NEW mandela Effects!  (these will be listed here first before we add them to our other pages) Some are being moved from other pages or re titled.

Current Mandela Effects: 2,407 Website last updated 03/10/2020 2:20 P.M

Maxwell cassette tapes (or) maxell cassette tapes

advance auto parts (or) auto parts

Bubly sparkly water (or) bubbly sparkly water 

U.S. cruiser sunk killing 883 in August 1945 (or) never happen

Lion King pumba eyes yellow (or) white

JFK now has unseen home videos that appear from nowhere

Hitler blew up French war armistice train (or) never happen

Mrs. Doubtfire: _______ by fruiting. Run (or) Drive

White mark island existed (or) never existed but does now

Currie island existed (or) never existed but does now

zootropolis (or) zootopia 

zootopia: had a deal who was a parody of the singer seal. (Or) no parody of seal

Whales: blue whales extinct (or) not extinct

Caro's fashion (or) Cato fashions

statue of liberty: now has a chain around her foot

​​​​​​​GTA 5: animal park not remember to be in the game (off line)

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