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Johhny Lee: Looking for love: Hoping to find a friend and a lover. ____ bless the day I discover another heart, God (or) I'll

Nataqua was a state on older maps yet Netaqua was never remembered to be a state

Navajo was a state on older maps yet Navajo was never remembered to be a state

Neil Armstrong: Said "good Luck Mr. Gorsky" (or) never said that

Niagara Falls have a suspension Bridge? Yes (or) no

Nigerian Prince scam: first appeared in 1980's (or) 1830's

Oceania looks different

Oragel (or) Orajel

Orbit (or) Orbitz

Patrick Swayze's health: cancer (or) no cancer

Pearl Harbor: Local news paper published the pearl harbor attack in 1937 in detail 4 years befor the attack in 1941

Pepsi AM: A coffee version of Pepsi that people do not remembered

Peter townsend (or) Townshend

Philadephia cream cheese made in Philadephia (or) New York

Plague: When was the last major plague? 1300's (or) china in 1855

Planets: Ceres, Juno, Pallas, and Vesta was a planet between Mars and Jupiter (Note: This was found on a old map and must exist either to   A) Existed and was changed by the Mandela Effect  B) Never existed and now does by the Mandela effect  C) Existed but no longer does... yet we never herd of it.. This is no confusion with all the dwarf planets they located after Pluto.)

Poland: looks different. Possible moved or different shaped

Police: Police dropped a bomb on west Philly in 1985 (or) never herd of this

Pokemon Red and Blue Nintendo game boy: What attack was strong againts a psychics type? Psychic (or) Bug

Popham was a state but not remembered by anyone

Portugal: looks different. Possible moved or different shaped

Potomac: was a state where Washington DC is now. Found on a older map, this may explain how washington DC was a state

President: First black women to run for president now existed in 1973, despite that was not the best time for blacks. Many people do not remember this story.

President Obama only became President because we shifted into another Parallel universe where he never would of been President otherwise.

Professor (or) Proffessor

Pulb fiction: license plates: Mr. Wolf (or) 3ABM581

Pyramid Mummies: Many were found (or) none were found

Queen Victoria: used cocaine (or) never used cocaine

Quote: Keep your friends close, but your enemies even closer (or) Keep you friends close but your enemies closer (or) Keep you friends close, and your enemies closer

Rasputin: died being shot (or) poisoned, shot, beating and drowned.

Richard Chamberlain: died in 1990 (or) alive

Robert Crumb: Died in 1990's (or) alive

Robert Mugabe: die in 2017 (or) 2019

Robert Stack: Died in 2003 (or) 2019

Rodney King: Different memory of death

Rose: Green roses now exist

Rosie: "We can do it" Was smiling (or) Not smiling

Roy Burgundy: ___, That escalated quickly. well (or) Boy

Saint Nicholas: (a.k.a. Santa Clause) What color was the suit before red? White (or) Tan/Green

Santa Clause: When did the first image of Santa become poupler (with the red suit, white bearded fat man) 1850 (or) 1931

Scary Movie 2: Dewight fights the ghost, and falls out the window as the caretaker comes to his rescue. dewight says "Quick take my strong hand" (in which was his bad hand) (or) no line said

Science fiction: The first science fiction story was written in 2 A.D. (or) 1818

Scooby doo: No black spots (or) smaller black spots (or) large black spots

Scottland (or) Scotland

Seal: "Kiss from a rose on the ____. Grave (or) Grey

Shakespeare: "Alas, poop Yorick, I new him well" was used as a line in Hamlet (or) was not used in Hamlet

Segway: Available in Beta around 1996 (or)1999

Sequoyah: was a state on older maps but not remembered by anyone

Shark: Great white sharks (prior to the movie Jaws) was recorded to of killed how many people? Thousands (or) 11

Shirley Temple die in 2014 (or) sooner

Shoopy"s tail: Thin black line (or) white

Slash die in 1992 (or) no death

Snow white: Age in book 7 (or) 14

The sound of music: Brown packages tied up with strings (or) just strings

South Jersey was a state on a older map. No one seems to Remember this.

Sri Lanka: South (or) South East of India

Star Trek: Scott has a missing finger (or) no missing finger

Star Trek: memories of Chakotay had died.

Star wars: R2D2 (or) Artoo- Deeto

Statue of Liberty creation: made for America as a gift (or) made for Egypt

Statue Of Liberty: Memphis, Tennessee Has a statue of liberty holding a cross instead of a torch yet many do not remembered this

Statue of Liberty: Torch is Smooth, Rounded, symmetrical pointed, straight up (or) Sharp, Unbalanced with flames painted on the side

Steve Jobs: Was the first to say "Good artists copy great artists steals" (or0 was not the first to say this

Switzer land: A 3rd world ccountry (or) not a 3rd world country

Tales from Topographic oceans (or) Tales from the Topgraphic oceans

Taranbula: Blue ones now exist

Tartary: Existed (or) never existed

Telecoms hacked in 1834 (or) not hacked in 1834

Terminator 2: "A" letter on TerminAtor is now slanted

Terminator 2: Judgement day (or) Judgment day

Terry Pratchett died 2013 (or) 2015

Texas: South Texas was a state on older maps but not remembered to be a state

Texlahoma was a state.

That 70's show: Did they have a remake called "Days like These" (or) no remake, only a spin off that never lasted (That 80's show)

Therma flu (or) Thera Flu

Time:  60 seconds to the minute, 60 minutes to the hour, 24 hours to a day, and 365 days to a year. (or) 61 seconds (adding a leap second for slow down time, 23 hours 56 minutes and 4 seconds to a day, 366 days a year.

Time: A.D and B.C is different in counting

Time: over 300 years has been lost in time

Time slips: Time slips have accrued where time skips and people have no memory of that time. This can not only interfere with time, but with sound as well. This could be the cause why someone younger than you is now older.

Tiny Toons: Season 1 episode 1 they needed a hit show by what time 6am (or) 9am (now both said)

Tiny Toons theme: ( three seconds in) The letters "Tiny Toons" go outside the circle. This happens again 54 seconds into the theme song.  At 15 and 28 seconds in, the letters are in the circle.

Titanic Champagne Bottle: Never existed 9or) did exist and even droped, bounced and did not break

Tom & Jerry: Tom's eyes changed color. White (or) Yellow

Tom & Jerry: Tom's fur Blue (or) grey

Tomoto: Black tomoto now exist

Tomoto sause: invinted in Italy (or) Mexico

Tonka Logo on toy cars now has the "T" connected to the "K"

Torn: Died in 2017 (or) alive

Traffic Lights first created in 1868 (or) 1908

Traffic lights now have a yellow or white line around the traffic light box

trans-oconee was a state on a older map but not remembered

Trancers (movie) Released in the 1970's (or) 1980's

Transylvania State: was a state 9back in the 1800's) for a while in our history but later formed what is Kentucky, Tennessee, and surrounding states (or) was a state a lot longer (threw out 1900's) (or) never herd of this.

Tunguska Metecrite Explosion: 1908 (or) 1868

Turtles: fast (or) slow

Tyson bite off Holy Fields ear (or) never bit off Holy fields ear

Uncle Ben (or) Uncle Ben's

Vandalia was a state on a older map but not remembered

Verizon logo now has more squares than remembered

Wales (country): East (or) West of Egland & Scotland

Wall Street (1929 crash) caused hundreds of suicides (or) no suicides

Walkers (chips) Cheese and Onions in a green bag (or) blue bag

The war of the worlds radio Broadcast: By Welles fantasy (or) Wells Fantasy

The War of the worlds radio broadcast caused: very Little panic (or) Mass Panic

Washington was bigger?  (Or) as it is

Washington state on the East Cost (or) West cost (note older map place it next to Indiana)

Washington state was a full square (or) square shape but cut off the top left

Weird al: like a virgin___ for the very first time touched (or) kissed

West Virginia use to be called Vandalia. even though no one has this memory.

Western Sizzler (or) Sizzlin

Whale: Killer wales now have a moustache stripe on there back

Whitney Bulgar: Alleged Boston gangster died in 2013 (or) 2018

William Diniels died in 2000 (or) alive

Wizard of oz: suicide was done by a dwarf and counld be seen in the back ground of the movie (or) large birds was place in the trees, and no suicide

Wizard of Oz: Tin man had a hatch where is heart would be

Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory: They taste the wall paper with fruit. was the whole wall fruit (or0 some wall paper

Wow signal: came from Orion (or) Sagittarius

Wyoming: on the west cost (or) East cost (older map shows east cost)

X-man: is said to have new or different abilitys to his powers

Yazoo was a state but not remembered

York one: Died shortly after John Lennon (or) still alive (as of 2020)

Young ones (Tv Show) 4 characters (or) 5 Characters


1 Timothy 6:10 the love of money is the root of all evil (or) money is the root of all evil

David and Goliath: Goliath was 6 foot 9inchs (or) 9 foot 6 inchs

Matthew 18:20: for where two or ___ gather in my name, I am their in the mist.  More (or) three

Wisemen: Was there 3 (or) never said


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