NEW mandela Effects!  (these will be listed here first before we add them to our other pages) Some are being moved from other pages or re titled.

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Bubbalicious (or) Bubblicious

Bruce Lee Shot Dead On Set (or) Died In Hospital With Cerebral Edema

Brylcream (or) Brylcreem

CD+R : Never Existed (or) Existed

Cellotape (or) Sellotape

Charlie Bit My Finger (or) Charlie Bit Me

Cheverolet (or) Chevrolet

Craven means evil (or) means cowardly.

Columbia (or) Colombia

Dark Side Of The Moon (or) Dark Of The Moon

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes - Set 8 (or) 10 Years After late

Doctor Who (or) Dr Who

Dukes of hazzard Theme: The ending of the theme has the General Lee horn (or) the boys saying He Haw 

Earwigs Couldn't Fly (or) Earwigs Can Fly

Expresso: Never Existed (or) Existed
Face Off (or) Face/Off

Fists Of Fury (or) Fist Of Fury

Gangster's Paradise (or) Gangsta's Paradise

Gettysburg Address : ' Fourscore And Seven Years Ago Our ______ Brought Forth On This Continent.  Our FATHERS (or) Forfathers

Gobstoppers (or) Gobstopper

Grand Tourismo (or) Gran Turismo

Haley's Comet > Halley's Comet

Heart Size Of 1 Fist (or) 2 Fists

Idaho: looks different to what people remembered. 

Jimmy Saville (or) Savile

Julius Caesar First Emperor Of Rome (or)  Augustus

kansas: looks different than what was remembered


King Tut's Mask - 1 Snake > 2 Snakes
King Tut: Died 12years Old (or) 19 years old

Lasagna (or) Lasagne

Latoya Jackson (or) La Toya Jackson

Lionel Ritchie (or) Lionel Richie

Little Mermaid - Sebastian Yellow Eyes (or)  Back To White

Lucas Modric (or)  Luka Modric

Macintosh (or) McIntosh

Mad Max - Beyond The Thunderdome (or)  Beyond Thunderdome

Marseilles, France (or) Marseille

Martain Luther King:  I HAD A Dream ' (or)  ' I HAVE A Dream '

Matrix : ' Mr Anderson , We've Been Expecting You. Said in the movie (or)  Never Said

Michaelangelo (or) Michelangelo

Mr. Deeds - ' Want Me To Wipe The Leaves On Your Ficus ______, Preston. Plant (or) tree

Moby Dick (or) Moby-Dick

muppets: Miss Piggy - Mole On Cheek (or) No Mole

Paddington Yellow Coat > Blue Coat

Pavillion (or) Pavilion

Pidgeon (or) Pigeon

Playschool (or) Playskool

Possum (or) Opossum

President Barrack Obama (or) Barack Obama

Promiscious Girl (or) Promiscuous

Roberto Firminio (or) Roberto Firmino

Rocky And Bullwinkle (or) The Adventures Of Rocky And Bullwinkle

Roger Rabbit - White Eyes (or) Blue Eyes

Ronald McDonald's Hair - Fuzzy (or) Straight

Ryannair (or) Ryanair

Saido Mane (or) Sadio Mane

The Sandlot Kids (or) The Sandlot

Sarah Michelle Geller (or) Gellar

Simpsons:  Homer Simpson - 2 (or) 3 Strands Of Hair

Snow White And The Seven Dwarves (or) Dwarfs

spiders: Daddy Long Legs (or)  Cellar Spiders

St John's Ambulance (or)  St John Ambulance '

StraightJacket (or) StraitJacket

star wars: R2D2 - No Wires On Feet (or) Wires On Feet

Stockade (or) Cadence

Superman: comic book with superman fighting the Klu Klux Klan now exist

Supermissive (or)  SupermassiveBlack Hole

Susannah (or)  Susanna Reid 

Three Amigos (or) ¡Three Amigos!

Toby Maguire (or) Tobey Maguire

U.K. Passport 2 Lions (or) Lion & A Unicorn

United Soviet Socialist Republic > Union Of Soviet Socialist Republicsr

Villiage (or) Village

Wall Murial (or)  Wall Mural

War OF The Planet Of The Apes (or) War FOR The Planet Of The Apes

Wee Willie Winkie Runing Through The Town (or)  Runs Through The Town

Willy Wonka's Hat - Purple > Brown

Willy Wonka and the cholocate factory: ' You Do know What Happened To The Boy Who Got Everything He Ever Wanted, Don't You?  (or)   Don’t forget what happened to the Man who suddenly got everything he wanted. 

Wookie (or) Wookiee

Worcester Sauce (or)  Worcestershire Sauce

Zapruder: Originally In Black And White  Doesn't Exist (or) Did exist

4 horsemen of Apocalypse: war, death, famine, ______. Pestilence (or) Conquer

Jesus came from Lucifer now?  (Rev 22:16)“I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.”

Heinz Meanz Beanz (or) Beanz Meanz Heinz

Hit Me Baby One More Time (or)  Baby One More Time



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