was in Latin (or) English

932) John Booth acted alone in the assassination of president Lincoln (or) he had 5 other guys to help

933) John Carenters: The live! (or) The live

934) John Deer (or) John Deere

935) John Denver: did he died in October 1997?

936) John Denver die in plane crash (or) walker away

937) John Edwards (or) Edward

938) John (or) Johns Hopkins University

939) John Lennon current death has different memories then his death 1980 death and also has memories of different location.

940) John Lennon's suit: white (or) Black

941) Johnny Cash died in 2003 (or) 2005

942) Johnny cash Folsom Prison blues:  When I was just a _____ My Mama told me, "son Always be a good boy Don't ever play with guns"  Baby (or) Boy (or) Young Boy (people remembered all 3, however the current lyric (Baby) is the most remembered and still their.)

943) Johnny Quest (or) Jonny Quest

944) Johnny Rebel die prior to 2016?

945) Jon Bon Jovi: Came out with a life style announcement in 1990 (or) other date (or) never came out with a life style announcement

946) Journey " Don't Stop Believing" : ______ took the midnight train. She (or) He  (note: Reported now they both say he)

947) Joy to the would the lord ____ ____. Has come (or) Is come

948) Joyce Meyers (or) Meyer

949) Judge Judy did she have a gravel?

950) Judgment (or) Judgement

951) Juicy Fruits (or) Jujy Fruits

952) Jujmagi: When the father wanted his son to go to the school, the son is reading the papers. was he wearing glasses (or) no glasses

953) Jujubees Candy (or) Jujubes

954) Julia Child (or) Childs

955) Juliane Koepcke was on a airplane that was struck by lightning, she fell 2 miles to the ground, alive. She was lost in the Jungle for 9 days before being found. (or) never herd this story (or) a stewardess fell out and was buried alive (also) was she a white women (or) black women

956) Jungle Book: Baloo wore a coconut bra in the 1967 Jungle Book movie (or) Baloo did not wear a coconut bra in the 1967 Jungle Book movie

957) Jungle Book lyrics have changed: " wherever I wander, wherever I rome, I'll be __________ of my great home. found (or) Fonder (or) Founder

958) Jupiter orbits around the sun (or) does not orbits around the sun

959) Jupiter rising (or) Ascending

960) Jurassic Park – Original movie: Some recall a now-missing scene.

961) Justice League: Check the characters you’re remembering and see if one is missing.

962) Justice League: who started it? Batman started it and Superman wanted to work alone so refused to join but founded the building (or) Superman started it and Batman wanted to work alone and refused to join (note: People remembered Batman making the quote that it is always good to have someone watching your back)

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