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2245) Tales from the Topographic Ocean (or) Tales from the Topographic Oceans

2246) Tales Spin (or) Talespin

2247) Talespin made 70 episodes (or) 70+

2248) Take me home Country Road (or) Roads 

2249) Take me out to the ball game song: Take me out to the ball game, Take me out:  to the park (or) to the crowd (or) with the crowd By me some peanut and cracker jack (or) Cracker jacks

2250) Talking Tom (or) My Talking Tom

2251) Taranbula: Blue ones now exist

2252) Target Circles logo has changed.

2253) Tartary: Existed (or) never existed

2254) Tarzan: Did say "Me Tarzan, you Jane" (or) Did not say it

2255) Tasmanian Tigers now exist

2256) Teenage Mutant ninja Turtles (or) teenage Mutant Hero Turtles

2257) Telecom's hacked in 1834 (or) not hacked in 1834

2258) Terminator's Endoskeleton: Human teeth (or) metal teeth

2259) Terminator 2: "A" letter on Terminator is now slanted

2260) Terminator 2: Judgement day (or) Judgment day

2261) Terry Pratchett died 2013 (or) 2015

2162) Texas: South texas is found on a map that either existed and no longer does (or) never existed but now does exist because of the Mandela Effect.

2263) Texas: It's own country at one time (or) never was it's own country

2264) Texlahoma is found on a map that either existed and no longer does (or) never existed but now does exist because of the Mandela Effect.

2265) Thanksgiving:  3rd Thursday of November (or) Since 1941, been on the 4th Thursday of November

2266) Thanksgiving: The first Thanksgiving was peaceful (or) war battle

2267) Thanksgiving: Who host the first Thanksgiving? Pilgrims (or) not the Pilgrims

2268) That 70's show: Did they have a remake called "Days like These" (or) no remake, only a spin off that never lasted (That 80's show)

2269) Therma flu (or) Thera Flu

2270) They Live (movie):  They Live (or) They Live!

2271) Thinking statue: Rested head on fist (or) Rested chin on fist

2272) Thinking statue: There is just one (or) Many around the United States, each in it's own form

2273) This the night before Christmas: had just settle _______ for a long winters nap. Our brains

2274) Tienanmen Square where tank runs over kid is said to never of happen

2275) Tigers have patch's om the back of their head that look like eyes (or) have no patchs that look like eyes

2276) Tiger Woods appeared (or) Never Appear in 1990's on a TV show called American Gladiators

2277) Till death us do apart (British TV series) (or) Till Death do us apart (as written for the American version TV series)

2278) Tim Conway died before

2279) Tim Mcgraw Southern girl:  Aint nothin in the whole wide world like a ____ girl. Southern (or) Country (despite the song title, people remember "country" but don't feel the title had change)

2280) Time:  60 seconds to the minute, 60 minutes to the hour, 24 hours to a day, and 365 days to a year. (or) 61 seconds (adding a leap second for slow down time, 23 hours 56 minutes and 4 seconds to a day, 366 days a year.

2281) Time: A.D and B.C is different in counting

2282) Time is running faster. We use to be able to say 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi and so on to count the time to a minute. Now it is basically straight from 1 to 2 with nothing being able to be said in between.

2283) Time: over 300 years has been lost in time

2284) Time Magazine: April 8th 1966 title was God is dead (or) Is God Dead

2285) Time slips: Time slips have accrued where time skips and people have no memory of that time. This can not only interfere with time, but with sound as well. This could be the cause why someone younger than you is now older.

2286) Time Square (or) Time Squares

2287) Tinker bell (or) Tinker bell

2288) Tinkerbell is no longer in any opening of Disney movies.

2289) Tinker bell open Disney movie with what? Waved a wand, and sparks came out (or) waved a wand and no sparks came out (or) Did not wave wand.

2290) Tinker Bell wrote the words "Walt Disney" in the opening of a Disney movie.

2291) Tiny Toon (or) Tiny toons (Note: in other language it still says toons.)

2292) Tiny toon Adventures (or) Tiny Toons Adventures (or) No "Adventures" listed.

2293) Tiny Toons: Season 1 episode 1 they needed a hit show by what time 6am (or) 9am (now both said)

2294) Tiny Toons theme: ( three seconds in) The letters "Tiny Toons" go outside the circle. This happens again 54 seconds into the theme song.  At 15 and 28 seconds in, the letters are in the circle.

2295) Tiny Toons theme: (our (or) The) scripts were rejected, Expect the unexpected, (Cause (or) On) Tiny Toons Adventures is about to start.....   (ending) We're tiny, we're toony We're all a little loony (It's (or) on) Tiny Toon Adventures Come and join the fun. And now our song is done!

2296) Titanic: 1913 (or) 1914

2297) Titanic: A news paper was found published saying all the people on the Titanic was rescued and no one had died. The internet still listed over 100 deaths. Did we find a news paper from another universe?

2298) Titanic Champagne Bottle: Never existed 9or) did exist and even dropped, bounced and did not break

2299) Titanic: Sunk after hitting a iceberg (or) sunk after a unnoticed 3 week fire and than hit a iceburg that damnaged that area spreading the fire

2300) Tobasco (or) Tabasco sauce

2301) Toby Keith "Beer for my horses": Take all the rope in Texas find a ____ tree, Round up all them bad boys hang them high in the street.  Hollow (or) tall oak

2302) Toby Maguire (or) Tobey Maguire

2303) Toledo War never herd of

2304) Tom & Jerry: never talked (OR) Talked a lot (or) only in the movie or songs

2305) Tom & Jerry: Tom's eyes changed color. White (or) Yellow

2306) Tom & Jerry: Tom's fur Blue (or) grey

2307) Tomas the Train (or) Tomas the tank engine

2308) Tombstone Thunderbird: their was a 1866 photo of a huge flying creature (or) There was never a photo of a huge creature

2309) Tommorrow (or) Tomorrow

2310) Tommy Hillfiger (or) Hilfiger

2311) Tomoto: Black tomoto now exist

2312) Tomoto sause: invinted in Italy (or) Mexico

2313) Tonka Logo on toy cars now has the "T" connected to the "K" 

2314) Tongue: Can taste all the flavors at once (or) each part of the tougue have different taste parts

2315) Tony the Tigers nose: Black (or) Blue

2316) Tony the tiger: Theeeyyy' rrreee Great! (or) They rrrre Great! (or) They're Grrrrrreat! To protect and serve or to serve and protect

2317) Torn: Died in 2017 (or) alive

2318) Tostino's (or) Totino's

2319) Touch by an angle (or) Touched by an angle

2320) Touched by an angle: 1994-2003 (or) 1994- cancelled before 2003 due to Della Reese's death

2321) Touched by a angle: How many guys played Adam (Angle of death) 1 (or) 2

2322) Touched by a angle: Was there a person who played Satan on the show? Yes (or) no

2323) Toy story  The green aliens say: one of us (×2) (or) one of them (×2) (or) neither

2324) Toy story 1: There's a snake in my____? Boot (or) Boots. {Note this Mandela effect has not effected Toy Story 2, 3 or 4. Noted in the first Toy Story at Sid's house while Andy was telling Buzz how cool he was and pulled his own string}

2325) Toy Story 1: Woody stuck his head in a bowl of cereal. What was the cereal?  Cheerios (or) fruit Loops

2326) Toy Story 1: Woody stuck his head in a bowl of cereal. Where on his body was the cereal? Face (or) Head

2327) Toy Story 2: jessy have buttons on her shirt? yes (or) no

2328) Toy Story 4: Forky (or) Sporky

2329) Trace Adkins - Honky Tonk Badonkadonk (Official Video) : Has a different tune and later in the video he say this her favorite song and keep saying "you know that right?" which was not in the video besides the beginning.  and "Now hunny you cant blame her" is at a lesser tone

2330) Traffic Lights first created in 1868 (or) 1908

2331) Traffic Lights colors: Red top, Yellow Middle, Green Bottom (or) Green Top, Yellow Middle, red Bottom

2332) Traffic lights some sideways (or) never been sideways

2333) Traffic lights yellow or white line around the traffic light box

2334) Trains: Black/white photos from the 1950s show trains that look like space crafts or future trains

2335) Trans-oconee State: is found on a map that either existed and no longer does (or) never existed but now does exist because of the Mandela Effect.

2336) Trancers (movie) Released in the 1970's (or) 1980's

2337) Transdniestria never existed before but does now

2338) Transformers: The dark side of the moon (or) Dark of the moon

2339) Transylvania State: was a state (back in the 1800's) for a while in our history but later formed what is Kentucky, Tennessee, and surrounding states (or) was a state a lot longer (threw out 1900's) (or) never herd of this.

2340) Traveling time from one place to another feel shorter

2341) Tree: A tree now exist that grows 40 different fruits on it.

2342) Tree: Now found one that grew in a car and went threw the roof

2343) TSB Bank: Words are now in white

2344) Tumeric (or) Turmeric

2345) Tunguska Metecrite Explosion: 1908 (or) 1868

2346) Turkey: Fly (or) don't fly

2347) Turtles: fast (or) slow

2348) Tussin (or) Tusain

2349) TV: Digital TV came out in 2000 (or) 2007 (or) 2009 (or) other

2350) TV's in the 1950's allowed you to put coins in you tv to unscramble the over the air programing. This is againts the law to unscramble your tv with out cable with anything but a antenna

2351) T.V. Invinted in 1927 (or) late 1930's (or) 1950's

2352) Tweedy Bird: I tat i taw a puddy cat. i did i did see a puddy cat (or) i did i did taw a puddy cat

2353) Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder ____ you are. Where (or) who (or) what

2354) Twister: The machine was name Dorothy. did it have a picture or Dorothy from the Wizard of oz on it (or) no picture at all

2355) Type writer:  Known to type letters (or) Letters and music notes

2356) Tyson bite off Holy Fields ear (or) never bit off Holy fields ear

2357) Tyvek House wrap (or) Twveek House wrap

2358) U-Haul (or) Uhaul (with the slash on the "H" moved left.

2359) Undercover brothers movie not remembered

2360) UK national animal a Lion (or) not

2361) U.K. Passport 2 Lions (or) Lion & A Unicorn

2362) Uncle Ben (or) Uncle Ben's

2363) Uncle Sam's hat Striped had (or) Just a star

2364) Una-bomber was not an MK Ultra Victim (or) Was a MK Ultre Victim

2365) United Soviet Socialist Republic  (or) Union Of Soviet Socialist Republicsr

2366) United States Capital had on top a American flag (or) Statue

2367) United States Capital: Has always been Washington D.C. (as city or state) (or) Created a "Capital for day" where 7 other citys got the chance before Washington D.C. to become the United States capital and was dismissed until Washington D.C. was chosen

2368) United States Colonies: Before the United States got their states there was ____ colonies. 12 (or) 13

2369) United States now looks smaller

2370) United States: has how many states? 50 (or) 51 (or) 52 (or) 53 (or)  54 (or) 55 (or) 55+ (Residue was found to point out that Washington DC was a state at one time as well as the Virgin islands, long island, Jefferson, Franklin, Puerto Rico and much more. We have flags with 51 and 52 stars on them.)

2371) United States Population keeps changing above Less than 250 Million (or) 250 Million  (or) 300-350 Million (or) Above 400 Million but less than 1 Billion (or) over 1 Billion (note: was remembered at 2 Billion+)

2372) Universal Studios fire in 2008 burn down King Kong Theme Park and preserved content destroyed (or) half a million records were destroyed

2373) UNO: Hand shuffle card (or) No hand shuffle card (card that make players change hands?)

2374) UNO Rules: One must keep drawling a card if he can not play until he has this card (or) Not a rule, and not allowed

2375) UNO: One can play a draw 2 (or 4) and instead of the next person drawing that many cards, They can lay down a draw 2 (or 4) {if matched} causing the next person to have to draw 4 (or 8) (or) not a game rule and not allowed

2376) UNO: Kept Score during game play (or) no score was ever required during game play

2377) U.S. cruiser sunk killing 883 in August 1945 (or) never happen

2378) USS Albany (or) USS Alabama

2379) Utah State: North Utah is found on a map that either existed and no longer does (or) never existed but now does exist because of the Mandela Effect.

2380) Utah State: South Utah is found on a map that either existed and no longer does (or) never existed but now does exist because of the Mandela Effect.

2381) Utah State Capital: Provo (or) Salt Lake City

2382) V for vendettas mask white/black, (or) white/black with pink lips and cheeks

2383) Vacumn (or) Vacuumn (or) Vacuum

2384) Van Camp pork & Beans (or) Van De Camps Pork & Beans

2385) Van Hallen (or) Halen

2386) Vandalia State: is found on a map that either existed and no longer does (or) never existed but now does exist because of the Mandela Effect.

2387) Vegas State: is found on a map that either existed and no longer does (or) never existed but now does exist because of the Mandela Effect.

2388) Veiled virgin: No one remembered this statue being made

2389) Verizon logo now has more squares than remembered

2390) Vicks Vapor run (or) Vick's Vapor rub

2391) Victoria Secret (or) Victoria's Secret

2392) Vietnamese Dragon chickens with Dragon legs were never herd of until 2019

2393) Vietnam war 1955-1975 (or) Just in the 1960's

2394) Villify (or) Vilify

2395) Vincent Price villain on batman?

2396) Vincent Van cut off his own ear (or) got his ear cut off by someone else

2397) Village (or) Villiage

2398) Village people: 5 (or) 6

2399) Village people (or) The Village people

2400) Virgin islands was once a state in the United States

2401) Voicemail calls coming in from the 1960's

2402) Volvo ("L" is different)

2403) Vodka- Absolut (or) Absolue

2404) Wafers (or) Waffers

2405) Whales: blue whales extinct (or) not extinct 

2406) Wales: Pink whales exist (ot) Don't Exist

2407) Wales West (or) East of England

2408) Walgreens: color on letters changed. Letters in green (or) not in green

2409) Wall Murial (or)  Wall Mural

2410) Wall Street (1929 crash) caused hundreds of suicides (or) no suicides

2411) Wall Street Bombing on 09/16/1920 (143 injured) In which no one has ever herd of this.

2412) Wall street: Greed is good (or) Greed is right, Greed works.

2413) Walk of fame stars are different. Some remembered hand prints. designs were not remembered.

2414) Walkers (chips) Cheese and Onions in a green bag (or) blue bag

2415) Walmart (or) Wal*Mart

2416) Walmart Supercenter (or) Walmart Supercentre

2417) Walnut whip (or) whips

2418) Walt Disney drew Mickey mouuse (or) never drew Mickey mouse

2419) Walt Disney frozen after death (or) not frozen after death

2420) Walter Peyton (or) Payton

2421) warriors, come out____play. and or to

2422) Washington D.C. declared the nations capital in: Dec, 12, 1815 (or) July 16, 1790 (or) 1791

2423) Washington D.C. no longer diamond shape and is not both in the Virginia and Maryland state as was before. Half in Virginia state no longer exist.

2424) Washington D.C. was a state

2425) Washington Monument has American flags all around it (or) does not have flags all around it

2427) Washington State bigger?  (Or) as it is (or) Smaller (also) Washington state was a full square (or) square shape but cut off the top left

2428) Washington state on the East Cost (or) West cost (is Found on a older map by the east coast next to ohio yet today it is located above Oregon state on the west coast.)

2429) Water Boy (or) The Water Boy

2430) Water bridges now exist as bridges with water on them. even though the bridge is over water already and the boats use that.

2431) WB Logo: WB (B slanted) (or) W B (with space between letters)  (or) W-B (or) W.B (dot being in the middle)

2432) Wear wolf cats now exist

2433) Wee Willie Winkie Runing Through The Town (or)  Runs Through The Town

2434) Weird animals: Now exist and are not explained where they came from or how they were created.

2435) Weird Al Yankovic (or) Yankovich 

2436) Weird Al Yankovic (h): "Eat It" Picture falls off the wall randomly without any reason as not remembered before

2437) Weird Al Yankovic (h): "Fat" (or) " I'm Fat"

2438) Weird Al Yankovic (h): like a virgin___ for the very first time touched (or) kissed

2439) Weird story: people notice to appear out of no where or disappear magically.

2440) Wells Fargo words on sign white (or) Yellow

2441) Wendys: Girl had braid with red hair (or) No Braids

2442) Were the Millers (or) Meet the Millier

2443) Western Sizzler (or) Sizzlin

2444) Western Union (or) Westurn Union

2445) Whale: Killer wales now have a moustache stripe on there back

2446) What a wonderful life (song) "The color of the rainbow so pretty in the sky, are also on the faces of people ____ by   Passing (or) Going

2447) What Happen (TV show) Different spelling to the few that remembered the show

2448) What Happen (TV show)Not hered of or remembered by many

2449) Whatsapp (or) Wats app

2450) Wheatabix or Weetabix

2451) Wheel Barrow (or) Wheelbarrow

2452) Where's Waldo (or) Where's Wally {Note searching Where's waldo takes you to Where's Wally Wikipedia where it say's it has always been where's Wally and only changed for the United States version. Ofcorse Waldon was the only version people knew until a few years ago. Now people from other counties now have memory of alter names)

2453) Where's Waldo: Cane (or) no cane (also) color of cane red and white striped (or) brown

2454) White mark island existed (or) never existed but does now

2455) White panda found in China for the first time

2456) White- out (or) wite-out

2457) White Soxs win 2005 world series or not? Chicago cubs claimed Chicago has not been in a series since 1945,  however the White Soxs went to a world series and lost in 1959 and was their in 2005 and won.. most have a memory of another win

2458) White soxs wore shorts to in 1976 season (or) a few games (or) never did

2459) Whitney Bulgar: Alleged Boston gangster died in 2013 (or) 2018

2460) Who framed Roger rabbit has different ending

2461) Who let the dogs out followed by Barks (or) groans noises/words

2462) Who let the dogs out year: This song is now noted to be done in the early 90's with a different band and rerecorded by Baha Men in 2000. Despite peoples memory of Baha Men having did this song in the late 1990's and no one else doing this song.

2463) Wiggle/ Jiggle (or) Shimmer/ Glimmer

2464) Wildebeast (or) wildebeest

2465)  Will Farrel (or) Ferrel

2466) Will Smith: ___ Jiggy with it. get (or) Getting

2467) William Dafoe (or) Willem

2468) William Daniels never died in 2005's

2469) Willy Wonker's death has memory of different dates prior to 2016.

2470) Willy Wonka's Hat (or) Purple (or) Brown

2471) Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory: They taste the wall paper with fruit. was the whole wall fruit (or) some wall paper

2472) Willy Wonka and the cholocate factory: ' You Do know What Happened To The Boy Who Got Everything He Ever Wanted, Don't You?  (or)   Don’t forget what happened to the Man who suddenly got everything he wanted. 

2473) Wikipedia now has a lager "A" at the end

2474) Winn State is found on a map that either existed and no longer does (or) never existed but now does exist because of the Mandela Effect.

2475) Winnie the poohs gender: Girl (or) Boy (Note: The show was voiced by men: Sterling Holloway 1966-77, Hal Smith 1980-87, Jim Cummings 1988-Present. Winnie the pooh also never behaved in a way to make him feel like a girl. No pink shirt, No apron like Kanga, ect. Kanga was the only known women on the show except for Casey the bird and Christopher Robin's mom.) The theme song does say HE.

2476) Winnie the Pooh: Hundred Acre Wood (or) Woods

2477) Winnie the Pooh: Kanga had a apron

2478) Winnie the poohs name: A.A. Milne's son Christopher Robin had a teddy bear. The "Winnie" part was named after a Canada Bear while the "Pooh" part was named after a Swan at a zoo. However, people remembering the teddy bear being named after something British. In the most recent movie (Christopher Robin) It was looked up on the internet of how the bear was named. People feel this is not the correct memory from what the knew, remembered, or read. 

2479) Winnie the Pooh: Eeyore boy (or) girl. despite the fact the series shows a boy, people remembered the books showing him as a girl.

2480) Winnie the Pooh: Piglit had a tail?

2481) Winnie the Pooh Tigger says TTFN ta ta for now or TTFN (note: TTFN means Ta Ta for now. But people remember his saying the whole thing. Only remembered as a Tigger quote now dates back to being said before Winnie the pooh started. Also it is only said in the first episode in which he aired and not in the following series the new adventures with Winnie the pooh)

2482) Winnie the Pooh: Owls eye's different colored

2483) Winnie the Pooh VHS Theme Songs: How many was there? Most of us new about the "Hundred Acre Wood" song for the older versions, and "Gotta get up, Gotta get going" For the Vol 1-10,. The VHS tapes were divided between Playtime, Friendship and Learning in which only one had a separate song as the rest went with "Gotta get up" theme. Many notice a few years back that their was now 2 separate theme versions between the VHS tapes (Playtime/ Learning and Friendship) Now all 3 have their own theme songs!

Older story versions: https://youtu.be/2dpYZkwVvnA

Volume 1-10: https://youtu.be/LYitDZXqyR4

Playtime: https://youtu.be/9XEQD6Tb8YQ

Friendship: https://youtu.be/AYPva6yWcuc

Learning: https://youtu.be/u2vDtqkD4R4

2484) Winona Rydar in the 1988 movie "Heathers": wore a monocle (or) did not wear a monocle

2485) Winston State: is found on a map that either existed and no longer does (or) never existed but now does exist because of the Mandela Effect.

2486) Wisconcin State: Blue Wisconcin is found on a map that either existed and no longer does (or) never existed but now does exist because of the Mandela Effect.

2487) Wisconcin State: Red Wisconcin is found on a map that either existed and no longer does (or) never existed but now does exist because of the Mandela Effect.

2488) Witch trails were done with: Burning witch's at stake (or) hanging witches

2489) Withdrawl (or) withdrawal

2490) Wizard of oz book series (9 books) now exist. Most people do not know of these books,  or ever herd of these books.

2491) Wizard of oz: Color of Toto

2492) Wizard of oz: Dorothy's slippers have bow's on them?

2493) Wizard of oz: Fence always broken in certain areas? Why would someone paint a broken fence?

2494) Wizard Of Oz: Fly my little pretty (or) Fly Fly Fly (or) Now, Fly Fly

2485) Wizard of Oz: _____ were in Kansas anymore. I don't think (or) I got a feeling

2496) Wizard of oz: Lion now has a bow in this head. Some remembered it as a tie on his chest while many do not remember it at all

2497) Wizard Of Oz: Lion wiped tears with: handkerchief (or) Tail
2498) Wizard of oz: Man with crystal ball made a reference that the crystal ball belong to ISIS terrorist (way before they existed?)
2499) Wizard of Oz: Pay no attention to _____ man behind the curtain. The (or) That

2500) Wizard of OZ: Scarecrow had a gun (or) Never had a gun

2501) Wizard of Oz: Scarecrow has a walking stick (or) does not have a walking stick

2502) Wizard of Oz: Scarecrow's nose: Black (or) Not black

2503) Wizard of oz: suicide was done by a dwarf and counld be seen in the back ground of the movie (or) large birds was place in the trees, and no suicide

2504) Wizard of Oz: Tin man had a hatch where is heart would be
2505) Wizard of Oz: Tan man signs a song with he said balcony in which a random voice from no one of the actors on screen says "o romeo where are thou" (who is the voice?)
2506) Wizard of Oz: tap your heels (or) click your Heels

2507) Wizard of Oz: Wicked Witch of the East: I will get you my pretty's (or) I will get you my Little pretty's (note she used the word "Little" every other time)

2508) Woah (or) Whoa

2509) Wonder Women: Marvel (or) DC comics

2510) Woodstock: John Sabastian (or) Sebastian

2511) Wookie (or) Wookiee

2512) Worcester Sauce (or)  Worcestershire Sauce

2513) Worlds debt (2019)  between 30- 50 trillion (OR) 244 Trillion

2514) Worlds Population keeps changing (2019) Less than 6 billion (or) 6-7 Billion (or) 7 billion (or) 7.5 Billion (or) Above 7.5 Billion (note, they only cheek population every 10 years, so there is no reason it should change a few times a month.)

2515) World War I/ World War II: Color of ships: Abstract color $ shapes (or) solid color like grey

2516) World War II: 1932 (or) 1939 (start of war)

2517) World War II: 20,000 Nazis invade New York City in 1939, even though we never enter the war until 1941 and because of the Pearl Harbor. This is a newer Effect and one many never heard of.

2518) World War II German uniforms: Red ribbon was on the uniforms (or) was not on the uniforms

2519) World War II: Japanese Attacked USA 3 times during WW2 besides Pearl Harbor (one of them hitting Canada). These attacks are: The Bombing of Ellwood Oil Field, The Bombing of Fort Stevens and the Lookout Air Raids, and the Japanese Fire Balloons (a.k.a. Balloons bombs).

2520) World war II: Japanese Balloons Bombs year: Despite the internet having this new information and saying it happen in 1944, there are people who remembered it happen in the 1980's.

2521) World War II: Women pilots (or) no women pilots

2522) Wow signal: came from Orion (or) Sagittarius

2523) Wrap around spider now exist as not before. They wrap themselves around a tree limb and camouflage themselves

2524) Wyoming: on the west cost (or) East cost (older map shows east cost)

2525) Xbox logo change: X- Box now has the slash combine with the "B"

2526) X-man: is said to have new or different ability to his powers

2527) X-Men – Some reports of alternate abilities for Professor X.

2528) Yazoo was a state but not remembered

2529) Yeild signs: Triangle shape (or) Equilateral Triangle shape

2530) Yeild sign was: yellow with black letters (or)  red with white letters. Some people are sharing this memory both ways. According to this reality internet, they were in a yellow version from the time they were created in the 1950's and removed in 1974 for the red version. However, people just recently known the change.)

2531) A yellow throated marten now exist

2532) Yin and Yang (or) Ying and yang

2533) Yogi Berra died prior to 2015?

2534) Yoko: Died shortly after John Lennon (or) Did not die shortly after John Lennon

2535) York one: Died shortly after John Lennon (or) still alive (as of 2020)

2536) York Peppermint salon: Taste the Sensation (or) Get the sensation

2537) You got mail (or) Got mail

2538) Young ones (T.V. Show) 4 characters (or) 5 Characters

2539) Yuta State: is found on a map that either existed and no longer does (or) never existed but now does exist because of the Mandela Effect.

2540) Zapruder: Originally In Black And White  Doesn't Exist (or) Did exist

2541) Zebras: Now can be spotted (or) always was black and white stripped.

2542) Zelda: Logo changed. "z" is joined with other letters.

2543) Ziplock bags (or) ziploc Bags

2544) Zombieland: Stole the car at the end (or) did not still the car at the end

2545) Zodiac sign: 12 (or) 13

2546) Zodiac sign are reported to be different ot stand for something different.

2547) Zootopia (or) Zootropilis

2548) Zootopia: had a Seal who was a parody of the singer seal. (Or) no parody of seal

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