1438) Sacramento, CA has changed it's location

1439) The Safety Dance: You Can Dance If You Want To" (or) "To We Can Dance If We Want To"

1440) Sally Field: You like me you really like me (or) You like me right now

1441) Salt "N" Pepa: How was the band spelled: Salt "N" pepper (or) Salt "N" Peppa (or) Salt "N" Pepa

1442) Salt "N" Pepper spelling: Salt & Pepper (or) Salt "N "Pepper (or) Salt And Pepper

1443) Sam Simon (Or) Simson (creater of The Simpsons)

1444) Sam Simon died: After making the Simpson shorts for the Tracey Ullman Show they decided in 1989 to create a cartoon of The Simpsons, but Sam Simon died before the airing of the show, and they keep his credits on the show anyway. (note I just read this a week ago, and knew about it before) (or) Sam Simon did not die in 1989, and died in 2015 instead. He also left "The Simpsons" show in 1993.

1445) Samsondzes: A Georgian rip off of The Simpsons. people remembered this never happen.

1446) Samsung (or) SVmsung (The V is of corse upside down, but was it a A or upside down V)

1447) Santa Claus (or) Sants Clause

1448) The Santa Clause: Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) goes to the doctors to get checked to explain is over weight and hair growth. as he is there the doctor checked his heart and .... It sounded like drums (or) Played Jingle bells (or) Neither

1449) Santa's Reindeer: Donner and Blitzen (or) Dunder and Blixem

1450) Satanic: Brand name of medication exist and has for a long time. Why is this the first we see of it?

1451) Sara Lee Jingle: Nobody does it like Sara lee (or) Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee

1452) Saw: do you want to play a game (or) I want to play a game

1453) Sand Box tree: (AKA Dynamite tree) Is covered in spikes, full of poison, and grown exploding fruit. The fruit looks like little Pumpkins, but when they fully grown they explode with a loud bang and fling there seeds at 150 MPH.

1454) Scarlett Johnson (or) Johnsson

1455) Scary Movie: I see dead people (or) I see white People 

1456) Scary Movie poster: A shirt read: I see white people (or) I see dead people

1457) Scary Movie 2 poster: shirt said I Love white people (or) I love dead people (love being a heart instead of words)

1458) Scooby Doo: Daphne's scarf: is is big 9or0 smaller? Different color?

1459) Scooby Doo: Lost episode of one of the many Scooby Doo spin offs where Fred was framed for a crime and almost arrested. The ended up finding out he had nothing to do with it after he ran from the police.

1460) Scooby Doo: "Melding kids" has been replaced or said differently when cleary they have always just said: I would of gotten away with it if it was not for you meddling kids.... and that meddling dog

1461) Scooby doo: The Mystery Machine (or) Mystery machine

1462) Scooby Doo: Shaggy's adam's apple is gone

1463) Scooby doo Theme song (Scooby Doo where are you) : ___ are you.  Where (or) here

1464) Scooby Doo Theme song: Scooby no longer has the 'gulp" at the beginning

1465) Scooby Doo theme: Scooby doo if you come threw you your going have yourself a scooby snack (or) Scooby doo if you come threw you your going have yourself a scooby snack, That's a fact!

1466) Scooby Doo: 'Zoink" is reported to sound different. 

1467) Scott (or) Scotts

1468) Scott State: was a state during the civil war, forming out of Tennessee. This state finally went back to Tennessee in 1986 (125 years later) (or) never herd of this.

1469) Scotty and sweep: Scooty (or) soo

1470) Scotland national animal unicorn? 

1471) Scottland now has a river known as the blood river.  looks like blood.

1472) Scream (movies) I remembered Scream 3 (Film within a film) being Stab 2 not Stab 3. Scream 2 open up with the movie "Stab" in which was the movie film within a film of Cindy's story and the murders. In scream 4 we are now see Stab 6 & 7. we than learn stab 1, 2 and 3 was based on Cindy's story. For that to be so, Stab 2 can not be brought in until Scream 3 so it would have a story to based the movie off. scream2 = stab 1, Scream 3 = stab 2. Stab 3 was used in Scream 3 in which no story was created yet for that. Stab 3 would be based on Scream 3 so it will not be made into a movie until after the events of Scream 3 was over.  was it Stab 2 or Stab 3 (Film within a film) that was in Scream 3.

1473) Seal: kiss from a rose on a ____? Grave (or) Grey

1474) Sean Austin (or) Astin

1475) Sean (or) Seann William Scott

1476) Season salt (or) seasoned salt (or) seasoning salt

1477) Segways were around in 1999? Not remembered to be so but is now.

1478) Seinfeld (or) Sienfeld

1479) Selma (or) Salma Hayek

1480) Separate (or) Seperate

1481) Sesame Street (or) Seseame Street

1482) Sesame street: Bath time song "Your the one, you make my bath time  so much fun (or) lost of fun

1483) Sesame Street: Big bird all yellow on head and tail (or) white hair on tale and hair

1484) Sesame Street: Big bird has purple eye (or) does not have purple eyes

1485) Sesame Street: Big Bird has a grandma on the show called Granny Big Bird (or) never had a grandma on the show for Big Bird

1486) Sesame Street: Count Vampire: All Black cloak (or) Black/ Purple Cloak (or) Black/ colorful cloak

1487) Sesame street: Oscar the grouch was always green (or) Orange in the first season and green later

1488) Sesame Street: Snuffaluffagus (or) Snuffleupagus

1489) Sesame Street Theme: Sunday days, _____ the clouds away. Chasing (or) sweeping  On My way to where the air is Clean (or) Clear (or) sweet 

1490) Seth Mcfarlen (or) Seth Macfarlane

1491) Sex in the city (or) Sex and the city

1492) Shakespeare: Humble, double, toil and trouble (or) Double double toil trouble

1493) Shall we dance: You say tomato, I say tomato"  (or) "You like tomato, I like tomato". (with the word "tomato" being pronounced the two different ways).

1494) Shannon (or) Shannen Doherty

1495) Shark: walk (or) don't walk (or) some walk

1496) Shazaam (or) Shazam

1497) Shazaam Movie ever existed? They claimed were confused by Kazaam which was a parody of Shazaam and never star Sinbad.

1498) Shazaam title. Some remembered Shazaam Kazaam as one title as others feel they remembered them as two different movies.

1499) Shell logo: Picture of shell/ Name under picture (or) Just a picture of the shell

1500) Sherbert (or) Sherbet

1501) Sherlock Homes: Elementary, my dear Watson was only said in the movie (or) both movie and the book

1502) Sherman Williams (or) Sherwin Williams

1503) She's done him wrong: Why don't you come and see me sometime (or) Why don't you come up sometime and see me

1504) Shirley Temple die prior to 2014?

1505) Shiva"s Arms: Was there 4 arms (or) 6 arms

1506) Shoe bill largest bird at 4ft 11inchs was not notice of until 2019.

1507) Shopping cart (or) buggy (or) trolley (note: in USA a buggy is what we called it when the horse pulled it.

1508) Showtime TV Station  logo "W" "T" and "I" have been pushed together since 1997. "S" and the "O" are cut off a bit.

1509) Shuttle Explosion Date: 1984 (or) 1985 (or) 1986 (or) other?

1510) Side Mirrors on car read: Objects in mirror _________ closer than they appear.    Are closer (or) Maybe Closer

1511) Shrex ever tell the donkey :Change is good Donkey (or) never said it

1512) Silent of the lambs (or) The silent of the lambs

1513) Silent of the lamb: ______ Clarice. Hello (or) Good Evening

1514) Silent of the lamb: “It puts lotion on its skin,” (or) “It rubs lotion on its skin.”

1515) The Simpsons: Actors pay cut: In 2008, production for the twentieth season was put on hold due to new contract negotiations with the voice actors, who wanted a "healthy bump" in salary to an amount close to $500,000 per episode. The negotiations were soon completed, and the actors' salary was raised to $400,000 per episode. Three years later, with Fox threatening to cancel the series unless production costs were cut, the cast members accepted: a pay cut, down to just over $300,000 per episode (or) A pay cut that only payed 200,000-250,000 per Episode

1516) The Simpsons air night? I remember reading that the first seasons of The Simpsons aired on a Tuesday night, and since than have always aired on a Sunday. Sunday worked better, and was than set for adult cartoons later on. According to wikipedia, The first season aired on Sunday.  According to Wikipedia season 2-5 was always on a Thursday, Than they went back to Sunday until season 13 which moved to Tuesday/ Wednesday. Than season 14-30 has always been on a Sunday. Of course Wikipedia contradicts itself on another Wikipedia Simpsons episodes page where it said all seasons after season 5 aired on Sunday. Possible current shifting Mandela effect. 

Was it it: season 1 on Tuesday than the rest on Sunday (or) Season 1 on Sunday, 2-5 Thursday, 6-12 Sunday, 13 Tuesday/ Wednesday, 14-30 On Sunday (or) all seasons on Sunday

(Note: people do remember the cut was under 250,000 but now is sat at 300,000)

1517) The Simpsons: Maggie always shook her fist at the other baby when she saw him (or) only shook her fist at the baby in the theme song

1518) Simpsons Marge's Hair Blue (or) Purple (Note some online photos show purple yet her hair has always been blue.
1519) Simpsons Marge's Necklaces Red but white on special events (or) Always red (or) Always white (Note: many pics were found showing it white on a non special event and on dolls.)Simpsons
1520) Mr. Smithers: In season 1 he is black but in other seasons he is yellow (which is stands for the white race). They claimed they ran out of yellow and chose for him to be black. Most do not remember his as another color besides yellow.

1521) The Simpsons: Matt Groening "T" pushed together

1522) The Simpsons movie intro: The Simpsons movie, on the ___ screen. Big (or) Small. It said it once (or) twice? (note: It was remembered to say "Big" Screen for the movie, and only said once. Now it is said twice with each version).

1523) The Simpsons: S1E12 (20:50) Bart says my sisters and I, this is in regards to investigating Sideshow Bob. However only Lisa help Bart in the investigation so it would be sister not sisters.

1524) The Simpsons: S3E2 titled Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington. However, it should be miss (or) Ms. Not Mr. 

1525) The Simpsons: Tree House Of Horror (or) Tree House Horror

1526) The Simpsons: Tree House Of Horror (or) Tree House of Terror

1527) Simpsons: Terri or Sherri are yellow or light grey/white. (note the yellow skin is conciser white skin so there would be no reason to make them white. Only the Asian race in the cartoon had grey skin which they are not conciser Asian or any other race.)
1528) Simpsons theme song lights: In the first season, Homer is seen at work with a Caution sign behind him. There is two lights on this Caution sign both which are grey in the first season and was color (green top, Red bottom) every season there after. The Caution sign turn into a sign in later season that said 3 days without a accident. The lights were with that sign but are now gone.

1529) Sitar (or) Citar

1530) Skeletal structure is different

1531) Sketchers (or) Skechers

1532) Skull heads look different

1533) Sky is different color 

1534) Sky has weird looking holes in it, Black holes, other weird shapes and colors.

1535) The Smithsonian Institute (or) Institution

1536) Smokey Bear (or) Smokey The Bear

1537) Smokey Bear have suspender? (or) no suspenders

1538) Smokey Bear: Shirt (or) Shirtless

1539) Smokey Mountains (or) Smoky Mountains

1540) Smurfs: 99 boys and 1 girl (except for the girl and boy Gargamale created in the live movie) (or) As above but with 6 more girls

1541) Smurfs: Original theme song is different

1542) Smurfs tails? No Tails (or) Or tail as it is now

1543) Snakes: Snakes have bones (or) do not have bones

1544) Snake like fish with glass like teeth and no eyes now exist

1545) Snakes: Rainbow snakes now exist

1546) Snake: Secretive ring neck snake now exist.

1547) Snickers: has sold white chocolate before (or) Never has sold white Chocolate

1548) Snow Tsunami never existed (or) Always existed

1549) Snow White: Baking a pie for Grumpy when the witch appear she said: "Baking pies my pet" (or) {short pause} "All alone my pet"

1550) Snow White: “Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, it’s off to work we go!” (or) “Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, it’s home from work we go!”

1551) Snow white: Mirror Mirror on the wall (or) Magic Mirror on the wall

1552) Snow white: Who's the fairest of them all (or) one of all

1553) Soleimani was killed by Missile from a dome (or) Bombs under his car (or) gen shot

1554) Sonic (or) Sonics

1555) Sonic-Drive in (or) Sonic's Drive-in

1556) Sonic: Skin sleeves (or) blue Sleeves

1557) Song Lyric: "You have to ____ it before you stick it" Lick (or) Kick

1558) Sons of desert: "well. here's another fine mess you've gotten ____ into."  Us (or) Me

1559) Sony Stereo Radio Cassette  Recorder (or) Corder

1560) Sourcrout from Germany (or) China (note: people remembered it was from Germany, and has a German name.)

1561) The sound of music: Climb ____ mountain. Every (or) Ev'ry

1562) South park Mr. hanky the Christmas poo: Howdy Ho (or) Hidey Ho

1563) South Park Number mistake: a Easter egg on the series resulted in a large volume of calls to a workplace after people misread the number given. How Hundreds of people all misread the number at once is beyond me. A) they had the correct number and was changed by the Mandela effect, B) we had the correct number down but the Mandela effect changed our memory to call the wrong number. (Either way the story is odd.)

1564) Soviet Union Flag: Flag had no stars (or) flag had stars

1565) Space Jam: "J" now goes behind the ring of the planet.

1566) Space shuttle: Boster tips sharply pointed (or) rounded

1567) Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster was caused by: A oil leak (or) Crash (or) Caused by a Failer to lift off due to a O-ring

1568) Spain is in a different spot

1569) Speach (or) Speech

1570) Speed of light: did we break the speed of light in 2002 (or) just now figuring that out

1571)Sphinx cat (or) Dog

1572) Spiders: Are now colorful.

1573) Spiders: Now disguised them selfs as ants

1574) Spiderman (or) Spider-man

1575) Spiderman video game (called: Spiderman) on PS, Nintendo 64, and Gameboy had the same picture of Spiderman climbing the wall. The Nintendo 64 version no longer has this.

1576) Spider pig (a Made up animal threw The Simpsons Movie) Now exist

1577) SpongeBob SquarePants episode where a photo was shown but not shown now

1578) SpongeBob SquarePants: episode where Squid ward accidentally is injected with a medicine not meet for him and he turns into a snail. (the snail part no longer happens)

1579) SpongeBob SquarePants: is reported to have different and missing parts to the show.

1580) SpongeBob Squarepants: Patrick had embarrassing photo of Sponge Bob. People remembered he show in which he does not now

1581) SpongeBob Squarepants: Patrick has spots on his body now that people don't remember being there but for.

1582) Sprite Logo (2006-2008) Different

1583) Squirrel: Black Squirrels now exist

1584) Squirrel: Giant multicolored squirrel can now grow to be 3 foot tall.

1585) Squirrel: Red squirrels now exist

1586) Squirrels are now also black, black/white though they have only been notice as brown.

1587) Sri Lanka location: South East of India (or) South of India

1588) St. Louis Cardinals: Logo with bird on bat: One bird (or) two birds

1589) St. Louis Cardinals STL logo: T was capital (or) not Capital

1590) St. Louis Cardinals STL logo: T was capital (or) not Capital "S" went over the "T" (or) The "T" went over the "S"

1591) St. Louis Cardinals: Mark Mcgwire (or) Maguire (or) Mcguire

1592) Stan and Ollie: Another fine mess (or) another nice mess

1593) Staple's logo changed with the letter "L".

1594) Starbucks (or) Starbucks coffee

1595) Starbucks logo: added a star

1596) Starbucks: What was on the Mermaids head? Crown (or) Star

1597) Star Trek: Black color around there shirt neck line (or) no black color in the shirt neck line

1598) Star Trek: Bream me up Scotti (or) Beam us up Scotti  (also) Beam me up Scotti is also removed from many versions without being replaced.

1599) Star Trek: Picards had no crystal (or) did have a crystal

1600) Star Trek: Did Chakotay die in a mid-season episode of Star Trek Voyager, and return, with no explanation several episodes later? Died in episode (or) not died in episode

1601) Star Trek: Dr. Leonard  said damn it Jim (or) did NOT say Damn It Jim (swear words were not allowed on T.V. at that time)

1602) Star Trek: Dr: Spock (or) Mr. Spock

1603) Star Trek: Episode were Spock dies is remembered by many yet fails to exist

1604) Star Trek: La Forge (or) Georgia Laforge

1605) Star Trek: Leaonard Nimoy: did music and publish 5 albums (or) never did music

1606) Star Trek original enterprise: Batleth sword now in the movie in which was not remembered in this version.

1607) Star Wars: Bruce Lee's death was caused by: Medication overdose (or) on set by mistske (or) in a fight

1608) Star wars c-3po's arm is red on some picturs now.

1609) Star Wars: CP30: gold legs (or) One leg is Silver

1610) Star wars: C3PO gold rim around his head (or) never had a gold rim around his head

1611) Star Wars: C3PO silver foot (or) Gold foot

1612) Star Wars Cp30: Top part of the arms silver (or) Gold

1613) Star wars: Darth Vader silver nose (or) Black nose

1614) Star wars: Dark Vader mask now has a white nose & grey checks.

1615) Star Wars logo changed "S" and "T" are shifted together. "R" and "S" are shifted together.

1616) Star Wars: May the Force be with you, always. (or)  The Force will be with you always
1617) Star Wars: May the Force be with you, always was said by____. Obi-wan (or)  Han Solo (or) other

1618) Star wars poster: Leia was holding luke's leg (or) a gun

1619) Star Wars: Luke, I am your father (or) No, I am Your Father

1620) Star Wars: May the force be with you (or) Remember, the force will be with you always

1621) Star Wars new hope ceremony medals: Just Luke got a medal (or) Just Chewbaca got a medal (or) Just Luke and Han got a medal (or) They all got medals

1622) State Capitals change?

1623) Statue of Liberty: 1916 Black Tom Explosion Damaged the Statue of Liberty in which people claimed never happen. Even though Wikipedia only declared the Statue of liberty being repaired in 1939, 1984, 1986, 2011-12. No repairs were made in 1916.

1624) Statue of Liberty is now closer to New Jersey

1625) Statue of Liberty color: Copper (or) Green

1626) Statue of Liberty: Ellis island (or) Liberty Island (This has been Known on The Simpsons, and also on a 1906 mint coin to be Ellis Island)

1627) Statue of Liberty: Now stands on a little building

1628) Statue of Liberty platform square (or) Star shaped

1629) Statue of Liberty Torch: Left hand (or) Right Hand  

1630) St Bernard rescue dogs neck had a brandy barrel round its neck (or)  never carried a brandy barrel round its neck

1631) Steve Jobs did steal (or) did not steal the mouse idea from Xerox

1632) Steven King (or) Stephen King

1633) Stephen King's 1408 (movie)He thought he has escaped the room, The room spins around as rain falls from the ceiling. He than screams "I was out, I was out, I was outtt" (or) Back in the room, looks confused. says "i was out"

1634) Stephen kings Children of the corn (first movie): the kids scarf iced themselves at the age of ___. 18 (or) 19 (only changed in the movie so far)

1635) Stephen King's The Dead Zone (TV Series): 5 seasons (or) 6

1636) Stephen King's Different Seasons (or) 4 Seasons

1637) Stephen King's death: (note this may be in confusion with the fact that the other person was killed in the car accident, and Stephen King wrote a book on it which he killed himself off in the book.)

1638) Stephen King's Firestarter (movie) After charlie set the agents on fire the old man makes a speach  and adds "Be a good nazi"

1639) Stephen king's Green Mile (movie)  "Dead man walking...... (repeats many times, but some parts added) Walking the green mile (or) added nothing at all

1640) Stephen king's Green mile:  Mt Jingles (or) Mr. BoJangles

1641) Stephen King's IT (book): Beverly decided to have sex with all the teen boys. This is in the book now, but most people never remember reading this part where others do.

1642) Stephen kings IT clown: The 1990's version of the IT clown had eye brows (or) did not have eye brows

1643) Stephen King's IT (movie): People remember at the end, the clown formed spider body but clown head. This is no longer in the movie.

1644) Stephen King's IT (Original Movie) Release year: 1980's (or) 1990

1645) Stephen King's Pet Sematary: Sematary (or) Cematary (Note: We know the kids wrote the sign and misspelled the word, replacing the "C" with a "S", however, Residue has cam up showing it was never spelled with a "S", as well as people having the memory of "C" not "S".)

1646) Stephen King's Misery (movie): Annie makes Paul burn his written manuscript. He lights the match by    his hand (or( match box

1647) Stephen King's Misery (movie): Annie's watching love connection while eating a bag of. Cheese Puffs (or) Cheetos

1648) Stephen King's Salem's Lot: He road the bus out of town (or) did not ride bus out of town (No confusion with the fact he said he did in the Dark Tower Series)

1649) Stephen King's Salem's Lot: Glick talked (or) Glick did not talk

1650) Stephen King" The Shining (1979/80 movie) Bear suit man was never in the movie (or) he was in the movie

1651) Stephen King" The Shining (1979/80 movie) Delbert: Did you know Mr. Torrance, that your son is attempting to bring a outside party into this situation? Did you know that? Jack: NO! Delbert: He is Mr. Torrance. Jack: Who? Delbert: A Nigger. Jack: A nigger? Delbert: A nigger cook.  (this part was not remembered)

1652) Stephen King" The Shining (1979/80 movie) End of movie photo: Over look hotel July 4th ball 1921 (or) Happy New Years 1921 (hotel was not always closed in the winter)

1653) Stephen king: the shining (movie) released in 1979 (or) 1980

1654) Stephen Kings "The Shining" (movie): Was the Grady twins actually twins? yes (or) No they were two years apart in age

1655) Stephen King: Under the dome appearance in season 2. This is a half changer. Still seen in video but not listed online as appearance.

1656) Stephen king: Was in a car crash that killed the other person (or) Hit by a car

1657) Stephen King" The Shining (1979/80 movie) Wendy? Darling? Light of my life. I'm not going to hurt ya. You didn't let me finish my sentence. I said I'm not going to hurt ya. I'm going to bash your brains in. I'm going bash them the fuck in (or) Wendy, I'm not going hurt ya. I'm just going bash your fucking brains in.

1658) Steven Segal (or) Seagal

1659) Stink bugs are now different color and have different patterns.

1660) Stivenson A Spanish rip off from the Simpsons. people do not remembered that this has ever accrued.

1661) Stock effected by Mandela Effect

1662) Stomach where belly button is (or) bottom of rib cage

1663) Stonehenge: Circular (or) rectangular

1664) Stop clock of Bologna: worked properly since the 1980 (or) stopped for 16 years in 1980

1665) Stop signs: All are red (or) some are red, some are blue (red means stop so why blue? Why are we just now seeing this?)

1666) Storm: Storm quakes now exist

1667) The storming of the Bastille: Hundreds of prisoners freed (or) 7 Prisoners freed

1668) Story night painting: On the left side what was painted the stood out? Castle (or) Mountain (or) Tower (or) Tree

1669) Stouffer Stove top (or) Kraft Stove Top

1670) The strangers: "no more heroes" Something better change (or) Something gotta change"

1671) Street cones: All orange (or) some all orange and others orange with white stripe

1672) Strips on a skunk. Is there 1 stripe (or) 2 stripes

1673) Subway color logo: Sub/ White Way/ Red (or) all yellow (or) all white (or) Sub/ white Way/ Yellow

1674) Subway logo change: Had arrows (or) did not have arrows

1675) Sun: has rings around it (or) does not have rings around it

1676) Sun color: Sun was always white (or) sun was always yellow

1677) Sunkist: "U" and the "N" pushed together.

1678) Superman: Marvel (or)  DC Comics

1679) Superman: "S" logo looks like a snake

1680) Superman 2: Why do you say these things to me when you know I will kill you for ___. Them (or) it

1681) Super Mario Brothers 1-1: Was there a plant that came out of the tunnel in this part of the game? (or) 1-1 never had a plant come out of the tunnel

1682) Super Mario Bro. (Nintendo game) 1-1 ending after tunnel but before the stairs to the flag, He ran into Koopa Troopa (Turtle) (or) 2 little Groomba (Mushrooms)

1683) Super Mario Brothers Nintendo game logo:  (Super) "p" is broken up, "E" is broken up and different shaped, "R" is broken up,  (Mario) "R" is broken up (Brothers) "B" and "R"  is broken up, first "s" looks different.    

1684) Super Mario Brothers Nintendo II game logo: "P" is broken up, "E" is broken up, "R" is broken up, "B" is broken up, first

1685) Suprise (or) surprise

1686) Svalbard island never existed

1687) Sweet-Tarts (or) Sweetarts

1688) Swimmer Ears Medication to heal Damage ear due to water in ears was called: Swimmers Ear (or) Swim-Ear

1689) The sword in the stone (or) the sword in the anvil

1690) Sylvia Brown (or) Browne  

Current Mandela Effects: 2,135 Website last updated 02/04/2020 5:00 P.M

1368) Quaker oats guy is old (or) The Quaker oats guy is young

1369) Quaker: Smiled (or) did not smile

1370) Quick sand: You will sink underneath and die (or) you will only sink waist height and not die

1371) Quote: If you dug a whole deep enough, you will reach China (or) Indian Ocean

1372) Qween (or) Queen/ Qween's (or) Queen's

1373) Queen Elizabeth's 2015 Christmas message had changed

1374) Qween We are the champions ending with of the world (or) only ending with that at the live concert? 

1375) Qween: we will rock you: There's __ on your face. Blood (or) Mud

1376) Raccoon dogs now exist

1377) Rach bros (or) Roche bros

1378) Raggedy Ann Doll: Had freckles (or) No freckles

1379) Rain grass in Britain? Kind of a weird event to happen.

1380) Rainbow are different color where purple was

1381) Rainbow: Can now be all white

1382) Rainbows: Double Rainbows now exist

1383) Rainbow Python now exist

1384) Rainbows now have different type: Rainbow, Moonbow, Sunbow, Cloudbow, Snowbow, ect.

1385) Raisin Bran Sun: Had sun glasses (or) no sun glasses

1386) Raisin Girl: kneeling on a red/white checkered picnic blanket (or) never shown below the waist

1387) Raisin Girl: Looked straight forward (or) did not look straight forward

1388) Rasputin die from Poisoned (or) beaten, (or) shot (or) drowned

1389) Razzle Dazzle ships: Well Known (or) not well known (or) never herd of it

1390) Red Sovine Teddy Bear: Buddy if I never live to see happiest again, I want you to know I saw it that day in the face of that _____ Man (or) Kid

1391) Reeboks (or) Reebok

1392) Reese's (or) Resee's

1393) Reese Peanut butter cup: chocolate cup version?

1394) Reese Peanut butter cup Jingle: Sorry (or) Sorry, not Sorry

1395) Reese Peanut butter cup (or) Reese's Peanut butter

1396) Reindeer have stiletto heals now which was not remembered before.

1397) Relenquish (or) Relinquish

1398) Rent*A*Center with dots before and after "A" or No dots before and after "A"

1399) Rent *A* Center: "E" con-binds with the "N" (also) "RAC" logo now has "R" connected to the "C"

1400) Renuzit solid air fresheners: Open just at bottom (or) open at both top and bottom

1401) Rhea Perlman. (or) Pearlman.

1402) Rhoda Star Valerie Harper die already? Yes (or) No

1403) Rib cage is higher than people remembered

1404) Rib cage is smaller than what people remembered

1405) Rib cage is open not closed.

1406) Rib cages now have floating ribs

1407) Rice Krispies: The "K" and the "R" now combine with each other.

1408) Richard Chamberlain – die in the 1990s (or). still alive (as of 2019)

1409) Ring pop (or) ring pops

1410) Risky Business Dance scene: did he where a nice white dress shirt with sunglasses (or) Did not wear that

1411) Ressurection (or) Resurection

1412) R.L Stine (or) Stein

1413)  Roach's: Fly (or) Don't fly

1414) Robert Crumb – Died in the 1990's (or) as of 2019 still alive

1415) Robert England (Freddy Krueger) (or) Freddy Englund

1416) Robert Mugabe die in 2017 (or) 2019

1417) Robert Stack – Die in  2003 (or) still alive as of 2019

1418) Robin Hood: Now based off a real person

1419) Rock 'Em Sock: did they have names?

1420) Rock 'Em Sock "Em: Hey you knocked by block off (or) My block got knocked off

1421) Rod Sterling (or) Serling

1422) Rolling stone (or) stones

1423) Romeo and Juliet (notes from Clifton) was it written as Cliff notes (or) cliffs Notes

1424) Romeo and Juliet: it did have the scene written where Juliet was on the balcony wondering where Romeo was as he stood on the ground looking up at her (or) this was never written or ever done

1425) Ron Burgundy: ___, that escalated quickly.   Well, that escalated quickly (or) Boy, that escalated quickly

1426) Rosa Parks sat in a "whites only" seat and refuse to sit in the back of the bus in the "color area" (or) Rosa Parks sat in the first row of "color seats" and was only ask to sit in the back because to many white people were standing and could use the first row of "color seats"

1427) Roseanne Bar (or) Barr

1428) Roxette die before?

1429) Roy Clark die before 2018

1430) Roy Orbison was blind (or) was not blind

1431) Roy Rodgers (or) Rogers

1432) Rugrats: Tommy said "a baby gots to do what a baby gots to do" (or) did not say it in the series but did in the movies (or) did not say it at all

1433) Rudolph The red nose reindeer: The elf whom was a dentist removed all abominable teeth (or) or 1 tooth (or) this part is not in the movie

1434) Rudolph the red ___ reindeer. Nose (or) nosed

1435) Rudolph the red nose reindeer lyrics:  has a very shinny nose, and if you ever saw   Him (or) It

1436) Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer lyrics: You would say it glows (or) Glowed

1437) Russian President Resign Speech (12-31-99) "I am tired, i am leaving" (or) "I am leaving"

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