1199) Pajamas (or) Pyjamas

1200) Panama Canal North/South (or) West/ East

1201) Panic at the disco:  Closing the goddamn door (or) Closing a goddamn door

1202) Parmesian (or) Parmesan

1203) Passion of christ (movie) (or) The Passion of Christ

1204) Patrick Swayze reported find after our memory of his death.

1205) Patterson (or) Paterson New Jersey

1206) Paula Dean (or) Deen

1207) Pavlov's dog: bell (or) metronome

1208) Paxo logo changed: "AX" pushed together

1209) Pay less shoe store (or) shoe source

1210) Peace sign is now different

1211) Peanut comics: did Frieda's cat have a name?

1212) Peanut tree: Now exist and the fruit smells like peanut butter and also taste like it.

1213) Pepsi Clear (or) Crystal Pepsi

1214) Pepsi-Cola logo has changed between Pepsi and Cola was a

Dot between the words (or) Doubled dot, one above the other as seen here : (or) a dash as seen here  -

1215) Pepsi logo changed

1216) Peter Falk (or) Faulk

1217) Peter pepper's now exist (shaped like a penis)

1218) Pete Townsend – Pete Townshend (drummer for The Who)

1219) Peter Fonda alive and never died (or) died before and is alive again

1220) Pharoah (or) Pharaoh

1221) Philadelphia (or) Philidelphia

1222) Phil Collins's band "The Hot tub" not remembered

1223) Phil Collins: In The Air Tonight: Was Phil Collins singing "Hold on" (or) "Oh Lord" in "In The Air Tonight"?

1224) Phillips (or) Phillip (also) Phillip (or) Philip

1225) Phillip: "P" con binds with the "H" and "P" with the "S"

1226) Philip Mckeon (or) Phillip.

1227) Phillip Rivers (or) Philip Rivers

1228) Piano man: "Son can you play me a _____?" Memory (or) Melody

1229) The  Picture (or) Portrait  of Dorian Gray.

1230) Pierce Morgan (or) Pierce Morgyn

1231) Pigeons: Rainbow, and multicolored pigeons now exist

1232) Pink: was now a boys color in the 1920's even though this is a part of a history only a few herd of.

1233) Pink Dolphins almost extinct (anyone herd of these?)

1234) Pink Elephants in south Africa wild park, as it was never rememberedPink

Floyd has a alumb that is collectable yet not known amond fans. "Dark side of the moon"

1235) Pink Panther's eye color changed

1236) Pink tree frogs exist (or) never existed

1237) Pinky and the Brain: Their Pinky and the Brain, Their Pinky and the brain (or) Their Pinky and the Brain, yes Pinky and the Brain

1238) Pinnochio (or) pinochio (also seen with doubled "C") (or) Pinocchio (or) Pinochio 

1239) Pinocchio's Eye color changed

1240) Pinocchio Frog (large nose) never heard of but now exist.

1241) Pinocchio in space (or) In outer space

1242) Pirates now never had this "Pirate talk"

1243) Pixar lamp don't look out in front of the screen than start looking around after he smashed the "I" on pixar

1244) Pixie stix (or) Pixy stix    Stix (or) Sticks

1245) Pizza Hut 1967-1999 Logo:  Broken "P" now as well as the "I" and "Z" and now pushed together. "H" has longer slash.

1246) Planet of the apes: Get (or) Take your sticking paws off me, you damn dirty ape.

1247) Planets: How long has it been since we had 5 planets line up together? First time in ten years as of 2020 (or) As of 2020 the last time was 2016 (or) remembered few years ago as of 2020

1248) Planet: Mars bigger or smaller

1249) Planet: Mars the red planet (or) Jupitlar? Mars was remembered to just have a red spot on it.

1250) Planets: Pluto was a planet and has since been decided not to be a Planet due to it's small size, However it was not listed as a planet with older maps. This has been deleted as a planet because of the Mandela Effect and not scientist.

1251) Planets with rings: There was remember the only Saturan and had to run

1252) Play- Doh (or) Play- Dough

1253) Play School (or) Skool

1254) Pledge Alliance: into the republic for which it stands (OR) and the republic for which it stands

1255) Poland is now further west of Germany as not remembered before

1256) Poke'mon (or) Pokemon with the ' above the E

1257) Pokemon: Ash ketchum (or) Ketchup

1258) Pokemon: Attack movies are different to other types (such as ice, fire, water are stronger or weaker to grass, ground,ect)

1259) Pokemon: Beedrill shinny form Green (or) Orange

1260) Pokemon: card found with a image of Misty nude

1261) Pokemon: Corsola"s shinny form yellow (or) Blue

1262) Pokemon: Disobedience in Pokemon only comes from traded Pokemon (or) any Pokemon
1263) Pokemon Game generation 1: always had duels (or) did not have duels

1264) Pokemon: Generation 1 remembered to have more than 151 while others remembered only 150.

1265) Pokemon: Generation 2 and 3 Pokemon have changed between generations as well as Generation 4 and 5. Some also report that a few of Generation 2 was in Generation 1

1266) Pokemon: Geodude shinny form Green (or) Red (or) Orange

1267) Pokemon: Gilgar (or) Gligar

1268) Pokemon: Heracross remembered in Generation 1 but is currently not

1269) Pokemon: Jinx (or) Jynx

1270) Pokemon: lickilily or lickilicky

1271) Pokemon: Machop have a tail? (or) Never had a tail

1272) Pokemon: Mew evolve to Mew two? Mew two was according to the "now world" a clone off mew. However, people did remember that mew could evolve over to Mew two. Has their only just been one Mew two this whole time? Either way, Mew I am sure was found before Mew two (It has to be if clone from) so this would make Mew 150 and Mew two 151. However the numbers are flipped with Mew two 150 and Mew 151.

1273) Pokemon: Misdreavus (or) Misdraveus

1274) Pokemon Movie: "Mewtwo's Return" (or) Mewtwo strikes back

1275) Pokemon: Nuzleaf now has nipples

1276) Pokemon: Onix (or) Onyx (onyx is a name for a type of rock but even Pokemon are named after certain things. Example Ekans is a snake Pokemon and is just spelled Snake backward.)

1277) Pokemon: Pachirisu Shinny form on tail Yellow (or) Pink

1278) Pokemon: Panpour or Panphour

1279) Pokemon: Phanphy (or) Phanpy

1280) Pokemon: Pikachu tail: All yellow tail (or) yellow tail, brown at the bottom and black tip of the top (or) Yellow tail and brown at the top

1281) Pokemon: Rapidash have a horn before?

1282) Pokemon: Staryu was remembered to evolved 3 times. Staryu, Starmie, and Starmite

1283) Pokemon: Shellder shinny form was Red (or) is Orange

1284) Pokemon: Skarmory in Gen 2 (or) Gen 3

1285) Pokemon: steelix or steelyx

1286) Pokemon: Tauros had a envolved form with 3 heads (or) never had a evolved form

1287) Pokemon Team Rocket (Indigo Ledge):  "Prepare for trouble" Motto has changed where they now start in mid sentence and say most parts together.

1288) Pokemon Team rocket (Indigo Ledge): were remembered to be doing some scam in every episode and seen by others (or) not seen in every episode by others.

1289) Pokemon: Tentaquil lost gen 2 Pokemon drawn and remembered though it was never at that time released to the public. This blue looking frog had a different name in the demo play version GB of the 1999 gold and Silvio game.  Was it, in some universe, released to the public as a gen 2 Pokemon?

1290) Pokemon Theme: ( Indigo Ledge) I will travel across the land, Searching far and wide. ____ Pokemon to understand, The power that's inside! Each (or) Teach

1291) Pokemon Theme: "We all live in a Pokemon world" (or) "It's a whole new world we live in"

1292) Pokemon: Unknown (or) Unown

1293) Pokemon: Venasaur or Venusaur

1294) Pokemon: Weepingbell (or) Weepinbell

1295) Pokemon Weepinbell evolved?

1296) Pokemon: Wobbuffet Generation 2 (or) Generation 3

1297) Pokemon: Zapados (or) Zapdos

1298) Poltergeist: This house is ____. clean (or) clear

1299) Popeye: Brutus (or) Bluto

1300) Popeye: Cartoon logo: Popeye the sailor (or) Popeye the sailor man

1301) Popeye: Cartoon logo of the "Y" looks like a 4

1302) Popeye: Frank Rocky Fiegel was Popeye inspiration. Basically, he was like Popeye in the real world including having a girl he liked and always fighting a bigger guy trying to steal his girl. This story was never herd of.

1303) Popeye: Olive Oil (or) Oyl

1304) Popeye's Theme: I am strong to the finish, cause I eats ____ Spaniah.   Me (or) My

1305) Popeye Chicken (or) Popeye's Chicken

1306) Portabello (or) Portobello

1307) Potatoes: now bleed when cut

1308) Price is right: After Bob barker the next host was______. Drew Carey (or) Rosie O'Donnell than Drew Carey

1309) Prince - Let's go crazy: Dearly beloved - we are gathered here to celebrate this thing called life. (or) Dearly beloved - we are gathered here to get through this thing called life.

1310) Pringles man had a monical (or) No monical

1311) Proctor & Gamble (or) Procter Gamble

1312) Prodical (or) prodigal

1313) Prohibited sign goes  right to left (or) left to right

1314) Puerto Rico was a state in the United states

1315) Pumped up kids" song belive to be release sooner

1316) Pure Prairie League: Amie (or) amy

1317) The Pursuit of Happiness (or) Happiness

1318) Puss moth caterpillar is the most toxic in America (or) never existed (or) Not the most toxic but did exist

1319) Pyramid 4 sides (or) 8 sides

1320) Pyramids of Giza are much closer to Cairo instead of the middle desert.

1321) President age Different. George W. Bush was 93 not 94 when he died. President Carter was 93 not 94. at that same time in 2018. People remembered this as they said Reagan, Ford and bush all died at 93 and Carter will too. Now bush is at 94, Carter 95 (as of 2020). President Trump was 74 years old, and now is at 73. (as of 2019)

1322) President Assassinations has a different memory: People seem to remember Lincoln, Garfield and JFK being assassinated but not McKinley. Others remembered President Jackson being shot instead of President Garfield.

1323) President Author (or) Arthur

1324) President Author not remembered by many.

1325) President Buchanan (or) Buchaman

1326) President Bush's assassination never happened. People do clearly remember a grenade being thrown at George Bush. One of the Mandela effects we were just having is wither it happen in 2003 (or) 2005. Of coarse now it never happen.

1327) President Bush's Clone: People remember his talking about a clone and how it would take many years to grow, yet this clone never existed except for 1 video on You tube.
1328) President Bush pretzel choking: did it happen once (or) twice

1329) President Bush's speech change: "Our God is the God who named the stars. The problem is 2/3 of all the stars that have names, have Arabic names. (or) The enemy of America is NOT our many muslim friends. (Note: President George W. Bush was well known not to like Muslims and have America against them as well. He would not call them friends. He also spoke of God often as he pretended to be a christian)

1330) President cancelled the space shuttle program was Bush in 2003 (or) Obama in 2011

1331) President Carter died before? According to Wikipedia he is still alive today. President Trump even made a speech in regards to "The late Jimmy Carter". Most people did not understand this speech. Most people did not know he was alive until he visited President George H.W. Bush's funeral in 2018. I have memory myself of him being alive, having researched President relate stuff for years. Maybe it is being confused with other President deaths: President Nixon 1994, President Reagan 2004, President Ford 2006

1332) President Cleveland ran two separate terms (not back to back) However, many remembered President Garfield doing that, instead of President Cleveland

1333) Presidents count: Most remembered more than 45 (as of 2020) yet we only have 45. Some Memories include 45 (or) 52 (or) 55 (note: If no President die, was impeached or retired we would have 58. Even with death, Impeached, or retired... If no President ran twice there would be 65 and ofcorse this does not count for the 14 Presidents before George Washington)

1334) Presidents Day names after: George Washington (or) the fact that Lincoln and JFK had there on holidays and it was more simple to give one day for all. (note: people remembered Presidents day be named from Lincoln).

1335) President Eisenhower ever on a dime? (note: Searches today for "Eisenhower Dime" return many results, from people asking how much a 1960's one is worth to when he first appeared. However, in this reality, it is said he was never on a dime. Eisenhower was on the dollar for a while in the 1970's, which could be contributing to this as people do remember seeing him on some coin, but not exactly remembering which one.)

1336) President Franklin? Why do people assume President Benjamin Franklin was president? Is it because he is on money? Well, it seems to me that they picked Presidents to be on money. Is it possible he was once President of the United States?

1337) President Garfield died in 1881 (or) 1882

1338) President Hamilton? 71% of American people honestly remembered detail of Hamilton as president. They were not getting him confuse with the fact he's on money so he must be our President, Because most people do not remember him on our $10

1339) President Jefferson have 6 kids with a slave (or) did not have 6 kids with a slave

1340) President Jefferson was (or) was not the 3rd President? Note: This is either he was the 3rd President but now they claimed he never serve even though there is current track of him online (or) He never served as the 3rd President but due to confusion of our history we always assume he did. (which than would be a conspiracy and not a Mandela Effect). This theory is based of the fact that on his grave shows all the stuff he did such as being Founding Father, Declaration of Independence, and so on, yet fails to list him for being President. According to research, he wanted to be known as President but there was never ant evidence he was.
1341) President Lincon (or) Lincoln

1342) President Lincoln: Alternate death. Alternate death date of son, and Tad, as well.

1343) President Lincoln: did his faith change?

1344) President Lincoln Monument: I have one of his hands clinched (or) both open

1345) President Lincoln: order 38 Dakota warriors to be hung (or) this never happen

1346) President Lincoln: pictures of him are coming from nowhere many people only remembered one photo of him and were portraits.

1347) President Kennedy: 4 seats in the car (or) 6. Also how many people were in the car?

1348) President Kennedy assassination tape is disappearing off the internet. [Note, some videos are still online but they are with documentary and news coverage].

1349) President Kennedy's did Jackie take a shot at JFK 

1350) President Kennedy: limo White (or)  Black

1351) President Kennedy quote: Ask not what you country can do for you ____  what you can do for your country   But (or) Ask

1352) President Kennedy Route different. It now gives the shooter one minute to get 7 to 8 rounds off

1353) President Kennedy: Shot in the back of the head (or) shot the side of the head

1354) President Obama's attempted assassination never happen. There is no record of the people who filled the van with guns and plan on driving into the white house.

1355) Presidents Quote: "I can not tell a lie" was said by: President Washington (or) President Lincoln

1356) President Reagan 1980 presidential campaign: People remembered President Reagan being put in office without a vote. More like a fill-in. People do not remember his campaign until his 2nd term. Was he in 1980 elected in office without a campaign or vote (or) elected in office with a campaign and vote.

1357) President Ronald Reagan: different memories about when he was president and different memories when and how he died

1358) President Roosevelt (Franklin D.) middle name: Delenor or Deleno

1359) President Roosevelt (Franklin D.) ran 3 terms and died before his 4th (or) ran 4 terms and died in his 4th term

1360) President Roosevelt (Franklin) Was in a wheel chair for how long? He was not remembered to be in one when he was running for President (and we know they did there best to stage it to look like he could stand), but people do not remember him being in a wheel chair since he was 39 years old. 

1361) President Roosevelt (Theodore) Infamy speech: Dec 7, 1941 a ____ which will live in infamy.  Day (or) Date

1362) President Trump: A attempt assassination was carried out on June 18, 2016 (or) there has never been a attempt assassination on President Trump as of November 2019.

1363) President Trump: Did he ever call other countrys a shithole on T.V. (or) not on T.V. and say he never said it.

1364) President Washington chop down the Cherry tree (or) did not chop down the cherry tree which was believed he got his line " i can not tell a lie"from, yet people remembered that line coming from president Lincoln even though he never chop down a tree

1365) President Washington got payed to be President (or) never took any money as a President salary but covered cost to run (president Trump was said to be the first President to turn down President pay)

1366) President Washington Ran two terms and thought about a 3rd term but decided not to (or) ran 1 term, decided not to run a 2nd term but did due to no one else running and resign due to family issues.

1367) President Washington wooden teeth (or) took teeth from slaves and cows

Current Mandela Effects: 2,135 Website last updated 02/04/2020 5:00 P.M

1078)Maclntosh (or) Mclntosh

1079) Madagascar location is different

1080) Madonna's is not her real name

1081) Magazine: Hit Parade (or) Hit Parader

1082) Magic school bus (or) The Magic school bus

1083) The Magic school bus: (Eposide where they visted each planet) When they were ready to leave  Pluto (which was a planet at that time) The bus struggled to leave because the one girl kept adding parts from each planet and it caused the bus to be heavy and could not left off (or) All the stuff just fell out of the bus on its own due to overpacking.

1084) Mahatme Ghandi (or) Gandhi

1085) Malcolm Young's death: Died before November 2017 (or) Died November 2017

1086) Maltesers (or) Malteaser

1087) The Mamas & the Papas: I got down on my knees and ...  I began to pray (or) I pretend to pray

1088) Mandela Effect (or) Mandala Effect

1089) Mandela Effect name came out in 2013 (or) 2009

1090) Mandela Effect phone calls are notice to have a echo, but the echo said something different. They also reported voice mails from before it was created on today's phones.

1091) Mandela Effect T.V. show? People remember one and yet there is only one, un information, website online. Wikipedia does not even have anything. No confusion with the 2019 movie.

1092) Mandela Effect universe connection?: People Can smell  stuff that is not around. Are we smelling something from another parallel universe in which (at that universe) we are near? People have also said they feel there husband/ wife is different in this reality. In other cases People look like twins but are not twins nor related. People reported that they loss interest in a love one or felt no love for no reason at all and belief this is due to a reality shift. People say that there family has grown with people that never existed before. People reporting hair/eye color changes on their body.  People's memories of Mandela effect changes to which they did not have (and) giving them the memory of the opposite Mandela effect memories. One person may of only remembered 50 states than has the memory of 52. 

1093) Mandela effect website (mandelaeffect.com) was created in what year 2009 (or) 2011 (or) 2013

1094) Manic Street preachers logo changed with "R" backwords

1095) Marandona did keepie: Uppies only in the Munich 1989 uefa___. Semi final (or) final

1096) Margerine (or) Margarine

1097) Mariana Trench: Unexplored due to being real deep and the deeper you go the pressure would crush you (or) Did explore it in the 1960's

1098) Marie Antoinette said "Let them eat cake" (or) never said that

1099) Marie Calendars (or) callenders

1100) Marie Celeste (or) Mary Celeste

1101) Marlboro (or) Marlborough

1102) Marlboro man: Died of lung cancer in 1990's and smoked (or) Died in 2019 and never smoke

1103) Mark Hamil (or) Hamill

1104) Mark Wills: 1970 somethin' "I was a kid when Elvis died, and my mama ____. Cried (or) Tried

1105) Mark wills: 1970 somethin lyrics: It was nineteen seventy somethin', In the world that I grew up in. Farrah Fawcett harido days, Bell bottoms and ___ ____ tapes.  eight track (or) A-track

1106) Married with Children: Peggie asked Al for sex (or) Just said she wanted to do something

1107) Married with Children – Some recall one character played by two different actors

1108) Married with Children Theme: There is a longer version to the song but people now notice a even longer version with lyrics not remembered

1109) Martin Luther King Day In January (or) Febuary

1110) Martin Luther King JR assassination has been reported to have different memories of what killed him: Close handgun (or) Shot in the back of the head at a hotel (or) Shot coming out of a hotel (or) Sniper rifle from a distance (or) Grenade which was thrown through his living room window (or) Bomb going off underground (or) Stabbed (or) natural causes. Most are often remembered him being killed with a level ground speech, speech from a balcony, around the hotel, or at home. (Not being confused with similar and/or other assassinations at the time)

1111) Martin Luther King JR assassination killer:  James Earl Ray (who the King family beliefs did not do it now) (or) Mentally ill women (as some remembered) (or) division of the US government 1999 (or) Black Women

1112) Martin Luther King assassinated (or) Martin Luther King JR that was assassinated. (most memory was not JR, and that is not because people leave the JR out when talking, or say MLK)

1113) Martin Luther King JR assassination: Riots (or) no Riots after death

1114) Martin Luther King: was his mom also assassinated?

1115) Mars: Hot planet (or) cold planet

1116) Mars: We already land people on Mars (or) Never landed people on Mars yet

1117) Mars: Viking 1 was the first spacecraft to land on Mars in 1976. This is according to today's reality. No one remembered the event happening in the 1970's.

1118) Mars where's the red spot on the planet (or ) or Jupiter with the red spot on the planet

1119) Mars's face now smiles

1120) Marshall Brave Starr: ___ of the bear   Strength (or) Power

1121) Marshmellow (or) Marshmallow 

1122) Mary J. Blinge's (or) Mary J. Blige

1123) Mary Kate Olsen (or) Mary-Kate Olsen

1124) The Mary Tyler show: "Your going make it after all" (or) "You might just make it after all"

1125) Marylin Monroe size 12-16 (or) Chunky and fat

1126) Matlock: The box logo covered the "M" (or) "M" and parts of the "A" (or) Not box logo on the letters

1127) Mattress doctor: Now has a "X" forming off the "R"

1128) Mascectomy (or) Mastectomy

1129) M.A.S.H. (TV series) – Some recall the in-series death of Walter “Radar” O’Reilly

1130) Matrix: Morpheus glasses changed

1131) Matrix: The Matrix Quote "What if I told you everything you knew was a lie."  is noloner in the movie.

1132) Matrix: Morpheus suit: All black (or) Purple and blacks

1133) Matrix: Morpheusuit tie: green (or) black

1134) Maxwell House Coffee 2005-2010 logo (and part's 2010- present logo: "A" "X" and "W" now pushed together. "ELL" Looks like a backwards 9 with the number 11 (911).

1135) Mayonaise (or) Mayonnaise

1136) McDonalds (or) MacDonalds

1137) McDonalds letters are Yellow (or) White

1138) Mcdonalds: Now served pizza in the 1980's (or) never sold pizza

1139) Mechano Building sets (or) Meccano building sets

1140) Mega Bloks (or) Mega Blocks

1141) Megadeath (or) Megadeth

1142) Mel Tillis (Country signer) Died in 1982 (or) 2017

1143) Mellow Yellow (or) Mello Yello

1144) Men with hats: "safety dance" ___ can dance if ___ want to. You (or) we

1145) Men Warehouse (or) Men wearhouse

1146) Merry Melodies OR Merrie Melodies

1147) Merrie melodies: "M" look like music notes

1148) Mexico (or) United Mexico States

1149) Michelangelo painting Sistine chapel roof: Did he do paintings that still exist of God in the nude (or) No nude paintings

1150) Michael Jackson: Billy Jean: _____ always told me.  Mama (or) Mother

1151) Michael Jackson Bleached himself white (or) skin disorder (would his kids not be black? How are they white? His DNA never changed.)

1152) Michael Jackson created the moon walk (or) did not create the moon walk

1153) Michael Jackson's glove changed

1154) Michael Jackson You been hit by you been struck by (or) you been hit by you been hit by

1155) Michael Jordan: played baseball in 1994 (or) only played basket ball (note 1994 was the MLB strike but games played until August)

1156) Michigan: Is now reported to be smaller and has changed location

1157) Mick Foley died in a cage match in 1998 (or) never died in a cage match

1158) Mickey Mouse had Eye brows (or) No eye brows

1159) Mickey Mouse: letter "M" on his suit (or) No letter "M

1160) Mickey Mouse: Pluto's collar Red (or) Green

1161) Mickey Mouse: Tail (or) No tail?

1162) Mickey Mouse: Suspenders (or) No suspenders

1163) Mighty Morphing Power Rangers (or) Mighty morphin Power Rangers

1164) Mighty Morphin Power Rangers cartoon: Some remembered Power Rangers being a cartoon or having a cartoon version.

1165) Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Putties were killed by hitting the "Z" on their suit (or) That only happen one time (or) that never happen

1166) Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Red Ranger went to jail for killing his room mate in what year? 2015 (or) 2018 (or) a different year remembered

1167) Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Zord (or) Zorg

1168) Mike Judd (or) Mike Judge

1169) Mike "N" Ike (or) Mike and Ike

1170) Milk logo: "it does the body good" (or) " it does a body good"

1171) Miracle whip now 10% more (never remembered the 10% more

1172) Mirror: is belief to be a portal to another reailty or parallel universe. Our eyes see everything upside down but reprograms what we see upside right after our brain give the 13 milliseconds to reprogram our image. This would mean we see everything 13 milliseconds later. So the mirror actually does everything first

1173) Mission Impossible (or) Mission: impossible

1174) Mississippi river frozen solid in 1905 (or) never herd of this

1175) Missile: earliest air to air missile 1916 (or) 1930

1176) MLB: 1904 series was cancelled for what reason? Now it say:"Due to a business rivalry between the two leagues, especially in New York, and to personal animosity between Giants manager John McGraw and American League president Ban Johnson, the Giants declined to meet the champions of the "junior" (or "minor") league. "  Of corse this memory is not remembered by many and it was beliefed that they game was cancelled.

1177) Moby Dick title (book): Moby Dick (or) Moby Dick the whale

1178) Mommy dearest: No more wire hangers (or) No more wire hangers! no wire hangers ever!

1179) Mona Lisa: 666 is now painted on her leg

1180) Mona Lisa: author of the painting. Was there just 1 (or) more than one

1181) Mona Lisa Author is unknown  (or) we now know the Author

1182) Mona Lisa: Painted in the nude (or) Never painted in the nude

1183) Mona Lisa: Smile (or) no smile on painting

1184) Mona Lisa painted stolen for 2.5 years (or) Never stolen

1185) Money: $1 bill now has letters pushed together on the back by the pyramid.

1186) $2 stop printing in 1970s (or) never stoped printing

1187) $2 uncommon and rare (or) Popular and not rare at all

1188) Money: $10 Jackson (or) Hamilton (Note people remembered Jackson on a $10, Cleveland on a $20 History now say it was this was until 1928 when Hamilton was moved to $10, Jackson to the $20 and Cleveland to the $1000 which was Hamilton prior to that. However, People remembered Cleveland on money yet fail to ever seen a $1000 and Remembered Hamilton being president and when people say they confused him on money they could not remember him on money.)

1189) Money: $20 Jackson (or) Cleveland (Note people remembered Jackson on a $10, Cleveland on a $20 History now say it was this was until 1928 when Hamilton was moved to $10, Jackson to the $20 and Cleveland to the $1000 which was Hamilton prior to that. However, People remembered Cleveland on money yet fail to ever seen a $1000 and Remembered Hamilton being president and when people say they confused him on money they could not remember him on money.)

1190) Money: $100 bill: Blue stripe in full line (or) Blue line with cuts between it

1191) Money: $1000 Cleveland (or) Hamilton (Note people remembered Jackson on a $10, Cleveland on a $20 History now say it was this was until 1928 when Hamilton was moved to $10, Jackson to the $20 and Cleveland to the $1000 which was Hamilton prior to that. However, People remembered Cleveland on money yet fail to ever seen a $1000 and Remembered Hamilton being president and when people say they confused him on money they could not remember him on money.)

1192) Money: 10 cent dime: Who was on the dime? President Eisenhower (or) President Franklin D. Roosevelt

1193) Money: 25 cents quarter: Did President George Washington always have a pony Tail? He does not on the $1, and no one remembered him always having one.

1194) Money dates: mostly all dated in 2009 and 2013 (Time travel years?)
1195) Mongolia part of china (or) separate country

1196) Mongolia is different. Possible it has been moved or different shaped

1197) Montezuma was a state on a older map but not remembered to be a state

1198) Monopoly Guy: Did he have a monocle?

1199) Monopoly Guys monocle: Which side had the monocle Right eye (or) Left eye

1200) Monopoly Guy:  Mr. Moneybags (or) Rich Uncle Pennybags

1201)  Monster Absolute zero (or) Absolutely zero

1202) Moon: A story was published in detail about proof of the life on the moon. This story was published in 1835, well over 100 years before the moon landing.

1203) Moon Bombing or missiel is the event where A)Project A119, also known as A Study of Lunar Research Flights, was a top-secret plan developed in 1958 by the United States Air Force. The aim of the project was to detonate a nuclear bomb on the Moon, which would help in answering some of the mysteries in planetary astronomy and astroarchaeology. B) A missile hit the moon By NASA sometime in 2012 (shifted to the above story)

1204) Moon is in daylight now

1205) moon: We saw what look like a human face (or) a rabbit 856) Moons glow: A bright glow is coming off the moon now. It has also been noted to be brighter.

1206) Moon: Left stuff behind on the moon (Or) Never left anything behind (Apollo 11) (For moon landing Mandela Effect look under Apollo 11-17)

1207) Moon breaker movie: did the girl have braces? People clearly remember she did. People notice it was part of the movie and made scene for that part. People also remember commercial from the movie and which showed the girl with braces.

1208) Moon breaker movie: did she have bows in her hair?

1209) Moons popping up more? This could be people just not noticing that scientists have found new planets. The people notice a lot more being shown and what they remember when they were younger.

1210) Montana was bigger but is now smaller

1211) Morlocks: A bright blue (or) Pale Blue

1212) Mother Goose: It's Raining/ It's pouring/ the old man is snoring ___to bed, bumped his head and ___ get up in the morning. he went (or) he got    Couldn't (or) Didn't

1213) Mothman now exist

1214) Morton's salt (or) Morton Salt

1215) Mother Theresa (or) Teresa

1216) Mr. Clean:  One earring (or) Two earring (or) No earring

1217) Mr. peanuts died 2009 (or) 2020

1218) Mr. Peanuts have a monocle? (or) no monocle

1219) Mr. Rogers Death. People have different memories of it.

1220) Mr Rogers: Theme, " it's a beautiful day in ___ neighborhood.  This (or) The   (Note Tom Hanks is doing a movie on Mr. Rogers called: A Beautiful Day in THE Neighborhood” )

1221) Mrs. Cakehead: Cover yourself in ___. Beans (or) Beef

1222) Mt. Rushmore looks different. Memory shows they look like they're in different areas with their face in different areas as well.

1223) Mount Rushmore: President Roosevelt have glasses on (or) did not have glasses

1224) Mount Rushmore quit making presidents because it was to expensive (or) ran out of room (note: they had plans to add more at one time)

1225) Muhammad Ali died in 2009 (or) 2016

1226) Muppets: Bunny now added that was not remembered.

1227) Muppets: Disney owned (or) Nickelodeon. (they claimed it's been Disney owned since 1990)

1228) Muppets: Fozzie (or) Fonzie

1229) Muppets: Miss Piggy had a mole (or) did not have a mole

1230) Mushroom: Oregon:s malheur national Forrest now has a 2,200 acre giant mushroom that never existed before

1231) Muslims cut there child's head in religious ceremonies (or) never happen

1232) Muslims in the street cheering on 9/11 (or) they were not cheering

1233) Mustache (or) Moustash

1234) Mustard Ice Cream: Had mustard Ice cream (or) never had ice cream mustard

1235) My cousin Vinnie (or) Vinny

1236) Mystery Science theater: Mystery Science theater 2000 (or)  Mystery Science theater 3000 (or)  Mystery Science theater 4000

1133) N*sync (or) *Nsync

1034) Naica, Mexico: A crystal cave was nown to always exist there (or) never herd of this crystal cave

1135) Narwhals is believed to never existed.

1136) NASA logo changed: what looks like a Upside down "V" (or) upside "V" tilted to the right

1137) Native people came to America 23,000 years ago?

1138) Navy Vessel: Was built from the wreckage of the twin towers (or) never herd of this

1139) Ned Stark:  never says, "Brace yourselves..." (or) He did say "Brace yourselfs"

1140) Neil Armstrong death has different memory on year. 2012 (or) 2013 (or) other

1141) Nelson Mandela (or) Mandala

1142) Nelson Mandela died in prison in the 1980s (or) died in prison in 1991 (or) Nelson Mandela died in Dec 2013

1143) Nelson Mandela had a nuclear particle named after him

1144) Nelson Mandela "our deepest fear" speach has changed

1145) Nestle Quick (or) Quik

1146) Nevada was half way up on California (or) each top was even across.  If it was half way. California's shape is smaller and would leave a extra state between Nevada and Idaho 

1147) New animals that never existed are now around (such as the fox bat) or has a different look to it (pictures on our news page)

1148) New Zealand move?

1149) Niagra falls (or) Niagara falls

1150) Nicholas Cage or Nicolas cage

1151) Nickajack was a state

1152) Nickel: A nickle was found with a 2013 date "s" mark with the face facing right as all nickles have the face left.

1153) Night Before Christmas lyrics have changed

1154) Nightmear before Christmas: ghost dog had a ____ nose.  red (or) Orange (or) a pumpkin nose

1155) Nightmare on Elm Street: was the sweater black and red stripe(or) green and red striped sweater

1156) Nike logo change. More of a cheek (or) more of a tilted "J"

1157) Nikolai (or) Nikola Tesla

1158) Nintendo (or) nintendo (Capital "N" (or) no capital "N")

1159) Nintendo logo has changed "T" looks like a cross

1160) Nivermind (or) Niver mind

1161) Nokia: is Japanese (or) finnish

1161) Norma Jeane (or) Norma Jean

1162) North Korea border Russia now

1163)North Pole: cold, South Pole hot (or) South pole cold, North Pole hot (may of changed back)

1164) North pole: North pole exist (or) don't exist (shiftier: It left and return)

1165) North Pole: Made of Land that is ice (or) Water that is ice (or) or water

1166) Nostradamas (or) Nostradamus

1167) Nothing but trouble: Chevy Chase "The Judge" Had a nose that looked like a penis (or) did not have a nose that look like a penis

1168) Noxema (or) Noxzma

1169) Nuclear drills stop in the 1980s (or) was still used after the 1980s

1170) O Canada (or) Oh canada

1171) O Henri (or) O Henry

1172) Oceans: 3 (or) 5 (southern Ocean not remembered)

1173) OK Google (or) Hey Google

1174) Oral- B now has the dash combine with the letter "B"
1175) Orson Wells (or) Welles

1176) O'Reilly (or) O' Reilly's

1177) O'Reilly jingle: O O O'Reilly auto parts (3 O's) (or) O O O (short pause) O'Reilly auto parts (4 O's)

1178) Occult means: worship or something weird, evil or different that people would not find normal (or) Knowledge of the hidden

1179) OJ glove fits (or) Don't fit

1180) OJ bronco who drove the bronco ?

1181) Old El Paso (or) Pasco

1182) Oliver Twist: (when Oliver asks the evil taskmaster Mr. Brumble for a second helping of porridge.) Did he say: “Please sir, can I have some more?”  (or) “Please sir, I want some more."

1183) Olsreen (or) Osteen 

1184) Olympic Flame 1936 Germany (or) ancient Greeks as long as the Olympics been going

1185) One is the Loneliest Number you ever did ___. See (or) here (or) know (or) do

1186) Oprah Winfrey founded her own church/ Religion (or) Never founded her own church/ Religion

1187) Opthamologist (or) ophthalmologist

1188) Opus: Life is life (or)  Live is life

1189) Orangutan (or) Orangutang

1190) Oreo doubled Stuf (or) Stuff

1191) Original Annie: its a hard knock life (or) its the hard knock life

1192) Orion's belt: Some believed it changed parrot: Dracula parrots now exist

1193) Orion logo: "R" and "I" shifted together

1194) Oscar Meyer (or) Oscar Mayer

1195) The Osmonds (or) Osmond's

1196) Overmorrow (new word) Means the day after tomorrow.

1197) Owls now have long legs

1198) Oxy Clean (or) Oxi Clean


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