Their are many Mandela Effects with in the Statue of Liberty. Which Island was it on? Ellis or Liberty? Was the torch in the left hand or the right? was it copper or green? Did the Black Tom explosion really happen? Here is some residue for what we remembered

Looney Toons Residue

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How do you remember the traffic lights? Green at top (go) Yellow in the middle (slow down) and Red at the bottom (stop)

As it turns out Red is at the top and Green is at the bottom (in this reality)

We do have residue showing Green was at the top and Red was at the bottom. Such residue can also be found on The simpsons and other tv shows/ movies.

Smokey THE bear residue. More Smokey the bear Mandela Effects are listed on Mandela Effects page 4. Other photos can be seen there

Uncle Sam residue

Star Wars residue showing Cp30 all gold and no Silver leg, foot or arm. more star warsmandela effects listed on page 4.

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