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 NEW mandela Effects!  (these will be listed here first before we add them to our other pages) Some are being moved from other pages or re titled.

Current Mandela Effects: 2,813 Website last updated 7/01/2020 1:00 A.M

Adam's apple: only men have them (or) men and women have them

Arizona State: Arizona (or) Arizoniac 

Arthur theme song: And i said hey what a wonderful kind of day (or) i said hey what a wonderful kind of day

Beverly Hillbillys theme song:  A poor mountaineer, but he kept his family fed (or)  A poor mountaineer, barely kept his family fed.

Bill gates (and his wife) died in 2013 (or) never died

cats: wearwolf cats now exist

The Chappelle Show (or)  Dave Chappelle Show (or) Chappelle's Show

Civil War (Confederate States/ United states): 1860-1864 (or) 1861-1865

Civil War (confederate states/ Uinted states) Texas was a neutral state during the civil war (or) Texas became a Confederate State (note, some people have memories of Texas was a neutral state during the civil war)

Golden State killer: already confessed and was found guily prior to 2005 (or) Confessed and found quilty in 2020

Heinz Meanz Beanz (or) Beanz Meanz Heinz

Hit Me Baby One More Time (or)  Baby One More Time

Hostess: Sno balls (or) snow balls

Kenny Rogers (or) Rodgers

Ku Klux Klan: Klansmen/Klansman (or) Clansmen/Clansman

Lawrence Fishburne (or) Laurence Fishburne

Little Debbie Swiss  Rolls (or) Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls

Pokemon 2000: (movie) relesed in 1999 (or) 2000

Pokemon: (T.V. series) Orange Islands (or) Adventures in the Orange Islands (or) Adventures of the Orange Islands

Toy story (2:40-2:45) Has a scean where it appears that woody is walking in the dessert only to be on Andys back with the dessert being the picture. Was this in the movie? yes (or) no

Toy story: Alliens were in the meachine and after saying "the claw" they chanted "one of us” or something similar as Buzz was getting picked up. (or) never said any other line

Toy Story: Jessy has frikles (or) no frikles

Toy Story: Woody calls Buzz "Mr. lightbeer" instead of lightyear. We know Woody normally called him something different such as "Light snack" but when did he ever say light beer. The FCC was very strick back than and that would of not been allowed to be said in a kids cartoon.

Toy Story 2: Run like the wind (or) Ride like the wind

Transformers (or) The Transformers

Sonic theme: The tune was at a higher pitch and now lower. Some lyrics are also reported to change.

vaporub (or) vapor rub (or) vapor-rub (also) Vick's (or) Vick (or) nothing listed with the name of the company

Willem Dafoe (or) William Dafoe




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